How to resolve Destiny 2 – Error Code Olive

  • The Destiny 2 beta has already launched on PS4 and Xbox One ahead of the console version’s full release in September.
  • A mysterious bug code called “Olive” is spoiling the experience for many players.
  • Bungie is aware of the bug and is working to fix it.
  • There are a few workarounds you can try if Olive error code proves to be an obstacle.

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A mysterious bug code called “Olive” is spoiling the Destiny 2 beta experience for many players, despite it being released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ahead of its full release in September. In the meantime, you can try some workarounds if “Olive” proves to be an obstacle in the meantime. Bungie is aware of the bug and is working on it.

A bug like “Olive” can be difficult to interpret. Bungie does not yet know what is going on under the hood of Destiny 2, but the developer has yet to reveal the exact cause. There is a glitch in Destiny 2 that appears to happen for different players at different times. It appears that the bug occurs during a scene, according to a complaint posted on the Bungie forums. For others, the error code interrupts their game and takes them back to character selection.

Thankfully, Bungie is actively investigating the Olive error code. The official update says, “Please try this action again and continue doing what you were doing before the error occurred.” If the error occurs again, Destiny must be restarted. It’s likely that this error is being caused by our testing, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for updates at and @BungieHelp.”

What is the cause of the Error Code Olive in Destiny 2?

What is the cause of the Error Code Olive in Destiny 2?

Research has shown that the splitting of this issue may be due to several different instances:

Destiny 2 server issue: Before proceeding with other troubleshooting methods, you need to make sure that the game’s developer does not currently have a server issue.  This can be done by checking the Destiny 2 status page, searching for official announcements, and checking services like Outage. Log in to see if other users are reporting the same problem. If you do have a problem with the server, there is nothing you can do but wait for the developers to fix the problem.

Destiny 2 Cabbage

Restarting your router is the easiest and best way to fix the Destiny 2 error code Cabbage. Getting back online and playing Destiny 2 will take some time once you restart your router and reconnect to your network. After that, you can start playing Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Errors

Having trouble connecting to Destiny 2 can result in a CHICKEN error code. In the same way as general networking errors, it can either be a user issue or Bungie’s fault. Check BungieHelp’s Twitter account for updates on Destiny 2’s servers. The number of CHICKEN errors received increased when Season of the Splicer launched. After new updates, seasons, and expansions are released, this code is not uncommon to appear frequently, among others.

Destiny 2 Olive

You can fix the Bungie error olive by trying the solutions below. Some possible reasons for the error are a problem with the Destiny 2 server, an unconnected Bungie account, and leftover data.

In the current state of Destiny 2, there are no guaranteed steps for resolving the error code Olive in the beta. However, some players have had success quitting the game and logging back in. Other players report that restarting the console is even more effective.

In an official update, Bungie suggests that if you encounter this error again, you exit Destiny and relaunch it. Bungie is actively investigating error code Olive. “You can try that activity again and resume the activity you were doing before the error occurred. This error may be related to testing we’re doing on our end, so please be patient with us. Follow @BungieHelp and for updates!”

Bungie account not logged in: According to some affected users, this problem can also occur when your Bungie account is not currently registered. To resolve this issue, create and verify your Bungie account before attempting to join an online game.

Long periods of inactivity can cause glitches: If you are used to leaving the game idle for long periods of time, you can expect this problem to occur when you try to join an online game after spending more than half an hour in the game lobby. To resolve this issue, simply restart the game on your PC in the normal way or restart your console.

Battle.Net Data Dump: As you probably know, Bungie moved the game from Battle.Net to Steam, which led to several bugs, including this one. To fix the problem in this case, you must uninstall the game, as well as the old launcher, and delete any cache folders that may contain game data before reinstalling the game via Steam.

How to Fix the Error Code Olive in Destiny 2

Updated: February 2024

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“Please try that activity again and get back to where you were before the error occurred.” Error code Olive is defined as “Please retry that activity again and get back on track.” This error may occur again if you exit Destiny and relaunch. This error may persist if we are conducting testing on our end, so please accept our apologies. Stay tuned to and @BungieHelp for further updates.”

Today I started experiencing the error code olive. I’ve made no changes since yesterday evening, and I’m logged in with my Bungie account. Also, I’m aware that the Bungie servers have been having a lot of problems lately. Does anybody else experience this error code as well?

How to Fix the Error Code Olive in Destiny 2

Check for server issues

If this error code also occurs to other Destiny 2 users in your environment, you should check to see if they are also affected. It’s possible that this error code is caused by server problems in your environment.

It may be necessary to report if other users are experiencing the same issue by using a service like DownDetector. You can find out if there are any official announcements about the server issue by visiting the official Destiny 2 support account on Twitter and checking the game’s status page.

Reinstall Destiny 2 (PC only)

It is possible to get Destiny Olive error codes when you uninstall Destiny 2 from on Steam. Delete and clear the cache data before reinstalling the game via Steam if you encounter this error, as there are still files that need to be processed.

  1. To open Programs and Features, press Win + R on your keyboard, type Appwiz.CPL, and click OK.
  2. You can also uninstall Destiny 2 and by right-clicking on them and choosing Uninstall.
  3. Delete all the files in by typing it into the Run window and pressing Enter. Deleting,, %APPDATA%BungieDestinyPC will also solve the situation.
  4. Check if the error has been resolved by restarting your computer, going to Steam, installing and running Destiny 2, and running it again.

Reboot your computer or console

We won’t go into detail about the procedures, but we’ve found restarting your computer or console fixes Bungie Code Olive.

Log in to your Bungie account.

If you aren’t logged into your Bungie account, the Destiny 2 Olive error code may occur. According to affected users, this error code is fixed once you log in again.

Please restart Destiny 2 and follow the instructions to create a Bungie account. Then confirm the account and play the online game to see if the problem is resolved.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Please try this action again and continue what you were doing before the error occurred. If this error occurs again, please exit Destiny and restart it. If this error continues to occur, it is most likely due to testing on our end. Please excuse our dust.

If you keep getting the same error codes over and over again, it indicates that the player is probably experiencing a single core issue. The cause of these outages could be corrupted data in the Destiny installation or a source of instability in the player's network configuration.

Cross-Save: Players who attempt to log in to multiple platforms at the same time when cross-save is enabled on their account will receive a WEASEL error on the platform on which they logged in first. WEASEL is a forked error that was previously grouped under CENTIPEDE.

According to Bungie and according to their community support forums, a Chicken error code usually means that the player has lost connection to the servers. This will obviously affect your ability to access your character and therefore your ability to play the game.

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