How do I fix the “address not found” error in Gmail

  • The “Gmail address not found” error in Gmail is often caused by an incorrect recipient’s email address.
  • Check for basic typos such as misspellings, missing or incorrect punctuation, extra spaces, or periods.
  • If the problem persists, ask the recipient to resend the email address and resend it.
  • Use Gmail’s scheduling feature to send an email at a specific time and date.

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Using Gmail to send email is the easiest choice because you can use it on any platform – computer, cell phone, laptop, and tablet – with the Gmail app and login page. But today, people encounter problems like “Gmail address not found” and other similar problems.

Firstly, you must ensure that the email address you entered was still active and not deleted by the owner.

In the case of this problem, automatic replies are likely to be generated for messages that didn’t reach their destination. This problem affects all email services, not just Gmail. Type errors and other types are very common, but they can be the cause of this problem.

Mail Delivery Subsystem Address Not Found

It’s most likely that you entered an incorrect email address for the Mailer Daemon to fail to deliver your email. Double-check the spelling of the address you entered if it says the account doesn’t exist. It is possible to fail a delivery even with a single misplaced letter. You might want to ensure that the address you’re trying to send the message to hasn’t been closed or moved if the message keeps bouncing back to you.

The following article provides a thorough list of all possible solutions for fixing the “Gmail Address Not Found” error.

What causes the “Gmail Address Not Found” error

This is a permanent error. There was an error delivering your message to one or more recipients. Address(es) that failed include:

The short answer is that you must check the recipient’s email address. If it is incorrect or expired, you must resend the email.

It is possible that you entered the wrong recipient email address in Gmail that led to the “Address Not Found” error. The “Email Address Not Found” error can be caused by a typo, a misspelling, a missing or incorrect punctuation mark, an extra space, or a period.

If your email cannot be delivered for any other reason—for instance because the recipient’s address has been mistyped or has been blocked—Google will automatically reply with a “Gmail address not found” message.

Here’s how to fix the “Gmail address not found” error

Updated: February 2024

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Check the recipient’s email address

  1. Email addresses are frequently incorrect in Gmail, causing the “address not found” error.
  2. If there are any missing characters or numbers in the recipient’s email address, make sure to correct them.
  3. You can try sending the email address again if the problem persists.
  4. Reply with the new address in Gmail.

Check to see if the email has been deleted

  1. Having no email account may also lead to an email jumping.
  2. Send the message to an active, non-deleted email address.
  3. Check that the email address is active by following these steps.
  4. The Chrome browser will open an incognito window when you press Ctrl, Shift, and N.
  5. To login to Gmail, click here.
  6. The recipient’s email address (not yours) must be entered.
  7. If the message says, “This account was recently deleted and can be restored,” it means that the recipient’s email address is probably no longer active.

Check your email

  1. If you are trying to send an email to a custom address, the domain or server may not be serviced.
  2. Make sure the email service is working for the recipient by contacting them.
  3. Try scheduling an email using Gmail’s scheduling feature if the service isn’t working.

Schedule email in Gmail

  1. Using Gmail, you can schedule emails.
  2. Your Gmail account can be accessed by signing in.
  3. Your email will be composed once you click Compose.
  4. Choose the option you wish to send instead of clicking Send.
  5. Send the message by selecting “Schedule.”
  6. Select a time and date.
  7. Click on the Schedule button and enter the time and date.
  8. The Schedule option can be found in the left pane, but it must be clicked to be displayed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Make sure you're connected to the internet.
  2. Close the app, then reopen it.
  3. Exit and sign back in.

When bounced messages fall into the undeliverable category, it means that the receiving mail server is temporarily unavailable, overloaded, or cannot be found.

  1. Update your Gmail app. Update your Gmail app to get the latest fixes for problems with sending or receiving emails.
  2. Restart your device.
  3. Check your settings.
  4. Clear your memory.
  5. Check your password.
  6. Clear your information in Gmail.

My email keeps showing an "Account Error" message that says "There may be a problem with the mail server or network. Check your iCloud account settings or try again.

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