Troubleshooting the message: We cannot sign in to your account, you’ve been logged in with a temporary profile

  • The Windows 10 error can be easily resolved by applying the solutions below.
  • Windows creates a temporary profile for you and does not save any changes or documents.
  • This means that anything you create, save, or edit will be immediately deleted when you log out or turn off your computer.
  • Many users may use the PIN method of logging in instead of a password, which results in a temporary error message on file.
  • Be careful to follow the steps of each patch.
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The user has been signed into a temporary profile (ex: C:/Users/TEMP) instead of their C:/Users/<user name> profile folder if they sign into their account and get a message like We can’t sign into your account and You’ve been signed in with a temporary profile below. Following the signing of the temporary profile, the user loses any changes the user made to it.

A Microsoft account lets you access features that other Windows 10 users do not have access to. The following error may pop up on your screen when you attempt to sign into your account: “We can’t sign in”. This includes syncing across devices and apps like Calendar and Microsoft Office, etc.

When you start your computer, the login screen (also known as the welcome screen or login screen) asks you for your password. You’ll notice that Windows has started a brand new desktop once Windows logs in and loads the desktop, just as you do when you create a new profile. As a result, your programs and icons do not appear in the taskbar, desktop, or Start menu.

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There is also an error message that you will receive:

Your account cannot be accessed.

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If you do not log out immediately, you will lose any files you have created and modified. If you do not log out now, you will lose them forever.

The “Logout” button logs you out and loads the login screen again when you click it. This continues, and when you attempt to log in, you still encounter an annoying dialog box. When you enter your user account password again, Windows loads the desktop and displays the above error message.

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In the case of a button click, Windows will continue to run and display a notification as follows:

Your profile is temporary.

Log out and log back in later to access your files. For more information, consult your event log or contact your system administrator.

The software makes all changes temporary and automatically deletes all changes when the user logs out or turns off the computer. If you save anything, or save and edit something, it will be deleted after you log off or turn off the computer.

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Windows creates a temporary profile and does not save any changes made to your old account. In this case, you are not able to log in to your old account without any problems.


Why am I logged in with a temporary profile?

Why am I logged in with a temporary profile?

Your login method will remain unchanged if you receive a message that you are using a temporary profile. A temporary error message is displayed on file when users use their PIN instead of a password to log in. This error message should be allowed when you use your PIN method.

Following the steps below will allow you to fix the Windows 10 error, you have logged into a temporary profile.


How do I fix a temporary profile error in Windows 10?

Updated: March 2024

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How do I fix a temporary profile error in Windows 10?

Perform SFC and DISM scans

  1. Choose either PowerShell (Admin) or Command Prompt (Admin) from the menu that is opened by pressing Windows + X.
  2. Enter SFC / scan now into the prompt to begin the SFC scan. It will take up to 15 minutes for the scan to complete.

DISM can also be used if an SFC scan is not possible, or if an SFC scan fails to resolve the problem.

It is possible to do this by running the command DISM / Online / Cleanup-Image / restore health from the command prompt as an administrator. Please be patient as the scan could take up to 20 minutes.

If your problem persists, run another SFC scan. Restart your computer after running both scans.

Log in with your password instead of your PIN

  1. Go to the Accounts section in Settings.
  2. Click Delete in the PIN section of the right pane once you have chosen your login options.
  3. If you are prompted for your password, enter it.

Some users use a PIN as their login method to log into Windows, but this has been known to cause some problems in the past. Your login method may be the problem if you keep getting the “You are logged in with a temporary profile” error.

In order to resolve the issue, it is necessary to disable PIN authentication. After disabling the PIN authentication, you should no longer have any problems with temporary profiles.

Deleting the profile from the registry

  1. Become another administrator of the computer by logging on
  2. Make sure the faulty user profile folder is moved to c:Backup instead of C:users.
  3. Locate the registry key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NewVersionProfileList in the registry editor
  4. If ProfileImagePath refers to c:users, locate the folder that ends in “.back”, and delete it.
  5. Ensure that you are logged into the appropriate user profile after you reboot your computer.

Here are the steps you need to follow to make small changes to the registry to solve this problem:

  1. You can run the whoami /user command at the command prompt by running it as administrator.
  2. Keep the SID handy for later use.
  3. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList in the registry editor.
  4. Your MIP can be found by finding the key with the same name.
  5. Remove the key without the .bak extension if there is more than one key with the same name.
  6. Remove the .bak extension from the name of any key with the .bak extension.
  7. Just move on to the next step if your key does not have a .bak extension.
  8. The ProfileImagePath value can be found on the right pane by selecting the correct key.
  9. To verify the value, double-click it.
  10. It must be set to C: Usersyour_username if it’s not already.
  11. To set a value of 0, double click the “Status” entry.

Check your registry after making the changes to see if there is still an issue.

Updated Location

  1. Right click the “Documents” folder on this PC.
  2. The location can be selected by clicking “Properties” – > “Location”.
  3. You can find your destination by clicking “Find Destination.”.
  4. Once you have located your files, click on the directory.
  5. Click the rightmost icon in the directory list at the top of the file explorer.
  6. The location of the user documents folder is displayed as text.
  7. Open C: User (YourUser)documents and copy the text.
  8. Just above the buttons, paste the location text. Click Apply.
  9. Your computer needs to be restarted.

Refresh your system

  1. The Settings app can be opened by pressing Windows + I.
  2. You will find it under “Updates and security.”.
  3. Once the “Check for updates” button is clicked, you’ll be taken to the update page.

The latest updates may be able to solve the issue if you keep getting an error message that you have a temporary profile.

If the problem persists, restart the computer to see if any updates have been downloaded and installed.

Check your antivirus program

Users indicated that uninstalling their antivirus software solved the problem for some. In other cases, users indicated that their antivirus software sometimes caused a temporary profile to be displayed.

In their opinion, Avast was to blame, but after removing the prompt, the problem was resolved. It is also possible that other antivirus programs can cause this issue, in which case you will have to remove them as well.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Restart your device.
  2. Temporarily disable your antivirus software.
  3. Run a check on your system files.
  4. Use the registry editor to solve the problem.
  5. Run a command at the command line.
  6. Update Windows 10.

You can often solve this problem by leaving your account and logging in again. If you don't log out now, all the files you created or modified will be lost. You signed up for a temporary profile. You cannot access your files, and the files created in this profile will be deleted when you log out.

Depending on your users, your antivirus program may sometimes affect your system and display the message "You are logged in with a temporary profile". Note that sometimes other antivirus utilities can also cause this problem, so you will need to remove them to fix the problem.

Right-click My Computer, go to Properties, and select [Settings] under User Profiles on the Advanced tab. This is a list of all user profiles on the PC, size, modification date, etc. Make sure that you do not have two profiles with similar names, or a local profile, and a roaming profile that you want to use.

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