How do I fix Xbox One error code 0X80070BFA

  • The 0x80070BFA error occurs when trying to download mobile games and playlists from the Microsoft Store.
  • The error is usually due to server issues, but if you are sure the problem is local, check out the official Microsoft server status page.
  • If you are experiencing the same error, wait a while and see if the server problem has been resolved or if it is a local problem.

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Xbox Status Code

Several reports emerged a couple of hours ago regarding the Xbox error code 0x87dd0006 sign in problem. Although Microsoft provided updates as soon as they became available, the problem is still not resolved.

Microsoft Store, EA Access, and EA Sports applications are not being able to be opened by some Xbox One players due to error code 0X80070BFA.

We had been using our Xbox One with the free Live membership that came with the device. Discuss and support Xbox One Gold Error code 0x803f900a in XBoX Games and Apps for resolution. Our free Live membership was used to download several games. As soon as it expired, we…
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If you are an Xbox One gamer, you may be familiar with the 0x80070BFA error that occurs when trying to download mobile games and playlists from the Microsoft Store. Users have reported encountering the error when trying to open EA Games or EA Access.

The error is usually due to server issues. However, if you are sure the problem is local. The first thing to check is Microsoft’s official server status page. There you will find information about the current state of the server. Depending on your region, you can wait only if the page reports a problem on the server. To find out if someone else has reported the same problem as you, check out the EA help page.

Xbox 0x87e0000f

Installation starts, but then stops partway through, so you have to reinstall it.

With the Xbox One, you can play quality games available on the Microsoft Store, as well as Steam and PC games. It is one of the best gaming consoles available. It is manufactured by Microsoft and has some serious bugs.

What is the cause of the Xbox One error code 0X80070BFA

What is the cause of the Xbox One error code 0X80070BFA

Inconsistency caused by corrupt temporary data: It turns out that one of the most common causes contributing to error code 0X80070BFA is an inconsistency caused by corrupt temporary data related to the Xbox Store.

Xbox Com/errorhelp 0x80070bfe

Generally, the Xbox Store’s temporary data is corrupted, which can result in the appearance of the error code 0X80070BFA.

You can resolve this issue by shutting down the Xbox console, since this data is stored locally. In addition to removing temporary data currently stored on the console, this procedure can also fix most firmware inconsistencies (by removing the power capacitors). It can also be caused by a server-side issue.

How do I fix Xbox One error code 0X80070BFA

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download 0x80070bff

The Xbox One game console can be restarted by holding down the Xbox button and selecting Restart console from the power menu after a bug has been reported (

How do I fix Xbox One error code 0X80070BFA

Check the official status of the Microsoft server

After encountering error 0x80070BFA on your Xbox One, the first thing you need to do is to check the official Microsoft server status page.

There Was A Problem And We Couldn T Continue 0x80a4001a

A problem with the device’s registry can cause the error. If the registry information on the device is corrupted, other connection services may not be accessible.

Xbox One Errors

It is common to experience power failures, blue screen errors, Xbox live redirection errors, and memory card failures when using an Xbox.

Xbox 0x87e10024

If you are wearing glasses in the daytime, switch to the light mode to reduce eye strain.


In addition, you can reinstall the games where you are receiving the 0x87e5000a error code. Sometimes, the game may be corrupt because some missing files are missing, so you can reinstall the game. 0x80070bfe

If you receive this error, it’s usually due to an application update corrupting the application. You can resolve it by clearing your Xbox cache:  

You can install a system update from a USB memory stick by reading this guide

Microsoft will fix the 0x80070BFA error if it’s caused by a critical issue with the Xbox Live servers. If it’s caused by a problem with the Xbox Live server, it will mention the problem and give you the estimated time it will take, but it tends to happen infrequently.

Check out the official EA Twitter help page

However, if you encounter this error and there are no current problems with the server, you should visit the EA Twitter help page. Go to the page and check if other users are experiencing the same problem. If you don’t see other users reporting it, it’s probably a local problem.

It might be a server problem or a local issue. If you do not know if the error is related to EA Access or EA games, go to the EA help page.

Installing the EA Access or EA Sports app

During the update process or overwriting data, your EA game files may be corrupted. The corrupt files must be reinstalled in order to be restored. Additionally, reinstalling EA-related applications will reset all settings and configurations. As a result, any configuration causing the problem will be fixed.

  1. Go to My Games and Apps by pressing the Xbox One button on your controller.
  2. To manage your apps, choose Manage Apps from the Start button within the EA Access or EA Sports app.
  3. On the next menu, select Uninstall All to delete the base app and all updates. After uninstalling the game, open the Microsoft Store and download the application. Now run the application and check if the error persists.

Perform a factory reset and power cycle

To give yourself a fresh start, try the power of procedure first. Using the power of procedure will clear your memory, temporary data, and extra cache.

  1. Hold down the Xbox power button for 10 seconds until the front light stops flashing after you turn on the console. Make sure the console is not in standby mode.
  2. After you have turned off the console, unplug the power cord. Wait at least 30 seconds before reconnecting it.
  3. The power-up process has been successful if you see a long animation lasting about 10 seconds.
  4. Now try to start the game or perform the task that caused the error. The error should now be corrected. However, if the error does not go away, you will need to perform a factory reset.
  5. Then, under the System tab, click Console Information by pressing the Xbox button on the controller.
  6. If you want a full reset of the console, select the Console Info menu and then Reset and Delete All.
  7. The Reset and Save my games and applications option will save your games and apps.
  8. Check if the error persists after resetting the Xbox. If it doesn’t, repeat the task which caused the error.

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