Troubleshooting Beat Saber Mods that’s Not Working

  • In this guide, we’ll show you how to fix a Beat Saber mod that’s not working.
  • Virtual reality rhythm game has quickly climbed the popularity charts.
  • Many users on Reddit have expressed their concern that these mods do not work or have bugs in the patch.
  • A common cause of Beat Saber Mod problems is an update.
  • Other causes of problems with Beat Saber mods can be anti-virus restrictions, firewall restrictions, or even corrupted files.

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In this Techquack guide, we’ll show you how to fix a Beat Saber mod that’s not working. This virtual reality rhythm game has quickly climbed the popularity charts. While there are several VR games out there, few can boast the kind of success that this game has achieved. Its immersive gameplay and challenging missions have received many accolades from the gaming industry. In addition, the game also supports various mods.

How To Get Custom Songs On Beat Saber Quest 2

Your phone should be open, and you should tap the gear icon (settings) to access the settings.

If you want to reinstall a mod after a Beat Saber update, you can run Mod Assistant and detect the new game version to detect which mod to reinstall.

Users usually find that mods and custom songs no longer work when they launch Beat Saber. However, mods aren’t officially supported in Beat Saber, so the problems usually appear after an update.

These mods not only add a whole new level to the game, but also make it even more interesting. There are times when these mods cause problems, however. This guide will be very helpful to you in this regard, as many Reddit users have complained about these mods not working or having bugs in the patch. In this article, we will explain all the possible causes for the Beat Saber mod not working, and then show you how to fix the issue.

Why Doesn’t Beat Saber Mods Work?

Why Doesn't Beat Saber Mods Work?

I just got a new PC and am struggling to get mods working on here. At first Beat Saber would just close immediately on start, but I resolved that by downloading the latest version of BSIPA (4.2.1) from github and installing that manually. However, I’m still having some issues with various mods, like SongBrowser isn’t loading, BetterSongList shows “error loading data” for a while but eventually resolves itself, and some songs that I assume rely on certain mods just never load if I select them in the song list.

On various computers and devices, Beat Saber Mods doesn’t always work, according to user feedback. Many players report that their Beat Saber Mods stopped working or displaying after an update; some even report that their Beat Saber songs stopped working after an update. An update is a common cause of Beat Saber Mod problems.

There are some tracks in Beat Saber that Beat Saber does not own streaming rights for, so this feature has been permanently disabled.

In the Vortex mod manager, you can install Beat Saber mods as well as custom songs with BeatVortex.

Also, even if they have performed a clean installation of the game and the Beat Saber Assistant mod, there may be errors in the Beat Saber mod. Other causes of problems with Beat Saber mods can be anti-virus restrictions, firewall restrictions, installation issues, or even corrupted files.

How to Repair Faulty Beat Saber Mods

Updated: March 2024

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How to Repair Faulty Beat Saber Mods

Check the integrity of Beat Saber game files

If you are using mods in Beat Saber, there is a possibility of corrupting game files because of a sudden power outage, etc.

Bmbf Dev Stable

The data on BeatSaberQuest is based on Quest products, and thus I cannot ensure its validity and accuracy. To me, bad data is worse than no data. I appreciate your use.

Bmbf Website

By installing BMBF and modding your game, you will be unable to participate in Official Multiplayer, view and upload scores from the base game leaderboards, or use custom songs. It is necessary to install Beat Together and MultiQuestions mods for modded multiplayer, which allow cross-play between PC and Quest. When you set up BMBF, these mods should be installed automatically.

If the problem is caused by corruption of Beat Saber’s game file, checking its integrity (which eliminates compatibility and corruption issues) might help.

