How to Restore Toshiba Flash Cards Preventing Shutdown on Windows 10

  • TOSHIBA Flash Cards is a utility that supports the built-in flash card in your computer.
  • Some updates to your operating system may have made the software incompatible.
  • Uninstalling the Toshiba Function Key software can solve the problem.
  • You can now reboot your Toshiba laptop by clicking Start -> Power -> Reboot.
  • If the error persists, you can reactivate the module by following the steps above.

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  1. Download and install the software.
  2. It will scan your computer to find problems.
  3. The tool will then correct the issues that were discovered.

Computer Won T Turn Off

Choosing “Shut Down” from the available options on the Windows “Start” button is the correct way to shutdown a computer. If your computer does not shut down gracefully, you may need to hold down the power button to turn it off. When this method does not work, try some troubleshooting steps.

I use Firefox browser and Windows 10 on my Toshiba Laptop. When I try to shut down the laptop, Toshiba Flash Card App prevents shut down unless I manually tell the computer to “shut down anyway”. When I go to msconfig and startup I see 3 options to uninstall. None of the items are titled Toshiba Flash Card App. The options are titled: 1) Toshiba Function Key Main… with 2 sub-categories- TcardKBB Application and Toshiba Function Key Ma…; 2) Toshiba System Settings Sec; and 3) Toshiba App Place. Which one do I uninstall? Is there another solution I should use? I am not very literate about computer software and hardware.

The card is displayed when a hot key is pressed or a card is selected from the cards lined up at the end of the screen. A number of functions can be selected from this card, and the subitems are displayed along with it. Once a subitem is selected, it executes its function. Selecting an item when it is displayed can be done with a hot key or by using the mouse.

A Toshiba flash card is preventing the shutdown of your laptop or PC when restarting or shutting down. The error message indicates that Toshiba Flash Cards are causing the problem. If you forget to click the Shut down anyway button, your PC will not shut down and it can be problematic and annoying.

This utility lets you manage the built-in flash cards in your computer. In addition to replacing the old Windows Hotkey Utility, this program provides a Hotkey Utility (Fn key) that can be used to perform assigned tasks. Typically, Toshiba laptops come with TOSHIBA Flash Cards preinstalled, so users find them immediately after they get them.

How To Shut Down Lenovo Laptop

The easiest way to shut down your laptop is by opening the Start menu, clicking the power button, and selecting “Shut down”.

If you’re having trouble shutting down the device when rebooting, Toshiba flash cards may be the answer for you.

Why won’t Toshiba flash cards allow Windows PC to shut down?

  • Download the latest version of the software if your operating system has been updated.
  • In addition, you may have a corrupted Toshiba function key software that won’t shut down when Windows is about to shut down. When Windows is about to shut down, it sends a signal to other applications to shut down, but this program does not shut down.

How to resolve the issue when Toshiba flash cards won’t allow you to shut down your Windows computer?

Updated: March 2024

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Uninstalling the Toshiba Function Key software

  1. It has been reported that users may be able to resolve the issue by uninstalling the Toshiba Function Key software.
  2. Then, click Uninstall Software under Programs when you have changed the display type to Category.
  3. The Toshiba Function Key can be uninstalled by right-clicking on it in the list of installed programs and selecting Uninstall from the menu.
  4. To uninstall the app, click Yes and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Check whether this problem still exists if you have Toshiba flash cards.

Disabling the Toshiba Function Keys main module

There are many shortcuts available on Toshiba flash cards. However, some of the hotkeys might not be fully compatible with the operating system. This might result in Toshiba flash cards shutting down.

  1. The context menu for Task Manager can be accessed by right-clicking the Start menu.
  2. You must disable the Toshiba Function Key Main Module by right-clicking on the entry in the Startup tab and selecting “Disable.”.
  3. Then restart your computer and check if the problem with the Toshiba flash card preventing the shutdown has been resolved.
  4. The steps above can be repeated if the error persists.

Registry key modification

To avoid unexpected problems, back up your registry before performing this procedure.

  1. Open the Run dialog box by pressing Win + R and typing Regedit.
  2. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop on the left side of the window.
  3. In the registry editor, locate an entry called AutoEndTasks. You can create a new entry by right-clicking anywhere and selecting New – > String Value.
  4. Select Edit from the right-click menu after the entry has been created.
  5. After editing the field, change it to 1 and click OK.
  6. Click Start – Power – Reboot on your Toshiba laptop to reboot it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Disabling Toshiba's main function keypad. As you know, Toshiba flash cards have many shortcut keys to execute commands. However, sometimes the hotkeys are not fully compatible with the operating system. This can cause Toshiba flash cards to be disabled.

Find - to the right of the Start button, type "Task Manager"; when the Task Manager appears, click the Start tab; click on "Toshiba main function key module" and "Disable".

  1. Click on "Start" and select "All Programs/All Applications".
  2. Double-click on Toshiba and select "Utilities".
  3. Find and click on Flash Card Settings.
  4. Check the "Disable all function keys" box and click "Apply".

TOSHIBA Flash Cards is a utility that uses a card-like design. It replaces the "Hot Key Utility", which is the traditional Windows utility. When you press a certain key at the same time as the Fn key, the function assigned to that key is executed (hotkey function). Not all utilities are available for all models and operating systems.

Computer Won’t Turn Off

Whenever your PC cannot be shut down correctly, try rebooting it first. You can then shut it down normally once the system has rebooted.

Here are troubleshooting steps you can follow to solve a Windows 10 black screen.

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