The HTTP Youtube error 429 has been resolved

  • YouTube stopped working on Thursday, May 14, when the site stopped working.
  • There are many potential culprits to blame for the site’s error message.
  • The problem is usually simple: the server is overloaded and doesn’t quite understand what you want to do.
  • If you’re using an OVH or other VPS that has been blocked by YouTube, you should try contacting your ISP and check with them that it has not been blocked.
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There have probably been times when you’ve seen YouTube stop working, including Thursday, May 14, when the site displayed the frustrating message “Error 429” or “429 requests too many.” Even though it can be frustrating when browsing favorite creators or accessing scans, the problem can generally be resolved on its own.

An example of this is error 429, “Too many requests.”. Every site will eventually run into a bug that is difficult to fix.

There are many potential causes for this error, however, so it is often necessary to try different solutions before finally resolving it.

Our article will explore what causes the “429 too many requests” error and how you can fix it. Pay attention to these five tips to fix the problem if it ever arises for you.

What is the YouTube error 429?

What is the YouTube error 429?

429 Too Many Requests Nginx

We have to be careful with how we reject bots, since we want to rate limit them nicely, rather than block them. This message can be used to inform the bot that the site exists, but the server is currently unavailable, so the visitor can try again later. As this is a temporary state, the bot can try again later. There is no negative impact on a search engine’s ranking since the site is still available when the bot reconnects.

You’ve probably seen these error messages on YouTube when trying to click on something:

  • There are too many requests (429).
  • 429 Error
  • HTTP 429
  • It was reported that there were too many requests, which led to error 429.

There is usually a simple explanation to this problem — an overloaded server. Non-engineers may think that this is a complex problem.


There have been too many requests made in a given period of time (rate limiting) resulting in the HTTP 429 Too Many Requests status code.

A video might be crashing because you clicked on it too often, or maybe the server is getting overloaded and isn’t understanding what you’re trying to do.

Your YouTube video may not load as quickly as you would like because of your internet connection, according to Appuals. If it’s not properly connected, maybe try unplugging and plugging your internet router back in to restart it. Make sure you’re connected to WiFi or another internet source. 

If your IP address on the site is blocked by your Internet service provider, the problem could also be caused by them.

429 Errors

If too many requests are sent to the server, the server will return the 429 error code.

You may be able to change your IP address from your ISP if your OVH or other VPS is blocked by YouTube.

How do I fix YouTube HTTP error 429?

Updated: December 2023

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How do I fix YouTube HTTP error 429?

PowerCycling Internet Router.

YouTube may block your connection if you change your IP address. You can remove the block by changing your IP address if YouTube has blocked your connection. As our Internet router is reset every time we reset it, the IPV4 address of our users changes every time we reset it. To do this, we are going to disable our Internet router.

  1. By turning off the outlet directly, you will be able to turn off the power to the Internet router.
  2. The router’s “Power” button needs to be held down for 30 seconds.
  3. Push the “Power” button while the router is connected to power.
  4. You can check the problem again once Internet access is available.

Changing the VPN protocol

Try contacting your ISP to see if your OVH or other VPS is not blocked by Youtube if you are using an OVH or other VPS. Before downloading Youtube, make sure you have a stable internet connection. Ask the company to change your IP address if your ISP or your IP address has been blocked.

Forced Use of IPV4

To force YouTube to use IPV4 rather than IPV6, you need to run the following command from your operating system’s “YouTube-DL” command line:

  • You can open YouTube-DL from your computer’s command line.
  • By pressing “Enter”, you will enter the following command.
  • YouTube-DL-4.
  • An IPV4 connection is forced when “-4” is used.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Change the default WordPress login URL.
  2. Disable the really simple SSL plugin and replace your internal links.
  3. Temporarily disable all WordPress plugins.
  4. Switch to the default WordPress theme.
  5. Contact your web host if you still can't fix the error.

If you get the 429 response code, "Too many requests," you've reached the rate limit. Your best chance is to add code to your script that intercepts 429 responses. If your script ignores the "Too Many Requests" error and keeps trying to make requests, you may get zero errors.

HTTP code 429 Too many requests response status indicates that the user has sent too many requests in a given amount of time ("speed limit"). The header "Retry the request after" can be included in this response, indicating how long to wait before making a new request.

Suddenly, 429 PLC error responses start appearing. A 429 error means that your application has made too many requests and reached the API speed limit. Error 429 (Too many requests) is an HTTP status code, i.e. a client error returned by the server to indicate that you have reached the acceptable limit.

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