  1. Then, go to the game library in Steam and select Beat Saber.
  2. Select Local Files from the Local Files tab of the Properties window.
  3. You will then be able to check the integrity of the game files.
  4. As soon as the Beat Saber file verification process is complete, move on to the next step.
  5. If Beat Saber (without mods) does not work, restart Steam.
  6. Run Mod Assistant after you’ve downloaded the latest version.
  7. Begin Beat Saber once the mods have been installed.
  8. Check Beat Saber’s compatibility by exiting and starting again. If it doesn’t work, restart it.
  9. Run Beat Saber Patch if you haven’t already, then exit Beat Saber and open the Beat Saber folder.
  10. Check if the mods work now by running Steam and Beat Saber.
  11. It is more convenient for you to download and install the Beat Saber IPA instead of Beat Saber and Steam.
  12. BSIPA.exe must now be dragged over BeatSaber.exe.
  13. You can now test your mods by running Steam and Beat Saber.

Reinstall Beat Saber

It is possible that the mods are not working because Beat Saber was not installed correctly. Therefore, you may want to reinstall Beat Saber in order to fix the issue.

  1. You can access Beat Saber in your Steam library by right-clicking it.
  2. Select Properties and then Local Files.
  3. In the steam library, find the SteamApps/common/Beat Saber/Beat Saber_Data folder.
  4. The following folders need to be backed up as well:
    JSON file UserData/reviewedSongs
    VotedSongs.json in UserData
  5. In the Steam window, right-click on Beat Saber and note its path address (you can see it in the game library).
  6. Once you have selected Uninstall, Beat Saber will be uninstalled.
  7. Your system will reboot after which you will be able to access your system files.
  8. The “Beat Saber” folder can be found in the Beat Saber installation directory (see step 4).
  9. Beat Saber should be reinstalled via Steam once Steam has been started.
  10. If the game runs fine (without mods), close it.
  11. You can now install the mods using the mod wizard.
  12. You can check if the mods are working once Beat Saber is restarted.

Reinstalling the mod wizard for Beat Saber

The mods you are using might not be compatible with the newer version of Beat Saber, in which case you can try (re)installing the mods using a mod wizard.

  1. Ensure your task manager doesn’t contain any associated processes after you exit Beat Saver.
  2. In your game library, right-click Beat Saber and choose Play Now.
  3. Select Local Files from the Local Files tab of the Properties window.
  4. The Beat Saver folder can then be saved in a safe place by clicking on “Browse Local Files”.
  5. In the installation directory of Beat Saber, delete the plugins folder.
  6. If you still have Beat Saber or Steam running on your system, you should exit them. Also, ensure that no Steam or Beat Saber processes are running in your task manager.
  7. Open Steam’s Beat Saber Local Files tab by repeating steps 1 to 3.
  8. Wait until the process is complete before clicking on Check Game File Integrity.
  9. Install mods using Mod Wizard’s latest version.
  10. Beat Saber should now be launched and closed.
  11. Check Beat Saber’s functionality by restarting it.
  12. For more information about checking the integrity of game files, repeat steps 1 through 8.
  13. In the task manager, ensure that no Steam or Beat Saber-related processes are running.
  14. Click on Beat Saber’s installation folder to begin.
  15. The Beat Saber folder should now be deleted, and the Beat Saber folder should be copied over to where you saved it.
  16. Check Beat Saber’s compatibility with mods after repeating step 9.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All mods are currently available on Beast Saber. Fortunately, there is a temporary way to manually install many of your custom items while you wait. VRFitnessInsider has created a handy guide to updating most of the mods already scheduled for Beat Saber 13.2.

Reinstall Beat Saber, go to Bmbf and redo your game. You should be able to restore your playlists (if not, go to Tools and select Restore Song Folder). Be sure to reboot the headset after syncing by pressing and holding the power button until it shuts down and reboots.

  1. First of all, you need to download the latest version of the mod installer here:
  2. Go to the Beat Saber installation folder and rename the plugins folder to "PluginsOLD", then complete the installation.

  1. Download the Beat Saber Mod Manager program from GitHub.
  2. Run the Mod Manager .exe and make sure the path to the Beat Saber folder is correct.
  3. Select your favorite mods.
  4. Click the Install/update button.

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