Getting rid of Error 0x800704cf on Microsoft Store

  • Microsoft Store 0x800704cf error occurs every time users try to access the Microsoft Store app on their Windows 10 computer.
  • The error means that your computer is completely isolated from the outside world.
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Getting the error 0x800704cf is one of those frustrating errors. This one occurs when the Microsoft Store can’t connect to the servers. It is a network issue. 

There is much to offer in the Microsoft Store. You can buy apps, games, music, and more without having to pay a fee. However, blocking your access can make you lose patience very quickly. Windows 10 users have reported the error 0x800704cf when trying to access the Store app.

0x800704cf Xbox

The Xbox One frequently displays this error. Users are unable to connect to the Internet when it receives this error. This error is caused by network settings, and usually indicates a temporary issue with the network. It is possible for this error to be caused by a number of factors: either your MAC address is causing the error or the local network data is causing it. Here are some methods you can try.


There are primarily two ways to encounter this error. You can connect your PC to the network or open the Microsoft Store.

Read error 0x800704cf in Microsoft Store:

Please check your connection and try again. It looks like you are not connected to the Internet. You need the Internet for this.”

Microsoft Account You’ll Need Internet For This

A few months ago, it started showing a Microsoft Account login on the machine I could not access… I believe it happened after a recent update. The “Hello” account keeps telling me I need to create one, but I ignore it and click past it. I can still log in and use it.

You Ll Need The Internet For This 0x800704cf

When you attempt to log into your Microsoft account or launch a game, you usually encounter this error. Your device is experiencing difficulties connecting to a network or your internet connection is extremely slow or unstable, which indicates that your device has a problem connecting to the network.

Scrolling traditional (Win32) apps with the pen is now possible with build 16226, in addition to Windows Store apps.

The Store app will not open if the user does not have an Internet connection, even when he or she has an Internet connection to other apps.

When you try to access a Network PC or Workgroup with Windows 10, this error code 0x800704cf will typically occur. 

In this article, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to fix Microsoft Store error 0x800704cf easily.


What is the cause of the 0x800704cf error in the Microsoft Store?

What is the cause of the 0x800704cf error in the Microsoft Store?

It turns out that we can fix error code 0x800704cf with a few simple settings, but first we need to understand what this error message describes. 

A computer with this error can’t connect to the Internet or communicate with other computers in your network. As you can imagine, this can cause many problems for you.

Error 0x800704cf can be caused by several factors, including:

  • Protocol settings for TCP/IP are incorrect
  • Devices that fail to function on networks
  • A local account can also be used to log in


To troubleshoot Microsoft Store 0x800704cf

Updated: March 2024

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I’m currently trying to download a few apps from the Microsoft Store, but I’m unable to do so because I’m experiencing some sort of error when trying to login to my Microsoft account. It keeps giving me the error 0x800704cf every time I try to login to my Microsoft account. I have tried a few solutions such as resetting the Microsoft Store, re-registering the Store app using powershell, rebooting my PC, etc. I haven’t been successful so far with my situation. I’m wondering if anyone has a solution that will work for my problem. I’m just trying to login into my Microsoft account so I can download apps from the store.

Now is the time to fix it! Now is the time to fix it!

You can change your DNS settings if your PC cannot connect to the internet when using the Microsoft Store. Users often encounter the error 0x800704cf when there are DNS server problems. The DNS server is owned and operated by Google and is therefore highly reliable. Switching from your current server to the DNS server is the simple solution to this problem. 

To troubleshoot Microsoft Store 0x800704cf

Managing Network Troubleshooting

It’s important to run a network diagnostic before attempting to fix the 0x800704CF error from Windows Store. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. You can troubleshoot your Wi-Fi (or LAN) issues by right-clicking its icon on the taskbar in the lower-right corner.
  2. The solution can be found on the screen. Follow the instructions.

Check your computer for viruses

It is important to first scan your computer for viruses and/or malware before trying to connect to the Internet, so that you can resolve your connectivity issues.

Disable or uninstall your antivirus/security package

Occasionally, I have experienced network connectivity issues when installing antivirus software after Windows updates or after engine updates. In these cases, I uninstall the protection software and reinstall it.

You might want to disable Internet (web) protection on your computer or, better yet, remove it for a few days if you have an anti-virus or firewall in place. Once the “0x800704CF” error has been resolved, connect to the Microsoft Store again and reinstall the security protection software.

Reset proxy settings

Set the proxy settings after disabling the VPN connection and resetting the VPN connection on your workstation if it is connected through a VPN.

  1. As an administrator, open the command prompt by following these steps:
  2. CMD (or command line) is the keyword to type in the search box.
  3. Choose Run as administrator by right-clicking on the result (command line).
  4. At the command prompt, type the following command and press Enter: netsh winhttp reset proxy
  5. If you are unable to access the Microsoft Store after restarting your computer, try restarting it.

Resetting TCP/IP protocol and WINSOCK directory

TCP/IP protocol may be corrupted, resulting in the Microsoft Store error 0x800704cf. To restore it to defaults, you must reset TCP/IP protocol.

  1. As an administrator, open the command prompt.
  2. At the command prompt, enter the following command and press Enter: netsh int ip reset
  3. Restart your computer and check your Internet connection. If you continue to have problems, open the command prompt again as an administrator and enter the following command to reset the “Winsock” directory to its default settings: netsh winsock reset catalog
  4. Your Internet connection may need to be tested after rebooting your computer.

Update the IP address and reset the DNS address settings

  1. Command prompt extended should be opened.
  2. After entering all the commands, press Enter to close the Command Prompt window.
    Use ipconfig/share to configure your network
    /flushdns /ipconfig
    Refresh the IP configuration
  3. You will need to restart your computer after closing the command line.

Change DNS settings

  1. The network sharing center can be found in the Control Panel.
  2. You can change your adapter settings by clicking on the adapter name on the left.
  3. You can open the properties of the active network connection (for example, LAN connection by double-clicking it).
  4. Once again, click Properties on “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)”.
  5. You need to enter the following Google DNS server addresses in the box that asks you to “Use the following DNS server addresses”:
  6. The network properties will close automatically when you click OK twice.
  7. Microsoft Store should now be accessible after you restart your computer.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Right-click the Windows launcher icon; choose Command Prompt (administrator) from the list.
  2. In the cmd window, type: ipconfig / flushdns.
  3. In the same command line window, type nbtstat -RR to update NetBIOS records.
  4. Reset the IP settings by running netsh int IP reset.

  1. Select Start.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Select Applications.
  4. Select Applications and Features.
  5. Select the application you want to repair.
  6. Select More Options.
  7. Select Repair.
  8. After the repair is complete, try to launch the app.

  1. Press Windows + R to open the startup command, type inetcpl. cpl.
  2. Under Internet Options, click the Connections tab.
  3. Click the Local Network Settings button.
  4. Then uncheck the Use a proxy server for your local network option.
  5. Click "Apply."

If you are having trouble launching the Microsoft Store, you can try the following Check for connectivity issues and make sure you are logged in with your Microsoft account. Make sure that Windows has the latest update: Select Start, then select Settings -> Update and security -> Windows Update -> Check for updates.

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