Fixed ssh_exchange_identification – connection closed by remote host

  • When using the SSH client to connect to a server, you might get an error message “SSH_exchange_identification: connection closed by remote host” This problem can have several causes, such as problems with the hosts. deny and hosts. allow configuration files.
  • Follow the steps outlined in this article to resolve the. problem to resolve.
  • The good news is that once the problem is resolved, you should no longer see this error.
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If you receive the error message “SSH_exchange_identification: connection closed by remote host”, follow these steps to achieve a workable solution.

Ssh Exchange Identification Connection Closed By Remote Host

When using SSH this error may show it’s ugly head on occasion. It’s not connected to weird TCP connection updates or that sshd needs to be re-configured. There is no reason for this.

Ssh Connection To Closed By Remote Host

It keeps the connection as long as I am typing something in the SSH terminal. After 1 to 2 minutes of inactivity, the above message will appear. I am connecting to Ubuntu 12.04.1 LTS 64 bit server edition, which is a guest VMware server rather than a physical server. I am sshing from a mac terminal.

SSH_exchange_identification: connection closed by remote host is a common error that can be caused by a firewall configuration error, an incorrect host.deny configuration, or a configuration file error.

Connecting machines securely over the Internet is possible with the SSH protocol.

Taking a look at how SSH _exchange_identification works will help us figure out how to fix it.

What should I do if I receive the error message ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host?


What causes the host to close the “ssh_exchange_identification” connection?

What causes the host to close the "ssh_exchange_identification" connection?

It is possible that the problem with “ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host” is caused by a problem with the deny or allow configuration files, but there may also be other reasons for the error. You have probably already confirmed that these two files do not block your IP address when using ssh on a remote server if you are reading this.

As soon as you resolve the problem, your error should no longer appear. It may be due to a dependency issue, memory fragmentation, or an excessive number of client sessions.

Key Exchange Identification Connection Closed By Remote Host

My desk computer experienced a similar issue. I used sshd -t to debug the issue. In this case, the sshd daemon is running in debug mode. This command reported the keys’ permissions being invalid. As a result of running the action you ran, things may have been generated with the wrong permissions too. I simply went to the folder where my keys were stored and chmod 0600 <your_ssh_keys>.

I am closing the connection because the remote host closed the connection (ssh ssh_exchange_identification)

There are several potential causes of this error, including hosts. deny or hosts. allow configuration files. This error occurs when the remote host has suddenly dropped the connection.


To troubleshoot the `ssh_exchange_identification` connection closed host

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To troubleshoot the `ssh_exchange_identification` connection closed host

Check for missing dependencies

  1. The server cannot be restarted after the server has been updated with Glibc/OpenSSL.
  2. Glibc and OpenSSL updates can be installed without rebooting in some distributions, but not in others.
  3. The SSHD file system can be accessed by using lsof if the Glibc update is installed.
  4. You can fix any problems caused by broken packages by using the update command on Ubuntu or Debian.

Check for additional SSH sessions

  1. Users may not be aware that their number of SSH sessions exceeded the maximum.
  2. The old sessions should be deleted, after which the server can be reconnected.
  3. A “Who” command will display a list of all SSH instances currently running in your system.
  4. Multiple users logged in need to be terminated one at a time if there are more than two.
  5. Test if the situation has improved by connecting to the server through SSH.

When multiple SSH sessions are being run simultaneously in a script, SSH cannot follow them. By using the “Sleep” command, you can delay an SSH session.

Check to see if your fingerprints/keys are damaged

  1. Especially if you installed these files manually, check for damaged fingerprints or keys if it persists.
  2. Please remove the server-side fingerprints from /.ssh/known_hosts and try again.
  3. Accept the host ID when prompted to reconnect.
  4. If the SSH configuration directory contains key files, this error can also occur if /etc/ssh/*key* files are deleted and the SSHD is not restarted. Check the SSH configuration directory for key files.

Check the server boot

Depending on your server’s load, this error may also occur.

  1. A brute force attack can take advantage of a server with insufficient resources to complete the task.
  2. If the problem persists, increase SSHD’s connection capacity.

Follow the steps in this article to resolve problems with SSH clients caused by ssh_exchange_identification error: connection closed by a remote host.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The "connection closed by remote host" error is a common one, and few people seem to know what causes it. Some point to /etc/hosts. allow and /etc/hosts. deny files as the cause, others say it could be a hardware failure, sshd configuration, or faulty Glibc updates.

This message indicates that the load on Git Fusion exceeds the "MaxStartups" value set in the sshd_config file. Adjust this setting to resolve this issue; we recommend a minimum value of 100. The sshd_config file is usually located in the /etc/ssh/sshd_config directory.

  1. What causes SSH "Connection reset by peer" error?
  2. Check hosts. deny and hosts. allow files. How to edit hosts. deny file? How to edit hosts. allow file.
  3. Check if fail2ban is blocking your IP address.
  4. Check the sshd_config file.

Go to Settings > Configuration > SSH . There is a section called SSH Settings, check the SSH keepalive option. Then the problem should go away.


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