How do I fix it : Sony Smart TV that doesn’t connect to YouTube

  • Google stopped supporting the YouTube app on devices from 2012 and before.
  • Affected devices include some smart TVs, personal video recorders, Blu-ray Disc players from Sony and Panasonic.
  • Apple devices not running iOS 7 or later (including the iPad 1 and first-generation Apple TVs) and older Google TV boxes, including Sony, are also affected.
  • You can still use YouTube on these devices in a variety of ways, including through the website or mobile site.
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Tv Youtube Com Try

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An exciting experience is unboxing a brand new smart TV at home. In order to use the YouTube app on your Sony smart TV, you will need to know how to install and use it, which is why so many Sony TVs come pre-loaded with it, but now that you have the app, how do you use it?

YouTube and Netflix do not allow me to sign in.

In 2012, Google stopped supporting YouTube on devices. As a result, some smart TVs, video recorders, and Blu-ray players from Sony and Panasonic may not work with it. These include models as old as three years old. There are also problems with older Google TV boxes, including Sony, and Apple devices that don’t run iOS 7 or later.

Error: YouTube has stopped appears suddenly on the TV screen./ When YouTube is launched, it does not proceed from the first screen./ When YouTube is launched, it does not proceed from the first screen./ If you try to watch YouTube using the Internet browser, you’ll see an error message.

YouTube is still available on these devices, including via the website and mobile site, but many users were complaining that the app wasn’t working anymore.

Youtube Not Working On Tv

It is easy and fast to check if YouTube TV is down, so this should be the first thing you do when you can’t watch the show on your device. Checking if YouTube TV is down is easy and fast, so that’s where you need to start. Outages of streaming services are usually reported via social media, so start there.

It appears that the issue has now been resolved. There was a temporary failure in the connection. If you still encounter the issue, try the steps below. You will need to follow the steps based on the type of television you own.


What’s the reason why the Sony Smart TV can’t connect to YouTube?

What's the reason why the Sony Smart TV can't connect to YouTube?

There was a previous outage that caused the problem, which was now resolved. Although all of the listed conditions have now been resolved, the following troubleshooting steps should be followed if any of them persists.

  • When the app is launched from the home screen, it freezes (or does not start).
  • An error message stating that the app can’t be started appears.
  • On the TV screen is displayed a YouTube stop message.
  • In your Internet browser, you will not be able to watch YouTube videos.
  • It appears on the TV screen that YouTube isn’t available right now. Please try again later.

Note: The YouTube message is not available. Please try again later, it may appear if you try to use the YouTube app right after the TV goes into standby mode. This happens because it takes the TV a few seconds to reconnect to the network after it’s in standby mode. Simply select CANCEL and try again.


To solve the problem of your Sony Smart TV not connecting to YouTube

Updated: December 2023

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Video streaming problems are often caused by poor network conditions or slow internet connections. Try these solutions:

To solve the problem of your Sony Smart TV not connecting to YouTube

Check for service errors

  1. Before trying to resolve the problem, check if it has nothing to do with YouTube.
  2. Using a smartphone or computer, open the YouTube app.
  3. The problem might persist across all devices, so wait for YouTube to fix it. If the problem persists across all devices, play the video and see if streaming video works.
  4. Try these troubleshooting tips if you have trouble accessing YouTube on your PC and smartphone.

Turn off and on

  1. Changing the channel on and off will solve this issue.
  2. Your TV’s off button can be used to restart the YouTube app if it feels frozen or stuck.
  3. If the YouTube app does not freeze when the TV is turned on, try turning it off.

Clear your browser cache

  1. It may be helpful to clear your browser cache if the problem persists.
  2. You can do this by opening your browser from the TV.
  3. Your browser’s settings can be found there.
  4. If your browser does not offer this option, select Escaping Cookies from the menu.
  5. See if YouTube is improved after you launch it.

Resetting Personal Information

  1. Many users have reported success with resetting their personal information.
  2. Turn on the TV.
  3. The remote control should be set to Home.
  4. Go to Settings.
  5. You can access Customer Support by going to Setup.
  6. You can initialize your personal information by scrolling down.
  7. The information in all of your accounts will be reset, as well as all personal information.
  8. Your username and password will appear when you restart the YouTube app.
  9. There should now be no problems with the YouTube app.

Resetting Sony Smart TV to factory settings

  1. You can try a factory reset in the event the problem remains despite this action wiping all of your personal data off your Sony Smart TV.
  2. The remote control should be set to Home.
  3. Go to Settings.
  4. Click General Settings on the left side of the screen.
  5. Make sure the factory settings are selected.
  6. During the reset process, you’ll need to reboot the Android TV.
  7. Log in to YouTube after you have rebooted the TV.
  8. You may need to reset your saved channels, custom display, and sound settings to get YouTube to work.

Update the TV’s firmware

  1. The Sony Smart TV firmware should be updated to the most recent version.
  2. There are new features and bug fixes in the new firmware updates.
  3. Check that your firmware is up-to-date by visiting Settings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Clear the cache and data in the streaming app. If the streaming app you are using requires you to sign in to your account, sign out, and then sign in to the app again. Make sure that the TV software is updated to the latest version. Reset the TV to factory settings.

Go to "Apps" on your Smart TV and select "Settings" in the upper right corner. Select "Settings" in the upper right corner. Click on "YouTube" and select "Reinstall." Wait for the TV to reinstall the app and see if the problem persists.

If you can't connect to YouTube on your Android TV, you can use a branded account. Branded accounts are not compatible with the latest version of YouTube on your Android TV. You must use a different Google account to sign in to YouTube on your Android TV.

  1. Select Apps - Google Play Store - Settings - Automatically update apps - Automatically update apps at any time. (Android 8.0 or later).
  2. Select Apps - Google Play Store - Settings - Automatically update apps - Automatically update apps at any time. (Android 7.0 or earlier)

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