Fixed: There was a problem playing this video in Google Drive

  • Google Drive is a cloud storage and synchronization service.
  • Many people use this platform to protect their files and folders and sync them between different devices.
  • Recently, we’ve encountered requests from Windows users who can’t play videos from Google Drive.
  • The problem could be related to the video file format or browser.
  • Google Drive only supports a maximum video resolution of 1920*1080p.
  • Videos in higher resolutions cannot be played on Google Drive.

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Play Videos From Google Drive

Open your Android phone’s photos app and select the video you want to upload. You can then play the video directly from Google Drive.

Google Drive Video Playback

YouTube is set to load and play videos up to 1920x1080p, and any video that exceeds this size can’t be played.

This post will help you to solve video not playing on Google Drive error quickly and easily. In this post, I’ll share fifteen handy ways to resolve the issue.

It is an online cloud storage and synchronization service that many people use to protect and sync their documents. Recently, we have received requests from Windows users who are experiencing problems playing Google Drive videos. There is a possibility that this problem is caused by the video file format or browser. You may also be experiencing the problem if your system hardware is failing.

You may not be able to play media in older versions of Chrome. To find out if your browser is updated, open Chrome on your computer and click on the More icon in the top right corner. Update Google Chrome by clicking on the button. Once it is complete, click on Relaunch to restart Chrome. Then try loading your video again.

Here are a few simple methods to help you fix this error, regardless of what caused it.

What is the cause of the error message “There was a problem playing this video” on Google Drive

Google Drive Videos Cannot Be Played

Google Drive video can be played in Incognito Mode if you are trying to play it in a browser. Chrome and Firefox support this feature. It disables all extensions/add-ons. You will no longer see the error ‘Whoops! There was a problem playing this video’ if one of the extensions/add-ons has been disabled.

Play Videos On Google

You don’t have to download videos if you want to play them in Google Drive.

Due to the lack of specificity in the error message, it is unable to provide us with a direct explanation of the problem. In the event that a video playback request fails, Google Drive sends the same error. Here are some of the reasons why it might fail.

  • Outdated browser: Older versions of your browser may not have all the necessary features to play videos and thus cause this error. Therefore, try updating your browser.
  • Unpopular video formats: If your video file format is unpopular or old, this problem may occur.
  • Poor internet speed: If you have poor internet speed, chances are this error will occur.
  • Plugins: If you have recently installed third-party plugins, you need to make sure that none of their features interfere with video playback.
  • Higher video resolution: Google Drive supports a maximum video resolution of 1920*1080p. Anything above this resolution will not play.
  • Router security settings: Routers today have strict security settings that can affect video playback.
  • Blocked RAM: Temporary files are created on your device when playing videos using Google Drive. If you have a large amount of RAM, videos may not play.

To solve the problem with playing this video on Google Drive

Updated: April 2024

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It is quite common for people to download and share pirated content using Google Drive, but this is not true. Google eventually deletes pirated content. If you try to play a pirated video, Google may have blocked it. Google uses file hashing to find and block pirated videos.


If you want to play videos in higher resolution on Google Drive, you must use a higher resolution video. YouTube and Google Drive support videos up to 1920×1080, but not higher resolutions.


This video cannot be played because of a corrupt video file, which Google Drive displays as an error message.


It is possible to upload multiple videos to disk, but that’s crazy. While 99.99% of users will not be able to do so, you may be the exception.


If your video format isn’t listed, you’ll need to convert it to one that is supported by G Drive.


In most popular browsers, like Chrome and Firefox, incognito mode is supported. It disables all extensions and add-ons so you can play videos from Google Drive.

It is likely that one of the extensions/extensions is the cause of the “Oops! There’s a problem playing this video” error message no longer appearing.

You can find out which extension it is by disabling all your extensions and add-ons and re-enabling them one by one.


With the Chrome browser, users can access multiple Google accounts simultaneously.

Google Drive Video Player

This program connects to Google Drive and lets you play videos and audio files directly from there.

My error log keeps showing this error: “0028.868 (0) Exception (Google_IO_Exception) occurred during backup uploads to Google Drive. Allow_url_fopen must be enabled for the stream IO handler (Code: 0, line 51 in /home/remaxcab/public_html/wp-content/plugins/updraftplus/includes/Google/IO/Stream.php) 0028.870 (0) This job encountered an error for the first time.”

When you’re trying to play videos on your Google Drive, you may experience an error. If you want to play the video, log out of all but one account and then select the “Exit” option in the profile picture.

RECOMMENATION: Click here for help with Windows errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

When Google Drive doesn't play videos, most of the time the error is caused by an app or browser. However, sometimes it can also be related to your computer system hardware. File Properties: Google Drive does not support older and less common video formats.

The easiest solution is to properly use incognito mode, login, and view the video. This is not a video format problem at all. You can also log out of all accounts except the one you need for Drive.

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Drive app. Tap Browse Drive at the top of the screen. In the list, tap Videos. To play the video, tap the video you want to play.

Google Drive can play most MP4 files, but not all. Because MP4 is a video container format, it can be encoded by different codecs and profiles. Some MP4 files have been encoded with a codec or profile that is not compatible with Google Drive, so they may have problems playing on Google Drive.

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