How to troubleshoot the Google search autocomplete feature not Working

  • Semi-automatic typing is a standard feature of most modern web browsers.
  • It anticipates what you are typing and suggests a word or phrase based on what other users are doing and your history.
  • When you press the Enter key, it automatically completes typing with the rest of the suggested text.
  • If you press Enter on the suggested auto-type suggestion in the address bar, your browser will redirect you directly to the website.
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This refers to the section on autofilling data, as many of you already know, which has been updated over time as well as grown and evolved to serve users’ needs.

Semi-automatic typing is a standard feature of most modern web browsers. It anticipates what you are typing and suggests a word or phrase based on what other users are doing and your history. When you press the Enter key, it automatically completes typing with the rest of the suggested text. For example, if you type goog in the address bar of your browser, your browser may suggest, displaying the letters you haven’t yet typed. When you press Enter, the browser will take you to that site.

Google Suggested

In addition to Google Suggest, users have the ability to adjust the SERP of Google Instant to take into account the keywords they are entering as they are typing them in to the search box.

Google Suggests

Originally designed to find the best matching phrases for the main seed keyword, Google Suggest is an algorithm developed by the search engine giant.

Google Suggest

Search phrases suggested by Google when users type in a search will be downloaded with the Google Suggest and Autocomplete Scraper program. You might gain the top spot by advertising on these keywords. These are the keywords users see and pick based on whether or not it matches their query.

Here are instructions for enabling or disabling auto-recording in your browser. Your browser will redirect you directly to the website if you press Enter on the suggested auto-type suggestion in the address bar. The search bar will give you an overview of the site through the search engine if you are skeptical about the URL.


Why won’t Google’s automatic search function work?

Why won't Google's automatic search function work?

Below are some code samples that demonstrate a different method to fix the same problem with Google Auto Complete.

You know the problem is in some extensions (since the incognito mode is raw, all extensions are disabled). If autocomplete works well in incognito mode, an extension may be responsible for it. In addition, a corrupt user profile may prevent Chrome from automatically populating your data. To fix the problem, you need to create a new profile from scratch. If you perform these steps, you will lose all locally saved data. So make sure you check your Chrome sync settings and back up all your data to Google’s servers before you start.

For the most part, autocomplete seems largely benign, if not humorous. We have all laughed at jokes on websites like Autocomplete Me, which demonstrate the limitations of the system and the very strange search strings that Google might predict.3 Google explains that autocomplete provides search-term predictions based on the previous aggregate search activities of users and the content of webpages. Using undisclosed criteria (such as how often past users have searched for a term and a small set of exclusions) in a mathematical formula, autocomplete proposes similar or “related” search strings to the user.4

There are some bugs in Chrome, but overall it’s a fairly stable browser. Chrome can be updated to fix known issues. It can also fix self-discovery, if a buggy Chrome instance caused it to stop working. In order to eliminate these issues, it is better to update the browser.


Fixed a bug in the Google auto search feature

Updated: December 2023

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Fixed a bug in the Google auto search feature


If you want Chrome to be completely shut down and closed, you must remove it from Task Manager by clicking on the cross in the top right corner of Chrome.

You will now see a preview of your search queries when you right-click on the taskbar and select “Stop Task”. Then, you can open Chrome again.


In order to enable the auto-complete feature, you must turn on a custom setting provided by Google. To enable the setting, follow the steps below:

  1. The top right hand corner of Chrome will display a three-dot icon. Select Settings.
  2. To access Google Services and Sync, click People.
  3. Select AutoSearch and URLs and turn them on.


If you are having problems with your search, try turning off and on Chrome again to update your sync.

Click the three-dot icon on the Chrome toolbar and then click “Turn off”. Restart Chrome, then choose “Back up my data” to enable sync.


This method resolves Chrome problems by disabling you from sites whose cookies are stored on your computer. Clearing your cache does not erase your data, passwords, or browsing history.

In Google Custom Search, you might find that the Autocomplete option takes a bit of time to be available before it finally goes live, so if you create a Google Custom Search, you can use it to conduct faster searches. At times, Google Custom Search Autocomplete may not work.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. By clicking the three dots icon, you can open Chrome settings.
  2. The “Advanced” button can be found in the settings.
  3. You can clear your browser data by clicking on “Clear Browser Data” under “Privacy and Security”.
  4. By selecting the radio button next to “Cookies and other website data” and “Hide images and files”, you will be able to delete the data.
  5. In order to restart Chrome, follow the above instructions.


Sometimes the Chrome search engine is changed by Google and therefore the predictions in the address bar no longer work. You need to make sure that the search engine is set to Google. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. At the top of Chrome, click the three-dot icon.
  2. The search engine used in the address bar should be Google. If it’s not, change it to Google. Go to the Manage Search Engines section to change it back.
  3. Click the three-dot icon next to Google on the Manage Search Engines page to change the keyword to


Check if chrome extensions are causing this problem before you move forward. The easiest way to do this is to open an incognito tab in Chrome. If you can, try searching for something in incognito mode. Does the autocomplete work in incognito mode as well? The problem might be caused by an extension if autocomplete works in incognito mode.

It is necessary to disable all Chrome extensions and activate them one by one to find the culprit. In Chrome, type chrome://extensions/ and hit Enter. Disable all extensions using the toggle switch, then activate them one at a time. To ensure that everything is correct and nothing interferes with a Google search, turn off or check the settings of the extension once you’ve found the culprit.

Chroming settings can be reset

The default search engine, the home page, the new tab page, the anchored tabs, content settings, and cookies will all change after you reset Chrome to its default settings. The extensions will also be disabled, but all of your data, including bookmarks, history, and passwords, will stay the same.

  1. Click Advanced in Chrome’s preferences.
  2. The Reset Settings menu will appear. Click Reset Settings after a confirmation window appears.
  3. The next step after resetting Chrome is to restart it.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If auto-enrollment is enabled but still doesn't work, try disabling the account sync feature in the People tab as mentioned above. Click the Disable button to the right of your name and email address. Then restart Google Chrome and re-enable syncing.

  1. Tap the dots - either on the right side of the address bar (on Android) or in the bottom left corner of the screen (on your phone) - and select Settings.
  2. To change your autofill settings, tap "Places and More" and turn the feature on or off or change the saved information as needed.

An outdated browser cache may prevent autofill from working in Chrome. Go to Chrome Settings -> Privacy -> Security -> Clear Browser Data.

  1. Open the Google Chrome app.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right corner.
  3. Tap Settings.
  4. Tap Privacy.
  5. Make sure that search and site suggestions are unchecked.

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