How to Resolve the “Waiting for Game to Exit” Error in Battlefield 3

  • Many users have reported a “Waiting for game to exit” message in Battlefield 3.
  • This message prevents you from joining the game.
  • The reasons for this problem are not so unambiguous, and it is difficult to determine what caused it.
  • Here is a quick guide on how to eat Battlefield 3 without the Waiting for Game to Exit” error message on Battlelog.
  • You can also set Battlefield 3 to always run with administrative privileges.

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Fivem Waiting For Game To Shut Down

If you are experiencing crashes, it is recommended that you join the testing server to make sure it isn’t a server-specific issue. If you are experiencing crashes on that server that does not work without your issue, please contact the server owners. If not, continue reading.

You must download BF3 through Origin. This installer sets up Origin within a compatible environment in which DXVK and ReShade are supported.

There have been numerous reports of users being unable to join Battlefield because of a “Waiting for game to exit” message. Here is a quick guide to getting Battlefield 3 without the Waiting for game to exit” error message on Battlelog. If you are playing Battlefield 3 and encounter the “Waiting for game to exit” error message, read on to find out how.

What causes the “Waiting for game to exit” error message in Battlefield 3?

Bf3 Wont Launch

The battlelog site opens in my browser when I launch BF3 on Steam, but then the bf3webhelper.exe crashes and closes. Just a few moments later, my bf3.exe crashes too.

  When you try to join the game, you get stuck waiting for other players to join. This happens for up to an hour without any action being taken. For this reason, it is essential that you follow the following content closely, so you can get a handle on how to fix the problem of being stuck at waiting for players.

Unfortunately, there aren’t so many obvious causes behind this problem, and it’s difficult to figure out what caused it. We have, however, compiled a short list of possible causes, which you are strongly encouraged to check out. Finding the right cause is the first step in determining the best solution to the problem!

Origin Bf3

This is true. For a week, Battlefield 3 is completely free on PC. 

In order to start Battlefield 3, users recommend switching to another browser. When using your web browser to find servers, you can sometimes wait for the game to finish the message before it can start.

If you are using Chrome, this is your issue.  Chrome does not support plug-in launching anymore, and the “Plug-in free launching” option is a bit buggy.  You will have to stick with Firefox for now, as I have seen many with issues in IE and Edge. If you like those browsers, and they happen to work for you, go ahead and use them, its just my recommendation for now is Firefox.  When you do switch browsers, make sure you install the latest plug-in.  Also, to fix the “Waiting for game to exit” when a server fails to join, you need to kill the program in task manager.  If it is not appearing in the task manager, simply log out of Battlelog and log back in.

Browser data: Since the game is run using Battlelog, which opens in your browser, you need to clear your browser data if you want to rule out this possible cause. This has helped many people and may help you too.

The Battlefield 3 Steam Guide is a guide on how to play the game online and keep your progress online if you have already purchased the game on Origin.

Authorization and Origin problems: Sometimes the game can only start normally if there are problems with the administrators. So you should definitely consider deploying both the game’s executable and Origin. Also, Origin Login Check and Origin In-Game have been known to cause this problem, so be sure to disable them.

Click “Grant XP” Did my post resolve your problem? Click “Accept As Solution”I’m not affiliated with EA. See you in the Battlefield!!! Multi-Platform Elite Race: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS3, PS4 I don’t answer PMs. The whole community can contribute to a new thread if you need help, and if the issue is solved, everyone will be able to see it.

Battlefield 3 processes was not terminated: in order to join the game for the next game, you must complete the previous game and complete the process. If for some reason this does not happen, you must complete it yourself.

How do I fix the Battlefield 3 `Waiting for game to exit` problem?

Updated: February 2024

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Clear your browser cookies and cache

You may see a message that says “Waiting for game to exit” if your browser, for example, does not recognize your browser correctly.

Battlefield 3 Not Launching

Restart your PC. You might find it easier to start the game from a different browser (Firefox or Chrome will work best).

Hi there. I just reinstalled Windows 10, and I am experiencing this “Waiting for game to exit” bug that seems to be happening for some time. I have not been able to find a reliable solution to this issue. In some cases, brute-forcing stuff or closing Origin will work, but in many cases, it doesn’t. Is there any solid list of reasons why this might be happening, so I can debug it from that?

To solve this problem, users recommend clearing the browser cache. It’s pretty simple, and you can do this by following these steps:

  1. Go to the upper right corner where you will find the menu icon, choose Settings.
  2. To access Advanced settings, click Advanced at the bottom of the Settings tab.
  3. You can now clear navigation data by selecting this option.
  4. The cache will be cleared after a few moments if you select All Time for the time interval.
  5. The game should now be able to run without any problems. Try running it again after the process is complete.

Starting the game as an administrator

You may receive the message “Waiting for game to exit” if you don’t have administrator privileges. Users who don’t have administrator privileges may encounter various problems.

Try running the application as an administrator to find out if admin rights are causing the issue. Here’s how:

  1. The shortcut to Battlefield 3 can be found by right-clicking it.
  2. You can run the program as an administrator by selecting the “Run as administrator” option.

It’s possible to set Battlefield 3 to run with administrative privileges every time you run the game. Here is how to set it up:

  1. Using the right-click menu, select “Properties” from Battlefield 3’s shortcut.
  2. Choose Run this program as under the Compatibility tab when the Properties window opens
  3. By checking the administrator checkbox, and clicking Apply and OK, you’ll be able to start Battlefield 3 with administrator rights.

Close your browser and try connecting to the server again

To select a server in Battlefield 3, you use your browser, and it may sometimes cause a “Waiting for game to exit” error message. To fix this, follow these instructions:

  1. Choosing a server should be the first step after starting the game.
  2. Click on the server icon several times, then click on “Join the server”. You should now be able to see the message “Waiting for game to exit”.
  3. Your browser should now be closed.
  4. Choose a server in Battlefield 3 by launching it through Origin.
  5. Once you click “Join Server”, you will be taken to the game.

This method appears to work for a few users, but you’ll have to do it every time you run the game, so keep that in mind.

Ending the game process in Task Manager

Apparently, you can resolve this problem by killing Battlefield 3’s processes in Task Manager to prevent the “Waiting for Game to Exit” message from appearing in your browser.

  1. Please wait before closing your browser until you see the message “Waiting for game to exit”.
  2. Using the combination of Ctrl, Shift, and Esc, launch the Task Manager.
  3. The Battlefield process can be ended by right-clicking it and choosing End Task.
  4. The server should now be available as soon as you close the Task Manager and return to the browser.

RECOMMENATION: Click here for help with Windows errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can also try restoring the game by following these steps: Origin client -> right-click Battlefield 3 -> select Restore. Origin will re-download and reinstall the game with the new patches and updates.

  1. Clear your browser cookies and cache.
  2. Start the game as an Administrator
  3. Close your browser and try to connect to the server again.
  4. Finish the game in the task manager

PC -> Documents -> Battlefield 3 -> Settings and there you need to edit the PROF_SAVE profile file (open it in World Pad).

If you have Origin turned on when the game is loaded, you cannot turn it off while the game is open. You should be able to go to Origin -> Application Settings -> Origin in the game, and there you can uncheck the Enable Origin in the game checkbox.

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