Troubleshooting Error 0x87de2713 when Opening Apps or Games in Xbox One

  • Some Xbox One users encounter error 0x87de2713.
  • It’s a pretty nasty error, but it can be fixed with a little bit of effort.
  • Outages and DDoS attacks are the most common causes of this problem.
  • The best recommendation to solve this problem is to switch the console to offline mode.
  • If the error message appears after a failed firmware update, you can rightly suspect a firmware error.

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Fix This On The Web Xbox

I get a message that says “Fix This On The Web, go to… Discussion in ‘XBoX on Consoles’ started by ElijahFickett, Mar 29, 2021. I turn on my Xbox One and go to log on to a game (Fortnite, etc.) and I get a message that says “Fix This On The Web, go to…

Xbox 0x800705b4

The error 0x800705b4 is usually associated with a software update not being correctly installed on your Xbox Series X. In order to resolve this issue, you will need to perform many troubleshooting steps.

In order to validate a purchase, the Xbox One will display the 0x87de2713 error code when users try to launch games or apps (digital or physical).

Users of the Xbox One occasionally experience error 0x87de2713. We know this error occurs when video games or apps are launched. However, there are a few ways to fix it.

According to what we found out, the error indicates that the Xbox One system can’t find the game, whether it’s a physical game or a digital game. The same is true for apps, so we can immediately see the extent of the problem.

A Microsoft account owner may experience this error if they violate the Terms of Service. The only reasonable recovery strategy if this scenario applies is to contact Microsoft support. The account may be suspended without warning in most cases because of aggressive player behavior, hacking, or phishing.

It’s not difficult to fix this error, and we haven’t seen it before. Hopefully some users don’t experience a more serious issue that requires more manual intervention.

What causes error 0x87de2713?

Oops Not Sure What Happened There Xbox Store

When you make a purchase from the Microsoft Store and see the error message “Oops. Not sure what happened there.”, make sure that the purchase was not made despite not receiving a confirmation or the error message by reviewing your library (or the game in which you made the purchase). To verify whether the purchase was made, check your Microsoft Account and your bank account, even if it does not appear there.

Firmware error: Another possible cause of this problem is a software error. Several affected users have reported that the problem occurred in their case after a failed firmware update. If this scenario applies, you can solve the problem by turning off the power.

Xbox servers are down: In most cases, this problem occurs when one or more Xbox One Core services are down or experiencing problems. Outages and DDoS attacks are the most common causes of this problem. In this case, you can fix the problem by switching the console to offline mode and disabling the test attempt.

How to solve the error 0x87de2713 in Xbox One?

Updated: February 2024

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What Is Wrong With Xbox Right Now

In most cases, this error occurs as a result of an app update corrupting the application. You can resolve the problem by cleaning your Xbox cache:  

Xbox Com Errorhelp 0x87e50033

Check the Xbox Live website for any server issues and outages, which can help you resolve the error code 0x87e50033 on Xbox. You can view any server issues and outages on this website. Due to the fact that this particular error code is typically caused by servers being under maintenance or when they are down, it usually occurs as a result.

Turn on offline mode on your console

  1. Your controller should have a menu button.
  2. Make sure Settings are selected.
  3. Accessing the network settings window is now easier with the tabs at the top.
  4. Offline mode will be selected when you select Go Offline.
  5. You can now disconnect by selecting the Disconnect option under Network Settings.

You will not be affected by any interruption or attack if the Xbox is offline. If the problem persists, select Go Online from the Network menu and disable offline mode.

The console should be switched to offline mode to solve Xbox problem 0x87de2713, which is also caused by crashes and DDoS attacks.

Reboot your Xbox console

After a failed firmware update, the Xbox 0x87de2713 error message appears. It is likely that a firmware error has occurred. A reboot is the first step to resolve this error.

  1. The console needs to be fully powered on before you begin playing.
  2. The power center can be accessed by pressing and holding the Xbox button.
  3. You will then be prompted to restart the console.
  4. The Xbox animation indicates a successful restart.

The Xbox button can also be pressed and held for about 10 seconds until the front light stops flashing. The console will turn off after a few seconds. Click the Xbox button to turn it back on after waiting for at least a minute.

Delete the account and add it back to the console

The problem has also been claimed to have been solved by deleting Xbox accounts from users. You do not even need to log in to your Microsoft account when you delete it from your Xbox console. Please follow the steps above to re-add your Xbox account, which only takes a few minutes.

  1. You can do this by clicking Xbox.
  2. You can delete your accounts now by going to System – Settings – Account – Delete Accounts.
  3. To delete an account, select it and click Delete.
  4. Select Close when you are finished.
  5. The second part of the process begins when you click the Xbox button again.
  6. Scroll down the screen and click Add New after selecting your game pick.
  7. To add a Microsoft account, enter its email address.
  8. Select Enter.
  9. Select Enter once you have entered your password.
  10. Be sure to read the Microsoft Service Agreement and Privacy Policies carefully and accept them.
  11. Set up security and login settings for the account to be added to the console by following the steps below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If the app won't start, try the following solution. Press and hold the Xbox button on the controller. Select Restart Console -> Restart. After restarting, try restarting the app again.

  1. Press the Xbox button to open the instructions.
  2. Choose Profile and System -> Settings -> System -> Console Info.
  3. Select Reset Console.
  4. On the console reset screen, you will see three options: Reset and Delete All. This option returns the console to its factory settings.

Restart your console. Uninstall the app and install it again. Check the status of the Xbox Live service / restart the app / restart the Xbox One console. Restart your Xbox One console to fix the problem My games and apps aren't opening.

Make sure you're using an official Xbox hard drive, as some games can only be played with that hard drive. Clear your Xbox's cache by turning off the console, holding down the power button, unplugging the power cord from the console, and pressing the power button to drain the battery.

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