How to fix missing Wow64.dll – file not found

  • Dynamic-link library files are essential “guidelines” that store information and instructions that executable files, such as HelpPane.exe, should follow.
  • If something happens to a generic DLL file, whether it’s lost or corrupted in some way, it can give you a “Runtime” error message.
  • The error wow64.dll file indicates that the file is either corrupted, incorrectly installed, or removed from the system.

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DLL files (dynamic link libraries) such as wow64.dll play a key role in dynamic link libraries (DLLs). In order to follow the instructions and information contained in dynamic-link library files (EXEs), such as HelpPane.exe, executables (EXEs) need to follow. Using the same wow64.dll file, multiple programs (such as Microsoft Office Access 2010) can save valuable memory, resulting in a more efficient running of your computer.

There is a risk of problems with generic DLL files, too, because they are so convenient and efficient. If you lose or corrupt a generic DLL file, it can cause an error message called “Runtime”. These errors occur when you try to load wow64.dll, either when you start Microsoft Office Access 2010, or perhaps even when you are already running it.

Your wow64.dll file may be missing due to accidental deletion, deletion as a shared file from another program (shared with Microsoft Office Access 2010), or deletion due to a malware infection. Also, damage to wow64.dll can be caused by a power failure while loading Microsoft Office Access 2010, a system crash while loading wow64.dll, corrupted sectors on the media (usually on the primary hard disk), or, very often, a malware infection. Therefore, it is important to keep your antivirus program up to date and scan it regularly.

What makes Wow64.dll disappear – File not found

There are a few possible reasons why you might encounter wow64.dll error, including a corrupted file, improper installation, or removal from your system. Windows is often pre-installed with DLL files.

You will see an error message when you install a program if you do not have the required library.

It is common for DLL errors to be caused by malware such as viruses. However, errors can also be caused by files that have been deleted or no longer supported. No matter the cause, a DLL error informs you that you have important data missing.

The error message for WOW64.DLL may occur for a variety of reasons. The file is crucial to some Windows applications, and the error message indicates a corruption or loss of the file. Malware, improper installation, faulty programs, registry issues, etc., could all contribute to this problem.

You might also experience malware infection. A malware infection can cause a system crash or even cause your DLL files to be corrupted, leading to error messages. You can run a scan to identify potential problems if your system is unable to handle the malware.

To solve the problem of missing Wow64.dll – file not found

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Update drivers to recover missing .dll files

Using Windows Update Center or special utilities, you can download and install driver updates independently for Windows operating system, network adapter, monitor, printer, etc.

Driver updates for devices automatically

Driver update programs from third parties update Windows drivers automatically. No more manual updates!

  1. Driver update programs from third parties can be downloaded
  2. The application needs to be installed
  3. Applies
  4. An update to the drivers on the system is performed by Driver Updater.
  5. For an automatic driver update, click Update

Using a manual driver updater

  1. Click on Device Manager in the taskbar’s search box.
  2. If you want to update a particular device, choose a category and right-click on it.
  3. Update drivers automatically by selecting this option
  4. You can update drivers by selecting “Update Driver”.
  5. You can find all necessary instructions on a manufacturer’s website if Windows does not find the new driver.

Download Wow64.dll

You may find a solution by reading the article below or using the automatic solution. Find the version of wow64.dll you need from the list below, click on the “Download” link to download it.

If you have a 64-bit program, use 64-bit files. Priority is given to 64-bit files if they are listed above. Pay attention to whether it is a 64-bit or 32-bit file.

To ensure that your program runs properly, always download the most recent versions of .dll files.

The wow64.dll file can also be downloaded from the Windows system directory in order to fix the “wow64.dll missing” error.

The issue can be resolved by re-registering the wow64.dll file, which can be done by copying it to the folder C:WindowsSystem32 and typing “regsvr32 wow64.dll” into the command prompt.

Automatically fix missing Wow64.dll error

The utility not only downloads the correct version of wow64.dll, but it also suggests the right directory to put it in. Not only does the utility fix the wow64.dll errors, but it also fixes other problems.

  1. For third-party software, click “Download Application”. The automatic tool will then be downloaded.
  2. The installation instructions make it simple to install the utility.
  3. In case of an error with wow64.dll or other problems, please run the program.

Scan your computer for malware to fix wow64.dll errors

With Windows 10, a new built-in program called Windows Defender automatically scans your computer for viruses and removes tough-to-remove malware.

Click on “Update and Security” and then “Windows Defender” to use Windows Defender offline.

In order to scan offline with Windows Defender

  1. By pressing Win + I or Start + Gear, you can switch between windows.
  2. The “Windows Defender” section will appear once you select “Update and Security.”.
  3. If you haven’t already backed up your data, you will need to do so before restarting your PC. Click the “Scan Now” button at the bottom of the Defender settings.

In the notifications area, you will find a report of the complete scan as soon as the computer reboots and runs a virus and malware scan.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. On the extended command line, go to C: WindowsSystem32.
  2. Enter the following command: REMOVE /F WOW64.DLL.
  3. If successful, enter the following command: ICACLS WOW64.DLL /grant administrators: F.

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Recover deleted files.
  3. Restore your system.
  4. Reinstall the application.
  5. Update your drivers.
  6. Update Windows.

  1. Find your missing .dll file on the DLL dumpsite.
  2. Download the file and copy it to: "C: WindowsSystem32".
  3. Click Start, then Run, type "regsvr32 dll_name" and press Enter.

Wow64. dll, a Windows NT kernel interface that translates (thunks) between 32-bit and 64-bit calls, including call stack and pointer manipulation. Wow64win. dll, which provides appropriate entry points for 32-bit applications (win32k thunks) Wow64cpu.

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