How to Repair Error 1114 – LoadLibrary Failed in Windows 10

  • A dynamic link library (DLL) initialization routine failed in some graphics-intensive applications.
  • This problem is usually due to a forced power saving setting in the power settings of the computer.
  • To solve the problem, follow these simple solutions for your computer.
  • Change your preferred graphics processor to high performance.
  • Then reboot your computer.
  • Update the video card driver manually.
  • Update your video card drivers automatically using a third-party driver update program.

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In the error message, it says that LoadLibrary failed with error 1114: The DLL initialization routine failed. This will help you fix the issue in the shortest time possible.

Windows users receive the following error message when opening Lightroom Classic or Lightroom 6:

You may encounter an error message saying “LoadLibrary failed with error 1114, the initialization routine for a dynamic link library (DLL) failed” if you use graphics-intensive software like video rendering software or some games.

Loadlibrary Fails

Is “DLL1.dll” in your external dependencies list?

A corrupt .dll file or graphics card settings appear to be the most likely causes.

The Switchable Dynamic Graphics settings can be changed to resolve the LoadLibrary error 1114:

In this article, we will discuss some methods for removing these types of error messages quickly.

What causes error 1114 in Windows 10?

LoadLibrary 1114 errors can also be caused by an out-of-date or missing graphics card driver.

Loadlibrary seemed to be failing with an error due to AMD Software.

You may receive the error message “LoadLibrary failed with error 1114: An initialization routine for a dynamic link library (DLL) failed” when using a graphical application on your computer. In most cases, this problem is due to a computer’s forced power saving settings. Here’s how you can fix it.

How to resolve error 1114 in Windows 10?

Updated: February 2024

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Dynamic Link Library Initialization Routine Failed

The ODBC driver cannot work if the user’s PATH variable does not include the %Oracle_home%/bin folder.

Loadlibraryex Failed

It appears that the DllMain function of a DLL is not returning TRUE when LoadLibrary API is called. If you need help debuging the DLL, you can find out what is wrong with it. It may be because the DLL needs some module that is not available. It may also be possible to use dependency viewer to verify whether the DLL requires any modules.

Change the settings for dynamic switchable graphics

  1. Open Control Panel by searching for it on your desktop and clicking on it.
  2. Select Power Settings from the menu.
  3. The selected preferred plan can be changed by clicking Change plan settings.
  4. Select Advanced power settings from the drop-down menu.
  5. You can expand Dynamic Switchable Graph by scrolling down and clicking it twice.
  6. The Global Settings menu will appear. Double-click it.
  7. Both battery and main power can be selected at Maximum power.
  8. You can then save your changes by clicking Apply and OK.

Set the high performance of your graphics card

Graphics card from NVIDIA:

  1. The NVIDIA Control Panel can be accessed by right-clicking an empty area on the desktop.
  2. You can manage 3D settings by clicking the Manage 3D Settings button on the left menu.
  3. When the LoadLibrary error 1114 occurs, click on the Program Settings tab and click Add.
  4. Choose a high-performance graphics processor.
  5. Your computer will then be rebooted.

Graphics card from AMD:

  1. You can open AMD Control Center (or Configure Switchable Graphics) by right-clicking on an empty area of your desktop.
  2. Select the High-Performance option for the application that generated the error and click the Browse button to add it to the list of applications.
  3. Your computer will then be rebooted.

Update the video card driver

Update the driver manually: You can go to the manufacturer’s website, find the latest driver for your video card, and then install it on your computer. Be sure to download a driver that is compatible with the operating system installed on your computer.

Loadlibrary Failure

You should see all the dependencies if any are missing on the other failing machine. If any are missing, you won’t be able to load the other failing machine. Download the “Dependency Walker” for both 32 and 64 bit.

There is an error 1114 in LoadLibrary. It is an issue with the initialization of a dynamic link library (DLL) in Windows. If the error appears again, follow the last solution.

Automatic driver updates: If you don’t have the time or patience, you can update your drivers automatically using a third-party driver update program.

The software is FL Studio 12.4.2 and the hardware is HP Pavilion g series, 8GB RAM; the software is built-in Signature Bundle 64bit, running Windows 10 Home.

When I start True Image 2016 I get an error message… A dynamic link library initialization routine failed with error 1114.

A version of this program is available for Windows and other operating systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Change the Dynamic Switchable Graphics settings.
  • Update the display driver.
  • Configure the application to use a high-performance processor.

This problem occurs on Windows laptops with AMD or NVIDIA graphics cards when the application performance setting is set to "Optimize graphics performance" in the graphics card software.

This problem usually occurs due to forced power-saving settings in your computer's power settings.

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