How to Repair DIRECTV Error Code 775 Issue

  • When something goes wrong on a DIRECTV user’s television, an error code appears on the screen to point out the problem and help fix it.
  • A 775 error code actually indicates that your DIRECTV receiver is having trouble communicating with your satellite dish for some reason.
  • If the inserter is disconnected, the cable is frayed or cut, this can cause DirecTV error 775.

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Swim Connection Loss 775

DirecTV 775 error is caused by any loose connection on your DirecTV receiver. In addition, disconnection of the power inserter could result in a DirecTV 775 error. The following steps can help you resolve the error.

Cannot Detect Swm

Errors are common in technological devices, and most of the time, solutions are available. When you see your DirecTV cannot detect SWM (Single Wire Multi-switch), don’t worry; this article will get you covered. Your DirecTV can not detect SWM due to cable damage, port setup, or even bugs. The wrong selection of device may play a role in this too. In the worst situation, you need to replace the SWM; restarting the SWM or receiver may potentially solve the problem too. So without further ado, let’s see the causes and solutions to that problem in detail. 

When something goes wrong on a DIRECTV user’s television screen, they see an error code on the screen that indicates what the problem is and can help them troubleshoot the issue. One of the many error codes that DIRECTV users see when something goes wrong with the picture on their televisions is error code 775. Error code 775 basically indicates that your DIRECTV receiver is, for some reason, having trouble communicating with your satellite dish. Now the connection between your DIRECTV receiver and your satellite dish can be hindered by a number of different things – from a simple loose connection or your power inserter being turned off to a frayed or severed cable.

In most cases, DirecTV error 775 appears as soon as you begin watching any TV channels. DirecTV error code 775 refers to a problem with your receiver contacting the satellite dish. Your TV screen becomes frozen on a picture or does not show any picture when you encounter this error code.

The error code 775 appears on the television screen whenever something goes wrong with the picture. DIRECTV users see this code when their picture isn’t good.

There are many reasons for this error message and it is important for you to know how this issue springs up. The error code 775 can appear for the loose connection between the Directv and Satellite dish or the power inserter is unplugged. Sometimes, your satellite dish is at fault, so, you can see this error message on your television screen. Another reason this issue can happen that the satellite is not corresponding with the satellite dish is a common reason. Now, we will discuss the best solutions which will help you to fix the issue Directv Error Code 775.

As a direct-to-home satellite service, DirecTV offers a wide variety of channels that may be more competitive than cable television. As an AT&T subsidiary, it offers its customers a number of channel packages that may be more competitive than cable television.

You might experience a 775 error code if your satellite dish is having difficulty connecting to your DIRECTV receiver.

What causes a DIRECTV 775 error code?

  • There are times when a DirecTV 775 error code can occur when your receiver makes a false connection with your television.
  • DirecTV error 775 can also be caused by frayed or cut cable or a disconnected inserter.

How to clear the DIRECTV error code 775?

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Reconnect the SWM power adapter

  1. Power off the outlet and unplug the SWM power adapter.
  2. After a few moments, turn off the power adapter.
  3. Device should be reconnected to power outlet.
  4. Check whether the problem has been resolved by turning on the DirectTV device and the TV.

Unplug from the power outlet and reconnect the cables

  1. The main cable and all other cables going into DirectTV set-top boxes must be unplugged.
  2. The DirecTV error code 775 should be resolved if the cables are reconnected.

Check for loose connections

  1. Connect all DirecTV set-top boxes securely by placing all cables in the proper locations.
  2. Resolve any loose connections.
  3. The satellite network connection should be checked.
  4. The TV should then be rebooted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Check and fix all the connections on the back of the receiver.
  2. Make sure you have connected the SWiM Power Inserter to the DIRECTV cable coming from your satellite dish.
  3. Wait 15 seconds, then reconnect it to the mains.

  1. Any false contact with the DirecTV receiver can cause a DirecTV error code 775.
  2. In addition, a DirecTV 775 error code can be caused if the unit is turned off and the cable is frayed or cut.

An error code 775 basically indicates that your DIRECTV receiver is having trouble communicating with your satellite dish for some reason.

How To Reset Directv 775

In order to solve DirecTV error code 775, you must re-set the DirecTV receiver by disconnecting it from the power outlet and waiting for around 10 seconds.

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