How to Solve “Printer Driver Package Cannot be Installed” Issue in Windows PC

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This Software Package Cannot Be Installed

The Wi-Fi Driver cannot be installed on my Dell Inspiron 3567 laptop running Windows 8.1.

The Epson Printer Drivers for OS X have been downloaded and installed. However, I received a message “This software is not supported by the operating system” when trying to reinstall the Epson printer software from the original disc. What do I do to reinstall the Epson software? Thanks.

The Add Printer Driver Wizard always returns the following results when you attempt to install it.

Now that I’ve figured it out, the code below works fine. Once the driver was added, the printer was installed without prompting for admin privileges.

Firstly, check if the printer driver is available in Windows Update before you begin to install any printer in Windows 11. Connect the printer to your PC and power on the printer. Then follow these steps:

If your printer is equipped with Windows Plug-and-Play, it should automatically install the default printer driver, making it easy to connect. You might receive an error message saying “Cannot install printer driver package” if you try to manually install printer drivers from the driver package. Don’t panic. Just follow these simple steps to fix the printer issue.

What causes the “Cannot install printer driver package” message?

  • Incompatibility with the driver.
  • There is an incorrect setting for the print port.
  • Memory capacity is insufficient.
  • Third-party application interference.

How do I correct the “I cannot install the printer driver package” message?

Updated: February 2024

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Can’t Install Printer Driver Windows 10

It serves two main functions. The first is as a bridge between the printer and your computer, letting your computer understand the hardware specifications and details of the printer. Second, the driver is responsible for translating the print job data to signals that the printer can understand. Every printer has its own unique driver that is written to fit its profile on a particular operating system, in this case, Windows 10. If your printer is not properly configured or if you have installed an incorrect device driver, the computer will be unable to detect the printer.

Printer Drivers Won T Install

If you install your drivers in advance and the computer still won’t install the printer when you attach it, any one of your components may have a defect. First, make sure the printer turns on before plugging in the USB cable. Try using a different USB cord, and attach the cord to a different USB port on your computer. Plug the printer in directly to the computer, rather than using a USB port on a keyboard or hub. If your computer still won’t recognize the printer, the printer itself may be broken.

Printer Drivers Won’t Install

The Driver Unavailable error can be caused by an incompatible driver or corrupt file. You can fix this error by checking for and installing the latest Windows updates.

A problem with the printer may prevent you from installing the driver, so you might need to upgrade it. A Canon TS5120 is one of the best inkjet printers for replacing inkjet printers because of its quality when printing text documents and photos, as well as its many features, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPrint, and social media integration.

Reinstall the driver manually

  1. The devmgmt.MSC file may be found in the Run folder if you press Windows + R. Type it in the dialog box then hit Enter.
  2. If you want to search for a certain device, you can also type the name in the search bar on the Home screen.
  3. From there, click the manager name.
  4. The Hardware section can be accessed once Device Manager has been opened.
  5. Using the drop-down menu, right-click Print Hardware.
  6. You can then update your driver by selecting Update Driver.
  7. The best option is to search for drivers on your computer, so make sure you choose that one.
  8. To install the driver, click it then select the driver in the downloaded drivers folder.
  9. Automatic updates are performed on the printer driver.

Using Windows Troubleshooting for Printers

  1. Using the Win+I keys, open Windows Settings.
  2. You can find other troubleshooting methods under System > Troubleshooting.
  3. Click Run under Printer Troubleshooter.
  4. The wizard will guide you through the process of selecting your printer.
  5. The driver should now be updated.

Disable and enable the spooler service

  1. Windows’ Run command will appear when you press Windows and R together.
  2. By typing services.MSC into the dialog box, you will get the following results.
  3. The Print Spooler service should be located in the Services view. Double-click it, and then open its properties.
  4. Then click OK to stop.
  5. When the spooler service has been started, wait a few minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on Devices.
  3. Click on Printers and scanners.
  4. Click Add Printer or Scanner.
  5. Click the option The printer you want is not on the list.
  6. Select the Add local printer or network printer with manual settings option.

This error usually occurs when the printer driver is outdated or corrupt, or when new Windows updates are required. However, the most common cause of this problem is corrupt and incompatible printer drivers.

  1. Press the Windows key, find the Device Manager and open it.
  2. Select the connected printer from the list of available devices.
  3. Right-click on the device and select Update Driver or Update Driver Software.
  4. Click Automatically check for driver updates.

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