Fixed Gmail error: A server error occurred and your email was not sent

  • Many users have reported this error when trying to send an email through Gmail – a server error occurred and your email was not sent.
  • This problem may be related to the Gmail service itself or your browser.
  • The most common solution is to disable Avast’s e-signature.
  • Other solutions are also possible, such as composing a new email, clearing the browser cache, reinstalling the browser, etc.
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An email can be sent using a Gmail account, but users are unable to do so because of this error. Most of the time, it appears when sending an email from a browser. It appears among the lines of “Oops… a server error has occurred and your email was not sent.”

In spite of being one of the most popular email service providers, Gmail has errors. If you attempt to send an email through Gmail, you will receive an error message – a server error occurred. You may be having problems with your browser or the Gmail service.

Gmail Account Is Temporarily Unavailable

The following error appears occasionally when I attempt to log into Gmail:

In some cases, users have reported receiving an error message when attempting to send an email out of Gmail. We found that the error code occurs only in Firefox and some other browsers, but not in Chrome. It is preceded by the following text: “Your email was not sent due to a server error.”

Gmail Numeric Code: 2840

Your code should be adjusted to correct this error based on the message field.

Several workarounds have been found that others experiencing similar problems have used. You may chose the method that is most comfortable for you. Let’s begin!


What is the reason for the Gmail error “a server error occurred and your email was not sent”?

What is the reason for the Gmail error "a server error occurred and your email was not sent"?

It is usually caused by a Gmail client not being able to establish a working connection with its servers that the “Server error occurred and your email did not be sent” error occurs. When the connection with Gmail is difficult, you get an error message. The email is sent to Gmail’s servers and then stored in the recipient’s account you chose in the email.

Temporarily Fixed

Temporary Fix is also a concept that is illustrated in the band’s song of the same name, written by Niall Horan. It is an edgier, more mature sounding song. It shows the meaning of “Temporary Fix.”

Avast’s e-signature is typically disabled when this problem occurs. Many workarounds are available for this, but disabling it is the easiest solution.

The most important workarounds first, then we will proceed to other solutions, such as creating a new email, clearing your browser cache, and reinstalling your browser.

This problem may be caused by the following factors.

  • Gmail may not have recognized your new account yet.
  • There is a possibility that you are sending the same message to multiple recipients.


How to fix the Gmail error “There was a server error and your email was not sent”

Updated: February 2024

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How to fix the Gmail error "There was a server error and your email was not sent"

Clear your browser cache and cookies

Google Chrome

  1. Chrome should be launched
  2. Click the “Menu
  3. Select Tools
  4. Delete all data from your browser
  5. Clear your cache and cookies by clicking the respective buttons


  1. Start Firefox
  2. Go to the menu
  3. Make your choice between privacy and security
  4. Data and cookies on the website can be chosen
  5. To clear data, click here

Microsoft Edge

  1. Click here to start Microsoft Edge
  2. You can do it by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and Del
  3. A list of temporary services and folders can be found here
  4. Click Delete

Opera Browser

  1. Click on Opera to launch it
  2. You can do it by holding down Ctrl, Shift, and Del
  3. Choose the period of time since the installation
  4. If Cached Images and Files is checked, then the images and files will be cached.
  5. Delete all data from your browser

Disable browser extensions

Google Chrome

  1. Install Chrome on your computer
  2. The menu will appear.
  3. Increase your tool selection
  4. Each extension can be selected by selecting the cursor


  1. Start Firefox
  2. Go to the menu
  3. Choose add-ons
  4. Extensions can be selected
  5. Disable an extension by clicking its three-pointed icon.

Microsoft Edge

  1. Click here to start Microsoft Edge
  2. To access the menu, click the button
  3. Extensions can be selected.
  4. Remove the extension from your computer by right-clicking it.
  5. Also, you have the option of deleting an extension.

Opera Browser

  1. You can launch Opera by clicking here
  2. Select menu
  3. Select Extensions from the menu.
  4. Click on the Disable button for each extension.

Using a different browser

To avoid the Gmail bug, you can use a web browser other than Firefox if your antivirus does not automatically opt out of scanning signature messages.

Why Does My Gmail Say No Connection

You may be experiencing no connection to Gmail if you’re using cellular data on your mobile device. If you’re using cellular data, you may notice that you don’t get data connection in certain areas. A secure network access point may block important ports required by Gmail if you are on one.

Gmail Temporary

Send and receive emails with Gmail Temp Mail, a temporary email account. It is easy to set up a Google Account for Gmail Temp Mail if you do not have your regular email address and need to send a message. In addition to testing messages before sending them to your regular address, Gmail Temp can be used to test your messages.

Gmail Errors

When Gmail doesn’t load, sync, log in, or fill in, users often try to re-login to their account, check their Wi-Fi connection, or other troubleshooting strategies to resolve the issue.

This may also mean that you have reached Gmail’s daily sending limit. You may be sending from multiple aliases, using multiple add-ons to send emails, or using IMAP or POP email clients.

If you already use a third-party antivirus solution, this method is usually preferable. You should be able to send your email to its destination without any problems by using Chrome or Opera. Try sending the same emails that you were unable to send using the Gmail web app.

Compose a new message

You should try to copy the same text you wanted to send and send it with the message you just composed. There are many cases where Gmail cannot properly configure itself and access its servers. In this case, try checking your Internet connection. If you are using a proxy server, try connecting to the Internet with such restrictions. Also, copy all the text (contained in the email you are trying to send), compose a new email, paste the text and try sending it to the recipient again.

Afterwards, your Gmail server should no longer display error messages once you’ve cleared the cache.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Open your email program (Outlook Express, Outlook, Eudora, or Windows Mail).
  2. On the Tools menu, click Accounts.
  3. Click on your email account, and then click on "Properties."
  4. Click the "General" tab.
  5. Make sure that the "Email Address" is your valid address for this account.
  6. Click on the "Server" tab.

This is usually due to an incorrect password, but can also be caused by an incorrect username, connecting to the wrong server, or getting blacklisted. To solve the problem, follow these steps: reset your email password.

An internal server error 500 is a very common HTTP status code that means something went wrong on the site server, but the server can't be more specific about the exact nature of the problem. In most cases, you can do no more than contact the site directly and wait for a solution.

Your Gmail account sometimes displays an error when you try to use it to send or receive mail. Gmail error messages can be caused by slow Internet connections, problems with your ISP's sites, browser errors, and more.

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