How to Repair: Discord Won’t Open on Windows 10

  • There may be several reasons why Discord won’t open on your Windows 10 computer.
  • The most common scenario is that another program interferes with the proper launch of Discord.
  • Some antivirus programs have been found to block Discord and cause it to freeze or not open at all.
  • Some features may be blocked by the Windows system and cause problems.
  • If you use proxy servers while running Discord, you need to disable them.

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Discord Wont Load

There are a number of reasons why Discord can have problems. The server may be experiencing issues, or your operating system may be corrupting or damaging files, making Discord appear unresponsive. A Discord update may even have messed something up in the app. Read on to find out how to fix Discord’s most common problems.

There are many people who like to play games with their friends and communicate using Discord. Discord can be run on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and web browsers. It is capable of text, video, and audio communication between players. Sometimes the Discord app will not open when you click on it.

You can try restarting your Windows 10 computer and opening the app again, or reinstall the app completely to see if it opens without problems. If it doesn’t, there may be other reasons. We don’t know the exact causes of this problem, but we have some tips to fix the “Discord doesn’t open” error on Windows 10. Check them out below.

Why is Discord not opening on my PC?

Why Is Discord Not Working

Generally, Discord users face problems when the app does not open at all, either due to corrupted files on their system or problems caused by another app. Fortunately, all of these problems can be easily corrected.

Discord Cmd

The Pawn-Discord-Cmd plugin simplifies the process of creating commands for Discord in PAWN and supports the SAMP-Discord-Connector plug-in.

This has been a problem for lots of other people since 2015, and I had it myself around the end of 2017. I googled it and found that other people have been experiencing it for a while. In order to resolve an issue where I could not connect to voice chat properly, I had to download an earlier version of Discord and rename or delete the “update.exe” file located in the root directory of the appdata/localappdata discord folder in order to resolve it.

If Discord does not open on your computer, it is likely due to a number of reasons. While not all of the causes have been identified, some are well-known and may lead to a diagnosis.

When the application is restarted, you will see that everything works as it did before. You can repeat this process if there are multiple Discord.exe processes running. You can kill all of them before restarting Discord.exe.

Windows-related problems: Some common bugs also occasionally interfere with Discord’s performance. It could be insufficient memory on your hardware, an overloaded processor, or a misconfigured Internet connection.

Close Discord and relaunch it once it is closed.

Assuming the server status is normal, you first will want to check and see whether the Discord application needs to be updated. To do this on Windows, simply have Discord open and press CTRL+R (via Business Insider). This will trigger Discord to check for updates and install them if needed. Typically Discord will update automatically on Windows, but this is worth checking just in case. If updating doesn’t fix anything, you should then try resetting your network. Internet problems can certainly cause lag, and if you notice it happening with other programs that also use the internet, your connection could be the culprit. 

You have a game running on your device: Another common error is that the game is running in the background. Discord offers several features that synchronize with running games on your computer, such as an in-game overlay, which can prevent you from opening Discord while you play.

You can open the AppData folder by typing “%appdata%” (without quotes).

Discord is blocked by another program: The most common scenario is that another application interferes with the proper launch of Discord. For example, some antivirus programs have been found to block Discord and cause it to freeze or not open at all.

Damaged or missing files: Discord files may have been corrupted or deleted. Missing or corrupt files will definitely need to be recovered before you can open Discord again.

As the Task Manager refreshes the app when the Discord process is stopped, Discord can open again.

My Discord won’t open. I’ve had it for a few months now. I’ve had no issues with it up until a few days ago. I know you already have at least one complaint. I don’t see any warnings or errors popping up when I open it. What can I do to fix it?

Even if you encounter a unique case, this guide will help you recover Discord. Let’s start troubleshooting right away.

How to troubleshoot ‘Discord Won’t Open’ on Windows PC

Updated: February 2024

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Clear DNS

By clearing the cache, the computer will search for new DNS data thereby removing all of the information from the cache. This solution has been helpful to many users.

  1. Completely exit Discord.
  2. The Run dialog box can be opened by pressing the Windows logo key + R.
  3. For administration, type cmd and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter.
  4. You can use A fresh DNS flush can be performed by executing ipconfig/flushdns or copy and paste.
    A fresh DNS flush can be performed by executing ipconfig/flushdns
  5. If Discord doesn’t open, restart it.

Exit the Discord task

If you restart Discord, you should be able to fix this problem. Complete the task and restart Discord to see if it helps.

  1. You can type cmd on your keyboard by pressing the Windows + R logo key. Press OK at the end.
  2. By typing taskkill /F /IM discord.exe, you will be able to access that program.
  3. If Discord opens normally now, restart it.

Running Discord as administrator

It is possible for Windows to block some features and cause problems, but Discord is protected by Windows’ access integrity, so you can use all its features.

  1. The Discord icon can be found on the Windows taskbar. Right-click it to open it.
  2. You may need to select “Show Hidden Icons” if it is hidden.
  3. Once you have clicked “Quit Discord”, you will be taken to the exit page.
  4. You can run Discord as administrator by right-clicking the shortcut icon on your desktop.
  5. Users account control will prompt them to click “Yes.”.
  6. You should now be able to connect to Discord.

Disable proxy servers

Proxy servers should be disabled if you encounter this problem while running Discord.

  1. Click Control Panel by pressing Windows + Pause.
  2. Select Network and Internet from the Category view of the Control Panel.
  3. Open Internet Options by clicking the button.
  4. The Local Area Network Settings button is located on the Connections tab.
  5. Your local network proxy server should not be used. Uncheck this box.
  6. If you would like your changes to be saved, click OK.
  7. You should be able to open Discord after restarting it.

Set the date and time automatically

In this case, you can move on to the next solution if you’ve already set the time automatically. For other users, here is another way to solve the problem.

  1. Windows Settings can be opened by pressing Windows + I.
  2. Once the time and language have been selected, click on them.
  3. Set time automatically by checking the box in the right pane.
  4. Check by restarting Discord.

RECOMMENATION: Click here for help with Windows errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Delete data from the local application.
  2. Close Discord using the command line.
  3. Stop the Discord process using the task manager.
  4. Run the system file checker (SFC scan).

  1. Close all Discord services and start them again.
  2. Set Windows date and time to Automatic.
  3. Disable any proxy servers.
  4. Remove any malicious software.
  5. Update Discord.
  6. Log in to the Discord browser application.
  7. Uninstall LocalAppData.
  8. Uninstall and reinstall Discord.

  1. Repair corrupted system files to open Discord.
  2. Try killing Discord (32-bit) from the task manager.
  3. Connect to Discord over the Internet.
  4. Uninstall Discord and delete the contents of AppData.
  5. Disable proxy servers.
  6. Set the date and time on your PC.
  7. Reset DNS.

  1. You can press Ctrl + Shift + Esc to quickly open it.
  2. Go to the "Process" tab and find the Discord app to click it.
  3. You can then restart Discord and see if it opens and works properly.

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