How to Resolve: NVIDIA Code 43 – Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems

  • Error code 43 usually means that the device you want cannot be identified.
  • The computer is trying to access the device and sync with it correctly, but it fails.
  • This usually happens when you install a new driver, apply a new update, or run Lucid Virtu MVP.
  • There is no official solution from NVIDIA because there is no error in either the video card or the driver.

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Windows Has Stopped This Device Code 43

Among the several Device Manager error codes, Code 43 indicates that a hardware device has reported some sort of unspecified problem to Windows that Device Manager has been unable to determine.

Device Manager Code 43

A driver or software error may prevent Windows from recognizing your device, or your device may have a hardware problem. 

Graphics Device

You may encounter the following error message when checking the graphics card properties: Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)’ This is usually caused by a corrupted graphics card, incompatible devices, or failed device drivers.

Code 43 Gpu

This error can be caused by either a hardware issue or by a software issue if you encounter Nvidia Error Code 43. This error can occur for two reasons: a hardware or a software issue. This issue seems to be primarily caused by high temperatures, the VIRTU MVP application, a poor PCI-E 6 pin cable, and corrupted drivers.

It is a sign that your computer cannot identify your video card when you see the Code 43 error in Nvidia graphics card software. The error may appear to be related to the hardware, but most of the time that’s not the case. If you encounter an error like Nvidia Error 43 on your computer, don’t worry. Here are some easy steps you can follow to resolve Nvidia Error 43.

The device status box of the hardware properties window usually displays error code 43 on GPUs. Once the error occurs, Windows usually restarts the GPU.

Is your video card also giving you an error code 43? If so, you aren’t the only one. NVIDIA has been having trouble with this error for quite some time. The video card nor the driver are both fine, so there is no official fix from them. So why are you getting this error? Is there any way I can fix it? Don’t worry. We’ve got all the answers and we’ll get it fixed for you.

What is the reason for the NVIDIA code 43?

What causes the "I can't load the Nvidia Control Panel" problem?

Code 43 Device Manager

Sometimes you may see the following error message: Windows has stopped this device since it reported problems (Code 43). This means Windows has lost communication with the drive and the driver has malfunctioned.

Code 43 Windows

It is a generic error message that is usually displayed by Windows operating system when there is a problem with hardware or software. It is usually reported in Device Manager under the name of nvlddmkm.sys. Here are a few troubleshooting tips that may help fix this error if you encounter it with your graphics card. If this problem persists, contact your manufacturer.

Windows Code 43

The Code 43 error in Device Manager mean that Windows has stopped the device as a result of reported problems (Code 43).

Press Win + R, then type devmgmt.msc, and then press Enter to launch Device Manager if you are not already in it. Using the arrow next to Display adapters, expand the devices and you’ll see your NVIDIA or Intel GPU. Choose Update driver from the right-click menu.

My system just went from Windows Server 2016 to Windows Server 2022, and I’m running Windows 11 and a nvidia t600 GPU in one virtual machine.

This error message usually occurs when a new driver is installed, an update is applied, or Lucid Virtu MVP is run, and can’t access your device.

Faulty graphics drivers are also known to cause this problem. Drivers are the main driving force behind any hardware connected to your computer. If they are damaged or outdated, the error may keep appearing.

Windows Has Stopped This Device Because It Has Reported Problems

You can often fix the problem by disabling and enabling the device again, which is one of the easiest fixes. If the device cannot start properly when it starts, re-enabling it might offer Windows a new configuration that might resolve the issue. Following these instructions will allow you to disable and enable the affected device:

Please download and install the most recent Java version on your computer to avoid this issue. If your Java version is outdated, Nvidia cannot detect your hardware properly.

How to repair the NVIDIA code 43?

Updated: March 2024

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Error code 43 may also result from insufficient power supply. The GPU may be left without adequate power if the pin gets loose. This can be fixed by firmly inserting the pin into the socket.

Update your device driver

You can fix error code 43 by updating your video card drivers if your video card drivers are faulty.

