How to Troubleshoot: DirecTV Error 920

  • DirecTV Error 920 means that there is no guidance information, i.e. your receiver has not received guidance information directly from the satellite for about 4-5 hours.
  • If you get an error message with error code 82 or 83 when scanning, the problem is due to an improperly tuned satellite dish.
  • Inconsistent receiver settings may also appear if you are using inconsistent settings that make it difficult to connect to the dish.

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Directv Problem Communicating With Dish 776

This code means that the SWM has too many tuners. It usually doesn’t mean that you have to replace the cable. It may only take a few seconds to reboot the SWM (unplug the PI for a few seconds), but you should also look at how the wiring is configured to ensure each leg has eight or fewer tuners.

Hello, I have been receiving 920 guide error messages from my HR54 for the past couple of hours and the last one said I haven’t received any guides for 4 hours.

Your DirecTV receiver may show a DirecTV Code 920 message, explaining that the satellite hasn’t sent guidance information directly to your receiver for the past 4-5 hours.

Directv Message 772

This error code indicates that your TV signal may have been interrupted due to recent programming additions or updates, or due to recent receiver installation.

You can find older codes here. You can find front light codes here for the Genie 2.

On the DIRECTV receiver, we can see diagnostic codes that indicate problems

It may be necessary to tweak some settings on your receiver if you receive a 920 message because the program guide was not downloaded for some reason.

What are the causes of DirecTV Error 920?

  • Improperly tuned satellite dish: If you get an error message with error code 82 or 83 when scanning, the problem is due to an improperly tuned satellite dish.
  • Inconsistent receiver settings: This error code may also appear if you are using inconsistent settings that make it difficult to connect to the dish.
  • Satellite reception problem: There are several possible causes for this problem, but you can determine which one applies to your current scenario by running a system test on your DirecTV device.

How to fix the 920 DirecTV error?

Updated: March 2024

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A problem has occurred when downloading On Demand shows and movies. Please DELETE the files…

There is a discrepancy in the ID of the receptor compared with the one shown on the system, nor does it match the one on the wireless device access card.

It may be necessary to troubleshoot further. Groove Technology Solutions can be reached at 801-994-3642 if the error code recurs after power is verified.

Turn off your DirecTV receiver

  1. Check that no signal is currently being broadcast by the receiver.
  2. Afterward, turn off the receiver.
  3. Press the power switch again and wait a few minutes.
  4. In case the procedure is not successful, you can repeat it.
  5. Once you have checked the error, see if it persists.

Factory Reset

  1. For a few moments, press the blue DirecTV power button.
  2. After 20 seconds, release the button.
  3. By doing so, the reauthorization process will begin.
  4. A default setting is then restored.
  5. Make sure the error has been corrected before moving on.

Perform a system test

  1. The remote control should be set to Menu.
  2. You can then access the Info and Test tabs under the Settings tab.
  3. After selecting Info and Test, click Execute System Test.
  4. Depending on the length of your analysis, it may take anywhere from two to three minutes to finish.
  5. If you follow the recommended troubleshooting steps, you can get the results within some time.

Choosing the right satellite dish

  1. You can do this by pressing the Menu tab on the device remote control.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Under the Satellite submenu, click on the Settings option and select Repeat Satellite Setup.
  4. The DirecTV remote control has a Dash option if you are under Satellite Re-setup.
  5. You will then need to choose what type of dish you want.
  6. The receiver must then be tuned next.
  7. You can now wait for your new dish to be detected by the receiver by clicking Continue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you see an error code 920, it means that your receiver has not been able to load a satellite program for more than three hours. You should first diagnose the problem by performing a simple system test.

It turns out that this error code can also appear if you're using inconsistent settings that make it difficult to connect to your satellite dish.

  1. Turn the DirecTV receiver off and on.
  2. Reset to factory settings.
  3. Perform system checks.
  4. Choose the correct satellite dish.
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