How to troubleshoot Trello synchronization issues

  • If your Trello calendar can’t sync with Google Calendar, you can get lost in tracking events, miss important appointments or meetings.
  • Trello estimates that the Google Calendar feed is updated once a day.
  • Google takes its time to send a request to the server to get the latest updates.
  • If you’re using outdated versions of the Trello app on your phone, this can cause problems syncing your calendar across all of your devices.

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Keeping track of daily tasks using Trello and Google Calendar requires proper data sync.

Mirror Troubleshooting

This guide is designed to assist all users who are experiencing problems with Mirror Home Gyms. We will explain how to troubleshoot most of the problems they may experience.

Trello Subscribe

In addition to Trello Standard, Trello Premium, and Trello Enterprise, Trello also offers a free version.

In Trello for Teams, you can link your Trello workspace with your Microsoft Teams workspace. All teams are automatically able to access Trello. Your IT admin might have turned off 3rd party tabs if Trello isn’t available per the instructions below. If you want to add Trello boards to your Microsoft Teams app, you must be a member of each board.

A calendar sync feature is essential for productivity, especially if you want to keep track of events, schedule appointments, and keep track of meetings.

If there are more than a few issues in a repository, it requires a GitHub token.

It may take a while for Trello changes to show up in Google Calendar. Google’s calendar feed is estimated to be updated once per day, but Trello does not confirm it. Hence, it may not be a synchronization issue after all.

You can automatically sync work items between Jira and Trello with Unito’s two-way workflow management solution.

Trello conference changes are visible immediately after creating them, updating them, or deleting them.

In this Techquack article, we’ve listed some troubleshooting tips to help you solve Trello syncing problems.


What causes Trello sync issues

What causes Trello sync issues

In some cases, the synchronization process can take a long time because Google takes time to request the latest updates from the server. It can be difficult to sync your calendar across all of your devices if you are using outdated versions of Trello on your phone.

The Trello board you are trying to update may not be updating due to the older version of the board that is cached on your browser. If you are having trouble updating the board, you can try clearing the cache on your browser so the new version can replace the old version.


How to solve Trello synchronization problems

Updated: March 2024

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Trello Not Working

The last chance to fix the issues is to reinstall the Trello app. First, uninstall it and reinstall it.

Trello Calendar

There are so many benefits to having a Trello calendar. With it, you can keep track of your personal schedule, manage teamwork by seeing who is doing what and when, and create a clear plan of action for your project so that you do not miss any tasks. Start now and you’ll see how much easier it is to get organized!

Trello Issues

Atlassian Cloud products were temporarily out of service on Nov 22 at 20:46 UTC. There have been no further impacts observed since all affected products have been brought back online. We will publish a post incident review detailing how the incident happened and how we plan to prevent similar problems in the future. November 22, 17:33 EST

On the Unito app, select +Create Flow. You will need to select the Trello and Jira accounts you want to connect to Unito. Choose Trello and Jira on the left and right. In this walkthrough, we’ll use Trello as our first account, and Jira as our second. Unito requires you to specify your Trello board and Jira project as well as which account you want to connect to each tool.

How to solve Trello synchronization problems

Using third-party software for Trello

  1. You will need to open Trello’s third-party software.
  2. Under Connect to Trello, click Connect Trello.
  3. Your Trello account must next be made accessible to third-party software.
  4. Alternatively, click Allow if you don’t wish to login.
  5. The Connect Calendar button is located in the section Connect Calendar.
  6. You can continue by selecting one of the calendar services provided.
  7. Click Link to Google Account after selecting the checkbox accepting the terms.
  8. Your calendar will sync automatically with your board once you set up the connector.

With third-party software, you can sync Trello or your calendar bidirectionally and create tasks. The third-party software for Trello is free for the board, so you can start right away.

Clear the app’s cache

  1. You can access your Android’s settings by going to the Settings app.
  2. Go to Apps.
  3. Open Trello.
  4. The storage option can be accessed by tapping it.
  5. Clear the cache by clicking the “Clear cache” button.
  6. Start Trello after closing Settings.

In Trello, syncing with Google Calendar and Outlook can sometimes be a problem because of bad cache data. By clearing the app’s cache, the problem can be resolved.

Updating Trello

  1. You can find the app store in the Play Store.
  2. Trello can be found there.
  3. Click the Update button to install any pending updates.

It may be necessary for the developer to release an update if the sync issue affects a large number of users.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Just click on the Power Up folder in the Board menu. Type Unito in the search bar and you will see a number of results for the different Unito sync options. Want to sync only boards in Trello? Select Board Sync.

  1. Open the board menu.
  2. Under "Power," click on "Calendar." Activate the power-up, if you don't already have one, by clicking on "Add Power-Up."
  3. From there, click on "Change Power-Up Settings." You can also open the calendar in tabular view and click on the gear icon.
  4. Copy the "iCalendar Feed" URL.

  1. Make sure you are using the latest version. To do this, open the "Google Play Store" app on your phone and follow these steps.
  2. Uninstall the app and reinstall it. If the problems persist, try uninstalling the app completely from your device and reinstalling it.
  3. Reboot your Android device completely.

  1. Remove WebView updates from your Android system.
  2. Update the app.
  3. Check for new Android updates.
  4. Stop forcing the application.
  5. Clear the app cache and data.
  6. Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  7. Reboot your phone.
  8. Check your SD card (if applicable).

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