Fixing XPS printer error: Memory Allocation Failure

  • Troubleshooting printer problems in Windows can be very simple, especially if common errors do not require the user to take complex steps to fix the problem.
  • Even if you were trying to print a document on an XPS printer and encountered a “Memory Allocation Error” error message, there are workarounds.
  • The printer may not have enough memory to apply the font in its native TrueType format.
  • The error is often caused by inconsistencies in the operating system regarding the printer driver.

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Memory Overflow Ricoh Printer

In this error, the printing memory is not secured by the machine.

Memory allocation failure is a very confusing XPS print error, especially if you’re just getting started with printers. The good news is, we’re going to walk you through the solution to this one, so keep reading. In a separate section on printers, we have documented a lot of common issues with a variety of brands.

The XPS print memory allocation error (514,10,72) appears on a Kyocera printer. How can it be fixed?

The default value for “index create memory” is “0”, which tells SQL Server to automatically allocate the amount of memory necessary for creating indexes. In some rare cases, it is possible an index won’t be created due to a lack of memory, and you will receive an error message after attempting to create one. If you repeatedly receive such error messages, you may want to consider changing the “index create memory” option so that more memory is allocated. But there are two problems with this. First, how much memory should you allocated? And second, any memory that you allocate for index creation will take away memory from other SQL Server processes, potentially hurting SQL Server’s overall performance. So if you decide to manually assign memory for index creation, it is very critical to test various settings, and then to monitor your instance’s performance in order to determine the optimum amount of RAM to allocate.

In Windows, it is very easy to troubleshoot printer problems, especially if the user does not have to follow complicated steps to resolve the problem. There are workarounds for the “Memory Allocation Error” error messages you may encounter when you print a document on an XPS printer.

Please demonstrate 1) that you have read the manual, and 2) that you have tried to resolve the issue if you wish to receive a serious response. When asking about jams, please include the jam code. When asking about errors, please provide the error code. You are the person onsite. Only you have the authority to observe.

The error is precise that the print job you ran on the XPS printer requires more memory from the device. Otherwise, the print job will come out with an incomplete part, indicating that the printer memory has run out, so to speak. For example, if the document to be printed contains a TrueType font that was loaded as a Type42 font, the printer may not have enough memory to apply the font in its native TrueType format. The printer tries to allocate memory for the font, but eventually the memory overflows, and an error message appears.

What is the reason for the XPS memory allocation failure

What is the reason for the XPS memory allocation failure

  • Computer memory bank chip problems: When the chips in the computer memory card have problems and cannot be read properly by the computer. And then there is a good chance that you will have similar memory allocation problems.
  • Computer Hard Drive Problems: As far as computer memory is concerned, except for memory bank chips, which can help expand your computer’s memory space, your computer’s internal hard drive also does the same job. In daily use, if the internal hard drive is damaged, such PC memory allocation errors can also occur.
  • Computer driver problems: Have you reinstalled your computer operating system in the last few days or weeks? Did you download and install the latest PC drivers in time? If you haven’t downloaded a compatible driver for your computer after reinstalling your operating system, download or update your PC drivers now.
  • Problems with software installed on your computer: Have you downloaded or been working on any new software on your computer in the last few days? Is it all from authorized sites or websites? Is it a virus infection? You really don’t know why you should think about such software problems? OK. In fact, computer memory allocation errors can also be caused by software problems.
  • Computer virus: Of course, these computer memory allocation errors can also be caused by malicious viruses. Learn to regularly treat your entire computer with an anti-virus program.

How to fix XPS printing error with incorrect memory allocation

Updated: February 2024

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Out Of Memory Brother Printer

It is common for a Brother machine to display an Out of Memory message when its storage capacity is exceeded. The amount of memory required depends on the type of documents that are being transmitted, copied, or printed.

Printer driver mismatches are often to blame for the error.

First, I have an issue printing the document all at once because the printer will print one page and then sit for 30 seconds and up to several minutes before printing the next page. Then it will print out a paper with the memory allocation failure (514, 10, 72) after doing that for a while, usually after five to ten pages.

How to fix XPS printing error with incorrect memory allocation

Change the default XPS driver

An inconsistency with the printer driver is usually the cause of this error.

Insufficient Memory To Load Selected Printer Bluebeam

You can access the properties of a PostScript printer by right-clicking it.

Enable Xps On Xerox

We have a few offices that are quite small, and only need one printer. In these instances, we’d like to move away from using print servers for these printers. We have all our users running Windows 10, but they vary on version (1607-1709). For the most part, adding the printer through add a printer seems to work, it always shows the printer in the list and even shows the name we set it as which is super easy for our staff to figure out how to use. The problem is once the printer is installed. Some users can print just fine, while others cannot. A page prints out that says “The job was not printed because the XPS option is not enabled. Contact Sys Admin to enable the XPS on this device.”

It may happen that your printer driver has become outdated or missing, which leads to the PCL XL error, so if your printer driver is out of date, then that may be the cause of your PCL XL error. To eliminate this possibility, ensure that your printer driver is up to date.

It has therefore proven effective in the past to replace the default XPS driver with the manufacturer’s PS printer driver or PCL printer driver.

There Is Not Enough Free Memory To Print

A printer’s performance is affected by a lack of memory on a computer, which causes the error message ‘Not enough memory’.

Note: When you install the printer, if you let Windows make all the settings, the XPS driver will be installed automatically.

  1. You can access the settings on the machine by opening the menu.
  2. You will find the Advanced tab by clicking on Devices – > Printers – > Your Printer – > Manage Printers.
  3. A printer manufacturer’s page can be found if there is no alternative to the driver for the printer (e.g. if the PCL or PS driver components were not installed when the printer was installed).
  4. You can find a postscript or generic driver for your printer on the web.
  5. If you use v3, make sure you use it, not v4.
  6. It is likely that your IP address will be requested during the installation process.
  7. It is possible that your computer needs to be rebooted.

PCL XL or PCL 5e should also be changed as the printer drive language (PDL).

RECOMMENATION: Click here for help with Windows errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

The error is often caused by mismatches between the operating system and the printer driver. In this case, replacing the default XPS or class driver with the manufacturer's PS printer driver or PCL printer driver has proven to be an effective solution.

  1. First, open the Start menu by pressing the Windows key.
  2. Click the Settings button.
  3. Select Devices.
  4. Click on Printers and Scanners.
  5. Select the printer that you want to delete, and click Delete Device.
  6. Now that the printer is removed, follow the instructions to put it back by clicking here.

  1. Press the Windows logo key + the Pause/Pause key to open the system properties.
  2. Select "Advanced System Settings", then under "Performance" on the "Advanced" tab, select "Settings".
  3. Click the Advanced tab, then select Edit under Virtual Memory.

XPS is also an acronym for XML Paper Specification and an alternative to Microsoft Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF). If you get the error message "Job not printed because XPS option is not enabled", this error usually means that Windows 8 or 10 is using a class driver.

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