How to fix the `You’re syncing with a different account’ in OneDrive for Mac

  • If you’re using two OneDrive accounts on your Mac, you may get this error message when OneDrive can’t properly distinguish between the two accounts.
  • This may be caused by internal file corruption.
  • Getting rid of this problem is quite easy, as you need to remove the registered password of the old account from the keychain.
  • This article by Techquack shows you the exact steps to do that.

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This solution will help you if you get the error “You’re syncing another account” when uploading or syncing files to your Mac via OneDrive cloud storage. This article by Techquack shows you exactly how to remove the registered password of the old account from the keychain. Removing the old password from the keychain will solve the problem.

How To Add Onedrive To File Explorer

Although it may be convenient to visit the website on your PC or laptop every time, you may find it frustrating, especially if your files are stored in a different location on your computer. However, there is no need to suffer from this. Here’s how to add OneDrive to Windows File Explorer and Mac Finder. 

Onedrive Sync Issues

The most common OneDrive problem is syncing files. It usually occurs if you have an outdated client or incorrect configuration.

Although your iPhone has the same restrictions as Windows 10 and Mac devices, you can add multiple OneDrive accounts. You will need to sign out whenever you want to work on another cloud storage drive, since you can’t link two personal accounts to your iPhone.

To save space on your hard drive, it is quite convenient to store your documents in the cloud. With Windows 10, OneDrive is the best option for storing documents and instantly syncing them to the cloud on the go. If you get the error message You sync another OneDrive account when you log into OneDrive, this Techquack article will show you how to fix it.

Updating Onedrive

A manual update of the OneDrive app is required if you are running Office 2016 rather than Office 365. Microsoft automatically updates the OneDrive app as part of Office 365 updates.

A message like this may appear if OneDrive isn’t able to distinguish between two accounts if you have two OneDrive accounts. OneDrive may be unable to distinguish between the two accounts if it doesn’t correctly distinguish between them. Users cannot upload new files to OneDrive when this message appears because syncing automatically stops.

What leads to the “You are syncing another account” error in OneDrive for Mac

What leads to the "You are syncing another account" error in OneDrive for Mac

Onedrive Isn T Connected

OneDrive may not sync any files if you restart it, which fixes the connection problem.

Your OneDrive-equipped PCs will appear in a list. Choose the PC from which you want files to be fetched.

As a result of the comparison between Google Drive, OneDrive and iCloud in file sync, we can conclude that OneDrive is faster than Google Drive and iCloud in terms of file sync speed. OneDrive’s file sync speed is faster than Google Drive and iCloud because it breaks files down into smaller packages and then uploads them to the cloud.

This problem can occur if you recently changed your Microsoft account password. Since the OneDrive app can still use old cached credentials, this leads to this error. This can happen with any OneDrive app, whether it’s Mac or Windows 10/8.1/8/7.

These steps will help you fix the problem if you are experiencing it as well.

To fix the “You’re syncing with another account” error in OneDrive for Mac, follow these steps

Updated: April 2024

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Onedrive Isn’t Connected

The next screen is important if you have your OneDrive files stored in a location other than default, like I do. The default location in Windows 10 is C:\Users\[username]\[OneDrive – [Org Name]]. In order to change location, I had to click on the Change location link, which is not that obvious unless you are looking for it. I store my synched libraries in D:/.

To fix the "You're syncing with another account" error in OneDrive for Mac, follow these steps

Open the Keychain account

  1. Your computer should be set to Cmd+spacebar.
  2. Keychain access can be found by searching.
  3. On your Mac, launch the relevant application.
  4. In OneDrive or OneDrive Standalone, look for the account.
  5. You can do this by right-clicking.
  6. Select Delete.
  7. This password should be deleted only if you confirm it.
  8. To access OneDrive, open the app.

These steps are outlined below.

Keychain accounts can be opened via any method on your computer. Spotlight is the easiest way to do so.

  1. You should be able to find the application by typing “keychain access” into Cmd+Space and searching the results.
  2. In order to use keychain access, you should find either a cached account on OneDrive or a separate cached account on OneDrive.
  3. OneDrive Cached Credentials should appear if you have Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. installed on your computer.
  4. In contrast, the “OneDrive Standalone Cached Credential” should appear if OneDrive is the only software installed on your Mac.
  5. You should choose Delete from the menu when right-clicking in either case.
  6. A pop-up window will appear asking you to confirm the deletion.
  7. Your Mac’s OneDrive app can be opened after you complete the last step.
  8. Downloading files should now work as usual and there should be no more error messages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Make sure that the OneDrive process is running.
  2. Look for the OneDrive icon on the right side of the menu bar.
  3. Restart OneDrive. From the menu bar, select the OneDrive icon, then select Stop OneDrive.
  4. Find OneDrive using Spotlight and open it again.
  5. Update the OneDrive for Mac sync app.

Yes, you can have 2 OneDrive for Business accounts on the same Mac. To do this, make sure OneDrive is active and then follow these steps: Right-click the OneDrive cloud icon in the top menu bar -> select Settings -> Account -> Add Account, then follow the instructions.

  1. Update your OneDrive app and software.
  2. Check the file name.
  3. Check the file size.
  4. Reset the sync connection.
  5. Stop and restart the sync.

Select the OneDrive cloud icon in the Windows taskbar or Mac menu bar. Under Settings, select Account and then Add Account. When the OneDrive setup launches, enter your new account and select Sign in.

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