How to Repair “Discord Keeps Crashing” Problem on Windows Computers

  • Discord is very popular software that millions of gamers use every day.
  • It allows you to text, send audio messages, make audio and video calls, and share content on your screen.
  • In this article, we will explain how to solve the problem of Discord crashing repeatedly.
  • What causes Discord to “crash repeatedly”? It is not uncommon for files to be corrupted.
  • It’s not uncommon to get errors after an update, so this could be one of them.

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  1. Download and install the software.
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Following are the steps for uninstalling apps that may clash with Windows 10:

The VoIP service used by Discord is widely used by gamers today. However, many users complain that Discord freezes when they use the application. Discord is primarily designed to allow gamers to communicate while playing. Don’t worry if you are experiencing the same problem with Discord video freezing on your PC. We have put together a perfect guide that will help you solve this issue. Continue reading to find out how to fix Discord keeps crashing on your PC.

Your device may crash due to any of these reasons.

Games and content creators use Discord as their main social networking site. In addition to providing decent audio and video delivery, Discord also offers a sarcastic and witty user interface and developer. It is for this reason that Discord has become one of the most popular meme-trending platforms.

Users of Discord can send text messages, send audio messages, make audio or video calls, and share content from their computers, cell phones, and even Xbox consoles.

Why Does My Discord Keep Crashing

You may be experiencing Discord crashes on your computer for a number of reasons. Possibly there are bugs in the latest Discord update that cause your computer to crash. There is also the possibility that your files can become corrupt or that your cache may be out of order, which may cause Discord to behave abnormally. Now let’s look at the potential fixes and solutions.

If you disable Hardware Acceleration in your Advanced settings, the GPU won’t be used by the app and your system won’t crash when you run other resource-intensive apps.

Many people work at Discord every day. However, if it crashes repeatedly, Discord may not work as intended. This article provides instructions on how to fix the problem.

What causes Discord to “crash repeatedly”?

Video That Crashes Discord

As a result of corrupting the file, many Windows systems crash when you play this video. In order to make Discord unable to play the video, it was modified by a hex editor with confusing data that is believed to have been done. Because it is stitched together by using the FFmpeg command line and using different resolutions and color spaces, this video fails to load up on Discord. 

Corrupted files are not uncommon. This can result in the program behaving incorrectly if the files are damaged. You can solve this problem if it is caused by files in the AppData folder, and deleting these files and some other ones will resolve the problem if this folder is the source.

Discord Crashing When Streaming

A possible workaround seems to be reinstalling Discord. It may help some users if they are experiencing this problem.

After updating Discord, many users have encountered problems. After an update, it’s not uncommon for users to experience errors, so this could be one of them. An audio/video module error may cause such an error. The most likely cause is the voice/video call problem.

How to solve the “Discord keeps crashing” problem?

Updated: March 2024

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Turn off hardware acceleration

  1. Open the Discord client and go to settings.
  2. Click on “Appearance” in the left-hand pane.
  3. The hardware acceleration button under ADVANCED should be disabled in the right pane.

Disable compatibility mode

  1. Completely close Discord.
  2. To view the properties of Discord, right-click it on the desktop.
  3. The Run this program in compatibility mode option can be disabled by clicking the Compatibility tab.
  4. Your changes will be saved once you click OK and Apply.
  5. Then restart Discord to see if it has resolved the crash.

Reinstalling Discord

  1. The Run dialog box will appear when you press Windows + R.
  2. The Programs and Features window will open when you type appwiz.CPL and click OK.
  3. Discord can be uninstalled by selecting the program and clicking Uninstall.
  4. Press Enter once %AppData%/ has been typed in the Run dialog box.
  5. All data related to Discord can be deleted from your computer by right-clicking the Discord folder and selecting Uninstall.
  6. Install the latest version of Discord by visiting the official Discord website.
  7. Discord should be restarted.

Clear Discord cache

  1. You can open File Explorer by pressing Windows + E after you have closed Discord.
  2. To increase the speed of your connection, copy and paste the following address into the address bar: %AppData%/Ndiscord.
  3. Make sure that the Cache and Local Memory folders are deleted in the Discord folder.
  4. Restart Discord after exiting File Explorer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You may be using the wrong or outdated device drivers. Updating the drivers usually solves this problem. Memory problems: If your mobile device is crashing, you should check your memory. Some Discord features may require additional memory.

Try uninstalling all plug-ins and "restarting" Discord. Discord crashes are usually caused by a plugin. If you update the plugin, it may not be compatible with BetterDiscord. As a result, Discord will be disabled until you remove the plugin that caused the problem.

  1. Open the Start menu and find %appdata%.
  2. Open the %appdata% folder and find Discord.
  3. Select the "Cache", "Code Cache" and "GPUCache" folders.
  4. Right-click and select Delete.

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