How to Resolve Screen Tearing Issue in Windows Computers

  • Screen tearing is a type of distortion that can occur on the PC screen.
  • It is also referred to as a problem when users see multiple images in the same frame.
  • Screen tears usually occur on computers with display hardware installed, such as a video card.
  • The refresh rate of your Windows 10 computer is out of sync with your computer’s refresh rate, and the display hardware outputs information from multiple images to one, causing the screen to tear.

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How To Stop Screen Tearing

For a long time, screen tearing could only be eliminated using VSync (Vertical Synchronization).

A common cause of screen tearing is when your Windows 10 computer is not synchronized with your PC’s refresh rate. This issue typically occurs on systems that have display hardware installed, such as graphics cards. In this write-up, we’ve provided a list of numerous possible solutions to fix this annoying issue, which you can use to fix this common problem quite, easily & quickly. Take a look at each method and choose the best one for you.

The issue of screen tearing in PC gaming was much worse in the past, but thanks to in-game and hardware technologies like Vsync, G-Sync, and FreeSync, the issue has almost disappeared. It does, however, occasionally appear. For example, Elden Ring (opens in new tab) can exhibit itself in rare circumstances.

As a result of multiple frames being displayed in your GPU display on a single screen draw, screen tearing is a common problem. In our earlier post on ‘What Is Screen Tearing?’, we discussed how it happens when your monitor’s refresh rate and GPU’s frame rate are not in sync.

A very common problem on the PC screen is screen tearing, which is a distortion that occurs when multiple images appear in the same frame on the screen. It is also called a problem on the PC screen when multiple images appear at the same time. Computers with display hardware installed, such as a video card, are usually prone to screen tears.

What causes a screen tear?

What Does Screen Tearing Look Like

There has been no shortage of people who have experienced screen tearing at some point in their lives. Screen tearing occurs when your GPU’s frame rate (produced by your GPU) does not sync up with your monitor’s refresh rate, causing horizontal or vertical splits around the screen.

Restarting your computer will bring your PC’s frame rate in sync with your monitor’s refresh rate, effectively solving the screen distortion issue. Closing your games on your monitor and restarting your computer are the primary solutions to screen tearing.

During the screen tearing process, the display hardware outputs information from multiple images into one with a refresh rate that is not synced with your Windows 10 computer.

Halo Infinite Screen Tearing

It occurs when the display’s refresh rate does not correspond to the graphics card’s rendered frames, causing the display to appear to be divided along a diagonal line.

Due to this, screen tearing occurs only when the graphics card is under a lot of load. This results in multiple images being displayed in a single image when the monitor’s refresh rate cannot match that of the computer.

How to eliminate screen tearing?

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Destiny 2 Screen Tearing

In my experience, enabling v-sync in the game did not fix the screen tearing issue. I ended up having to go into the NVIDIA Control Panel and force v-sync.

Keep in mind that you should cap your frame rate almost every time BELOW your monitor’s maximum frame rate. 3-5 frames under will work. If you have 120 frames, cap it at 115, 144 = 140, etc.

Change the resolution

  1. The search options will appear while you hold down the Windows key.
  2. Find the result that best fits your needs by entering the word “resolution.” in the search box.
  3. Click on Advanced Display Options after scrolling down.
  4. Change the display settings for Screen 1 by clicking on Display Adapter Properties.
  5. In the pop-up window, you’ll see a number of tabs to choose from regarding hardware properties.
  6. You can find a list of available modes by selecting the All Modes List option under the Adapter tab.
  7. If your system supports a specific resolution, choose it.
  8. Your operating system will take effect after you have completed these steps.

Disable game mode and full-screen optimization

  1. You can open the settings by holding down the Windows key and pressing I.
  2. Make sure that the game mode is turned off.
  3. The tearing should disappear after you restart your computer.

Upgrade your graphics card

  1. The Run program can be opened by pressing R while holding down the Windows key.
  2. Press Enter after typing devmgmt.MSC.
  3. The Graphics Card option can be found in Device Manager. Double-click it to open it.
  4. Right-click on the current graphics driver under Display Adapters and select Update Driver.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Change the resolution and refresh rate.
  2. Turn NVIDIA VSync on/off.
  3. Disable optimization for the game mode and full-screen mode.
  4. Check the graphics drivers.
  5. Disable image restriction.
  6. Turn off smooth scrolling.
  7. Use an efficient power-saving plan.
  8. Use a different browser.

The screen tearing occurs when the refresh rate of the display and the refresh rate of the GPU are out of sync. This causes horizontal tearing in one or more areas of the image.

Screen tearing mainly occurs when the screen refresh rate exceeds the refresh rate of your monitor. The main disadvantage of screen tearing occurs when the refresh rate is lower than the refresh rate. V-Sync sets the refresh rate to be evenly divided by the refresh rate.

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