How to Resolve “Ping Transmit Failed General Failure” Error in Windows 10

  • In Windows, when you use the ping command at the command line, you get information about the network connection.
  • But sometimes you get the warning Ping General Failure or Ping Transmit Failed: General Failure.
  • If your computer does not have the standard Internet protocol installed, you can easily solve the problem by running some simple commands at the. command line.
  • This tool will scan your computer to find problems and correct the issues that were discovered.

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Ping: Transmit Failed General Failure

In Command Prompt, ping commands are used to test an IP address’ response time and the ping general failure error occurs. It is unclear why this problem arises, as there is no explanation given on the Command Prompt interface for the ping transmit failed general failure issue.

Unable To Contact Ip Driver

My audio PC now responds to pings when I run AO Service Tool and restore settings, and I do not receive the “unable to contact IP driver” error anymore.

Ping General Failure

Using the ping command, you can troubleshoot all kinds of network and Internet problems. Using the ping command, you can find out if devices are available for connection on the network or Internet. If you don’t select the right Internet protocol in Windows 8, you’ll see “Ping: Transmit Failed. General Failure.”. Depending on your computer, you can choose either TCP/IPv4 or TCP/IPv6.

Ping Test Fails

After you’ve checked the physical connections of your network, reboot your network devices to see if they have been affected by any problems. If things still don’t work, check your Network Hardware.

Ping Fail

An ECS would freeze when access was attempted to other resources. A ping command output indicated packet loss or long network delays.

Windows OS is a versatile and capable OS that delivers all features that an OS needs to provide for successfully running a computer. The OS is unparalleled and is still one of the best in the industry. Well, the OS has got several good features and one among them is the networking feature. Microsoft designs Windows OS in such a way that the OS offers users the best networking features. Especially, Windows 10/11 are built for modern times and the OSes are much more advanced in terms of networking.

Especially if your PC is not equipped with WLAN for the described setup, I forgot to inquire whether such a network description is complete. If you try by IP address instead of name, you may be able to exclude naming configuration, since other communication partners, IP addresses, routing entries, and naming configuration may be present when WLAN is enabled.

Ping gives you information about your network connection when run from the command line in Windows. If you don’t have the standard Internet protocol installed, you can get the message Ping Transmit Failed: General Failure. There are some simple commands that you can run at the command line to fix Ping errors.

What causes a ‘ping transmit failed general failure’ error message?

  • An IP/TCP packet that has been corrupted.
  • Firewall configuration is incorrect.
  • There may be other bugs in the software or hardware.
  • Socket or DNS problems.
  • Drivers or firmware that are out of date.

How can I fix the ‘ping transmit failed general failure’ error?

Updated: April 2024

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Uninstall all applications blocking HTTP traffic

  1. To uninstall a program, open Control Panel > Programs.
  2. Select the Uninstall option from the right-click menu.
  3. To see if VPN software is the cause of the error, disable it while testing.

Temporarily disable the firewall

  1. Select “Windows Defender Firewall” after pressing Windows-Logo + S.
  2. You can find this option in the left pane of this window: “Enable or disable Windows Defender firewall.”.
  3. Disable Windows Defender Firewall (not recommended) for each type of network using the radio buttons.
  4. The Windows Firewall can also be enabled to block all incoming connections.

Cleaning the DNS cache

  1. “Windows PowerShell” (Admin) can be selected by pressing Win+X.
  2. If prompted, click “Yes.”.
  3. Following are the commands that need to be entered sequentially in the Windows PowerShell window:
    Release IP configuration
    ipconfig /renew
    Input the command “ipconfig /flushdns”
    Input the following command to reset the IP address of c:/tcp.txt:
    Winsock reset is achieved by using netsh
  4. You can check if pinging has been resolved by restarting Windows after you have run all the commands.

Reset your computer’s TCP/IP settings

  1. Using Windows PowerShell or Command Prompt, run the command.
  2. As soon as the administrator prompt appears, click Yes.
  3. By typing netsh i i r r, you will restart your computer.
  4. Then type Winsock reset is achieved by using netsh and press Enter.
  5. You can exit Windows PowerShell or command line by rebooting the computer after the command has been executed.

Tracert General Failure

A similar issue also occurred for me on a Windows 7 system. I could not ping or tracert

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