How to Repair Red Dot on Discord Icon in Windows PC

  • Recently, some users have complained about a red dot on the Discord icon.
  • This dot is not a sign of error or malfunction but is intentionally displayed to highlight a notification or message.
  • There are two types of red dots in Discord.
  • The red dot with a line in the app is a status indicator that means “Do Not Disturb’s” This red dot is one of the four status indicators that you see in your username.

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Red Discord Icon

In professional gaming, communication is vital, and Discord solves that problem very conveniently. Discord is a free VoIP application, designed initially for internet gamers. It has recently been reported that the Discord icon appears to be showing a red dot. It is not a sign of an error or a glitch, but rather a reminder or a message that is highlighted.

Red Discord Logo

Red dots on the Discord icon indicate unread messages on Windows, Mac, or Linux. These appear when you are otherwise distracted.

The following steps will help you appear offline on Discord for whatever reason you might have.

The More tools option can be found by clicking on three dots.

Internet gamers developed Discord as a free VoIP application. In the professional world, communication is very important, and Discord solves this problem in a practical way. It has been reported recently that the Discord icon has a red dot. Those dots do not indicate an error or malfunction, but are intended to highlight a message or notification.

What does the red dot on the Discord icon mean?

Why does Discord stop working in the game

Two types of red dots appear in Discord. One type has a small white dot inside and indicates that the message has not been read. The other type has no white dot.

Even if you can read all messages on a server where new ones are constantly posted, you won’t be able to keep up. The red dot will soon reappear.

In the Discord web application and desktop app, red dots with black lines indicate that they are “Do Not Disturb.” The red dot with a line signifies “Do Not Disturb” in the app.

How to resolve the red dot on the Discord icon?

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Discord Ping Icon

We will focus on changing the server’s profile picture in the service settings. You can change every characteristic of the server within the service settings. Simply click on the upload picture button or click the change icon next to the profile picture. After clicking, your edited server picture will appear.

In order to permanently disable the red dot, you will need to read all your messages. Once you do that, the unread notification icon will no longer appear in the taskbar.

When I open Discord in the browser, the red dot doesn’t go away, neither on the task bar nor the browser icon. When I read messages, it always would go away after a while. Any ideas?

Mark your messages as read

  1. Reopen Discord.
  2. To view messages from a channel, right-click on it.
  3. Please mark this as read by selecting it.

Change notification settings for specific channels

  1. Open Discord and right-click on the channel for which you want to change notification settings.
  2. Navigate to the Notifications tab.
  3. By twitching the Mute [channel name] switch, you can mute the channel.
  4. The roles can also be modified so that @everyone, @here, and @mentions are not displayed.
  5. Click Done once you’ve selected your notification preferences.

Remove the taskbar and system tray icon

  1. Your profile image is located next to the User Settings button in Discord.
  2. Click Notifications from the left-hand sidebar under Application Settings.
  3. The “Enable unread messages” button will now appear on the left side of the window.
  4. The settings can be closed by pressing X.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. In Discord, click on the User Settings button.
  2. Then click on Notifications on the left side of Discord.
  3. Uncheck the "Include unread messages" box.
  4. Restart the Discord app.

It usually means that there are so many notifications in the app that you need to get them. This is called a "notification dot." You should be able to turn them off if you don't like them. You can do this for each app if you want certain notifications to be stopped.

The red dot on the Discord icon displayed in the taskbar means something else. Simply put, the dot is a notification that you have unread messages. If you are not in the Discord app window and someone sends you a message, you are notified that you have a message.

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