How to Repair DirecTV “Error Code 771” – [Signal Loss]

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  • The error “771 – Satellite signal search” is the most common problem faced by DirecTV customers.

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Local Channels On Directv Not Working

There was a dispute between DIRECTV and Mission Broadcasting today resulting in 26 local TV stations being blacked out. A similar problem is affecting DIRECTV Stream, U-verse and the DIRECTV app today.

Your dish is having problems communicating with the satellite if you receive the error code 771. Try resetting your dish if you receive this error.

Taking a close look outside is the first step to advanced troubleshooting.

Error code 771 is so common because there are many different variables that can cause it. Unlike error code 721 or 722, which have only one solution, error code 771 can be caused by many different factors. The most common factor is usually due to stormy weather. If your receiver is searching for a satellite signal during a thunderstorm, don’t bother trying to fix it and don’t call customer service. They will not help you during a storm. Trust me. They have an interactive weather map they consult before troubleshooting.

A common DirecTV customer’s problem is error code “771 – Satellite signal search.” However, this error may not be as frustrating as many people imagine. You can fix this horrible error yourself with a minimum of muscle and a few insider tips from an experienced DirecTV technician with only a little muscle and some insider info from an experienced technician.

What causes the “error code 771” DirecTV?

  • Time of failure
  • Severe weather
  • Firmware that is inappropriate
  • Satellite dish located at an incorrect location
  • Receivers or satellites that are not working

How to solve the “error code 771” problem from DirecTV?

Updated: March 2024

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Directv Losing Signal

The television signal can also be lost due to a broken coaxial cable, HDMI cable or ethernet cable. Try replacing the existing cable with a spare cable.

Typically, the bad weather is the cause of the error code 771 in DirecTV. It occurs when the satellite and dish cannot communicate due to heavy rain or snow.

Check satellite and electrical connections

  1. If you are having trouble connecting your DirecTV receiver, check the connections.
  2. The satellite dish and receiver should be properly connected with all cables.
  3. A SATELLITE-IN or SAT-IN socket on the receiver needs to be connected to the satellite dish cable.
  4. Additionally, ensure that the power cable connected to the receiver is connected to an outlet or extension cord that works.
  5. Be sure to turn on any extension cords you use.

Check for obstructions and check the orientation of your satellite dish

  1. In order for your satellite dish to work effectively, you should ensure that there are no obstructions, including buildings and vegetation. If possible, you should remove or trim any trees, bushes, or buildings that block the dish’s view.
  2. In the event of bad weather, wait until the thunderstorm passes before trying harder solutions.
  3. A technician who checks the orientation of the dish can determine if your dish is oriented correctly if it has a clear line of sight. We recommend that you contact your DirecTV dealer to have your dish oriented correctly when it was initially installed.

Resetting the SWiM Inverter and Receiver

  1. It may be necessary to reset the SWiM power insertor if a cable is routed through this device to reach your home.
  2. The receiver needs to be rebooted if the problem persists after waiting 15 seconds.
  3. Check that the receiver is equipped with a small door for a card access. If it does, open the door.
  4. If the receiver does not reboot after you press the red button, let go of it.
  5. The power cord needs to be disconnected, waited about 15 seconds, and then hooked back up if there isn’t an access card door.
  6. The receiver needs to be rebooted after being turned on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Check the satellite input cable (or SAT-IN) to make sure all connections between the receiver and the wall outlet are secure.
  2. If you connected the SWiM power plug to the DIRECTV cable from the satellite dish, disconnect it from the wall outlet.
  3. Wait 15 seconds, then plug it back in.

  1. Time of failure
  2. Severe weather
  3. Inappropriate firmware
  4. Incorrect location of the satellite dish
  5. A bad receiver or satellite connection

If you see an error code 771, it means that the DIRECTV receiver is having problems communicating with your satellite dish.

Directv Code 775 And 771

If you call it a SWM box, then it may be the cause of the problem, but DTV considers this to be a tech installation only, so they won’t ship one, but you can get an online 21v version.

By pressing the channel button, you can also try to fix DirecTV code 771. You must press the channel up button twice and then the channel down button twice in order to execute this operation, which will send a response signal straight to the dish and may resolve your problems. In the event that this solution does not work, you will need to try the next option.

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