How to Resolve Error 0x8024200d in Windows 10 PC

  • Windows Update Error Error 0x8024200D is one such error that appears again on LCU.
  • Microsoft is constantly striving to keep its Windows 10 operating system up to date.
  • It can be caused by incorrect data, faulty or not yet running update components, or lack of memory space.
  • In this article, we will show the probable causes and simple troubleshooting instructions to get rid of this error in Windows 10.

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In order to maintain a secure and stable Windows system, it’s essential to download and install the latest updates through the Windows Update Center – either automatically or manually. Going without these updates will mean known errors and identified security vulnerabilities will continue to exist on your system, unnecessarily exposing you to system issues and security risks. Although not self-inflicted, errors like 0x8024200d are just as critical because they prevent the update process and the problem can even persist after restarting the computer.

On older versions of Windows 7 or Vista as well as the current version of Windows 10, the error code 0x8024200d can occur.

This blog post discusses the error details and how to fix it when installing updates over Windows Update when the system ends up with error code 0x8024200D.

As part of its commitment to keeping its operating system up to date, Microsoft releases regular security updates and patch updates for Windows 10. Windows Update Error 0x8024200D is one such error that appears on LCU again and again. These cumulative updates do indeed improve the overall performance of the OS. Some bugs may occur during this process.

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We have compiled a list of probabilities and simple troubleshooting instructions in this article to help you fix this Windows 10 error.

What causes error 0x8024200d in Windows 10?

A common error code is the 8024200D, which means the installer needs to download more data. It’s also known as a WU_E_UH_NEEDANOTHERDOWNLOAD error. There could be problems with Windows Update[2], antiviruses, corrupt update components, and similar issues involved.

There are many possible causes of this error, including incorrect data, faulty or uninstalled update components, or a lack of memory. A third-party application, such as an antivirus program or configuration tool, can also block the update. Additionally, malicious programs and third-party applications can block the update.

As well as Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows Vista also suffer from the error 0x8024200d.

How to fix error 0x8024200d in Windows 10?

Updated: December 2023

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Run the troubleshooter for Windows updates

  1. The troubleshooter for Windows Update can be downloaded here.
  2. Troubleshooting should be run.
  3. The Windows 10 update error will be resolved in a few minutes.
  4. The problem will be resolved at the end.

Uninstall device drivers

  1. Create a restore point by searching “Create a restore point” in the “Search” option.
  2. The system properties can be found there.
  3. The System Protection tab can be found at the bottom of the list, and clicking on it will allow you to create a system backup.
  4. A restore point should be created under Description after you have entered a description.
  5. Select the Device Manager option from the menu when you right-click Start.
  6. The keyboard and mouse should be the only devices left behind.
  7. The next step is to remove the drivers (sound, printer, lightpen, scanner, webcam, etc.) one by one (see screenshot).
  8. The update should work again after you reboot the system.
  9. Reinstall the system drivers after the update has been completed.

Uninstall the currently downloaded update and download the Windows update files again

  1. Safe mode should be booted,
  2. If your computer supports Safe Mode, press the reboot key and hold the F4 key down.
  3. The downloaded updates can now be found under C:/WindowsSoftwareDistributionDownload.
  4. This folder should be removed, and then you should reboot your computer to normal mode.
  5. Select Updates and Security from the Settings menu.
  6. The update process should be run again after selecting “Check for updates.”.
  7. You should now be able to download files again on your Windows computer.

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