  1. Select Device Manager from the Win+X menu when you press Win + X.
  2. Windows will open the following window if you type Device Manager into the search bar.
  3. To access the context menu for your video card, right-click on Display Adapters.
  4. You will now be able to open the driver software update window by selecting “Update Driver Software”.
  5. To check for updated driver software, select Automatically check for software updates in this window.
  6. Video card drivers will now be updated if necessary by Windows.

Third-party software can also provide automatic driver updates to protect your PC from damage and ensure that it is using the right driver version.

Perform hardware and device troubleshooting

For more information on how to fix error code 43, consult the Windows hardware and device troubleshooter.

  1. The Settings app can be accessed by pressing Windows + I.
  2. To update your security settings, open the Settings app.
  3. To start a troubleshooting process, select Troubleshooting on the left. To start a troubleshooting process, select Hardware and Devices on the right.
  4. Please follow the instructions on the screen when the troubleshooter opens.
  5. You should have a complete solution once troubleshooting has been completed.

Install the latest updates

It is important to note that Microsoft has made certain efforts to fix all possible problems, so if you encounter this error code 43, you should install the latest Windows updates.

Windows 10 Code 43

A Pop-up Error Code 43 is a very frustrating scenario, especially if the user needs to use his or her PC urgently. This error informs the user that there is something wrong with his or her hardware, software, or driver.

43 Code

In order to make calls to Austria from another country, you will need to dial the Austria country code 43 after the International calling code. You then need to dial the Austria area code 43.

If the problem continues to persist, restart your computer after following the prompts and completing the restore process.

In Windows 10, updates are automatically installed by default, however, occasionally you may miss one or two updates due to error messages. In that case, you can always manually check for updates:

  1. Go to Settings and open it.
  2. Updates and security are under Updates and Security.
  3. You can check for updates in the right pane by clicking the Check for updates button.
  4. A restart of your computer will download and install updates automatically if any are available.
  5. Ensure that the problem persists even after you have installed the latest updates.

Returning to a previous system restore point

To restore Windows to an earlier date, consider using system restore after adding or changing a new device in Device Manager.

Using the Windows system restore tool, you can undo the changes that may have resulted in error 43.

  1. In the search box of Cortana, type “System Restore” and click the “Search” button.
  2. A window called System Properties will appear after you click “Create Restore Point.”.
  3. You can now open System Restore by clicking on it.
  4. The list of system restore points will appear when you click Next in the System Restore window.
  5. The list of restore points will be expanded when you select Show other restore points.
  6. Select the appropriate restore point under Device Manager preceding your settings.
  7. If you want Windows to be restored to a previous date, click Next and Finish.

Uninstalling and reinstalling the device driver

It is sometimes necessary to reinstall the display drivers in order to resolve error code 43.

  1. Select Device Manager from the menu.
  2. Choose Uninstall Device from the menu after you find the driver for your video card.
  3. You can also uninstall your driver software when a confirmation dialog box appears.
  4. The default display driver will be automatically installed by Windows 10 after uninstalling the driver.
  5. Make sure the problem persists after you install the default driver.
  6. Your graphics card manufacturer may also have the latest driver if everything works.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Press Win+R (the key with the Windows logo and the R key) at the same time.
  2. Type devmgmt.msc and click OK.
  3. Expand the Display Adapters category and right-click on the NVIDIA device name.
  4. Now restart your computer and see if the problem is resolved.

  1. Remove or reconfigure the newly installed device.
  2. Reset the driver to the version before the update.
  3. Use system restore to undo recent changes in Device Manager.

Error code 43 may be caused by hardware problems or incorrect drivers or settings. To resolve this issue, we recommend performing a clean installation of the latest graphics drivers provided by the system manufacturer, as these drivers are configured.

Windows has lost communication with the drive or a driver failure has occurred. This usually means that the driver (which is NOT from Seagate; this driver is from Windows) has lost communication with the drive, or a driver failure has occurred.

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