Fixing Windows Store exception code 0xc000027b

  • Exclusion code 0xc000027b can also appear when the Windows Store requires a forced update.
  • This error may be caused by incorrect time and date settings, which may result in an inability to access the Internet.
  • In most cases, this problem is due to an incorrect timestamp that causes the Microsoft Store server to close the connection, causing the app to shut down.
  • A fairly common problem causing this particular error code is a corrupted Windows Store component.
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What Does Unexpected Store Exception Mean

Many Windows users have been scared by the Blue Screen of Death caused by the Unexpected Store Exception Error in Windows 10. However, you can resolve this mistake very easily.

Exception Code: 0xc000027b

In Windows Store apps that crash without displaying an error message, the exception code 0xc000027b refers to store-related issues. Several users complained that they were unable to launch the Store app when it happened. When it did, they were unable to either start or update any programs downloaded from Microsoft Store. 

The windows defender was disabled, so I downloaded malwarebytes, scanned, and then it automatically ignored detections, then I cancelled it early and was able to quarantine them, even though at first I didn’t get permission to do so. Thanks for providing these logs to me. I downloaded FRST and hopefully they can shed light on the problem.

When the Microsoft App Store appears to be working normally, it typically closes by itself, which causes the exception code 0xc000027b to occur. This error code has been discovered by affected users in Event Viewer when investigating the issue, even though there is no error window when it occurs (the Windows Store closes automatically).

It is possible that the Windows Store will close by default and you will receive an exception code of 0xc000027b during normal operation. You may not be able to access the Internet because of this error, which may be caused by incorrect time and date settings. When Windows Store needs to be forced to update, exclusion code 0xc000027b can also appear. It can also occur when the Microsoft Store configuration is incorrect. Here is how to fix this error in Windows.


What caused error 0xc000027b in Microsoft Store?

What caused error 0xc000027b in Microsoft Store?

Windows 10 Blue Screen Unexpected Store Exception

When a Blue Screen Error occurs, it is usually caused by corrupted drivers or a bad installation. If there is an issue with a driver, the system will automatically restart.

We’ve received emails from users reporting that they are experiencing the same issue tonight with Windows 10. In a quick search on Twitter, it appears the issue is widespread.

Incorrect time and date: It turns out that this particular problem can also be caused by the fact that the computer clock is not set correctly. In most cases, this problem is due to an incorrect timestamp that causes the Microsoft Store server to close the connection, causing the app to shut down. In this case, you can solve the problem by setting the time and date to the correct values.

This error is sometimes caused by incorrect time and date settings, which results in the Windows Store closing and displaying the exception code 0xc000027b.

Faulty Store app: It is also possible that this particular problem is due to the fact that the local Microsoft Store folder contains certain files that are locked in a suspended state. If this scenario applies, you may be able to resolve the issue by updating all relevant Store components using the Powershell command.

After uninstalling and reinstalling the affected software, I was able to resolve the crash caused by the 20H1 Upgrade.

Corrupted Store Component: A fairly common problem causing this particular error code is a corrupted Windows Store component. In most cases, this occurs after the security scanner has quarantined certain items that are actively used by the Windows Store component. In this case, the problem can be solved by automatically resetting the entire Windows Store or by using the wreset.exe utility.

Registry key corruption: Some registry keys may also be responsible for storing data related to the Windows Store component malfunction. Some affected users may have solved the problem by using the registry editor to remove the affected registry key.

Corruption of system files: under certain circumstances, this problem can occur due to corruption of the underlying system file, which affects the stability of the Microsoft Store. In such a situation, you can usually solve the problem by performing a repair installation.

As always, I have also searched the MS-Docs library for anything relevant that I may find useful without recreating the profile or resyncing OneDrive.


How to fix the 0xc000027b error in Microsoft Store?

Updated: February 2024

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How to fix the 0xc000027b error in Microsoft Store?

Run the diagnostic tool for Windows Store apps

Almost everyone who uses Windows has run into common Windows errors at some point. Fortunately, Windows has a diagnostic tool that can correct most errors without the need for user involvement.

To diagnose the error, install Windows Store Apps if you encounter 0xc000027b while using the Microsoft Store.

The Spacedesk Viewer from Windows Store crashes when trying to open it after updating to Windows 11 22H2. The error shown in the Event Viewer is:

The Microsoft Store should now function without any problems for you as you will now be able to fix the corruption errors within the app.

Erasing registry keys from the Windows Store cache

When this error occurs, Windows Store cache cannot be cleared using the traditional method because the corrupt registry keys containing temporary data may cause it.

Using the registry editor, you can eliminate error 0xc000027b by deleting the problematic registry keys.

To get started, follow these steps:

  1. The “Run” window will open when you press Windows + R simultaneously.
  2. Press Enter when prompted for “regedit.”.
  3. To proceed, click on the next item in the registry editor.
    A computer key is used to unlock the user key for Microsoft Windows and its current version, which is Cloud Shop.
  4. Select Delete from the menu when you right-click on Cache.
  5. You will need to restart your computer to see if you have resolved the error.

This method will fix an error caused by a corrupted registry key.

You can also try the next method if error 0xc000027b persists.

Set the time, date, and time zone

Operating system certificates are required for some applications on your PC to function properly, as you may already know. Using applications can result in errors when your computer’s time, date, or time zone is incorrect, which will cause applications to reject the certificates as invalid.

Press the +R keys on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Run utility and enter devmgmt. msc without quotes and click OK to fix the Unexpected Store Exception Error.

The time, date, and time zone on your computer should be corrected if they are incorrect.

Your computer can be set to display the current time, date, and time zone by following these steps:

  1. Click Open to open the settings window after entering the date and time in the search bar.
  2. Time zone should be checked.
  3. Choose the checkbox for Automatically set time.
  4. Choose the “Synchronize Clock” option.
  5. Check whether the bug has been fixed in Microsoft Store.

Your PC should be fixed with Windows Store exception code 0xc000027b after adjusting the time, date, and time zone.

Update the Store application using the Powershell command

You may encounter problems when opening applications due to a corruption error in temporary files, just as cache files do.

Microsoft Store can be used without any problems if Windows memory is updated using the Powershell command.

The following steps will guide you through updating the Application Store using PowerShell:

  1. Click Run as administrator and type Powershell in the search box.
  2. Enter the following command at the PowerShell extended prompt:
    The manifest is set by (Get-AppxPackage Microsoft.WindowsStore).InstallLocation + AppxManifest.xml; Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $manifest
  3. Check if the error was fixed after running the command and restarting your computer.

After updating the Microsoft Store, you should not experience any problems using the store.

Rebooting the Microsoft Store

Trying resetting the Windows Store can fix corruption errors and will restore the app to its original state if updating the Windows Store app doesn’t resolve the issue.

The app data will be deleted from your device if you reset the Windows Store.

The Microsoft Store can be reset by following these steps:

  1. The Run dialog box will appear when you press the Windows key plus R simultaneously.
  2. You can open a command prompt with administrator privileges by typing cmd in the dialog box and pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  3. You can now run the command below by typing it at the extended command prompt and pressing Enter.
    wsreset. exe
  4. You can verify that the error has been corrected once the process has been completed.

The corrupted files will be replaced by clean ones upon resetting the Microsoft Store.

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