Fixing the Rust error: `Steam Auth Timeout`

  • The problem occurs when a user is unable to use the online service to update the game’s servers.
  • The problem may be caused by a server issue or a server error.
  • If you’ve been unable to update your game, you can use the service to fix the problem.
  • The next step is to change the status of the game to ‘No.1’ in the game’s online service.

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How To Fix Rust Eac: Authentication Timed Out

This error keeps occurring. I deleted the EAC installer and verified the cache, but nothing works. I ran the EAC installer to fix it, but that did not fix it.

Did you get the error `Steam Auth Timeout` after you got kicked out of the game on the Rust server? How do you fix the error? Don’t worry, you can find some useful methods in this article from Techquack.

Playing Rust is an exceptionally enjoyable and fun sandbox game you won’t find in other sandbox games. You need to find resources and trick younger kids into killing them in order to progress in the game.

We’ll look at each reason and the possible causes of the “Steam Auth Timeout” error every time we launch the game.

As well as the methods we found online, on Steam support forums, and from other users who have provided their own personal solutions, we have also included a list of possible solutions here.

What causes the Rust `Steam Auth Timeout’ error?

What causes the Rust `Steam Auth Timeout' error?

If you are a Rust user, you may get a “Steam Auth Timeout” error message after being kicked out of the game. This problem only occurs on PCs where you run the game via Steam.

There could be a situation where EasyAntiCheat files are corrupt and resulting in an EAC Authentication Timed Out error. Let’s take care of this by repairing EasyAntiCheat.

There are many causes for this error, such as server issues, Steam beta channel conflicts, broken game integrity, corrupt Steam download caches, and corrupt installation/startup of the game.

Check out the following section for some helpful methods for resolving this issue.

How to fix the “Steam Auth Timeout” error in Rust?

Updated: February 2024

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This error describes that the Steamworks authentication server has timed out and is explaining why it cannot be fixed. To fix the Steam Auth Timeout error in Rust, we need to figure out what it even means. In either case, the player is disconnected from the Rust server and cannot play the game because the request either never reaches the server or that the response never gets there.

Almost half of our Steam login attempts result in the timeout error. I have no hard numbers to back up my assertion, but about 50% of these attempts result in the timeout error. As a bit of context, in the function that performs GameSpark authentication, we perform the following:

How to fix the "Steam Auth Timeout" error in Rust?

Checking for server issues

The Steam Auth Timeout error occurs in the past when the Steam Connection Manager servers have been down. Before trying to solve it, you should first check if there are any Steam server issues that are affecting the game’s stability.

You should start your investigation by checking the current state of Steam. The most effective way to do this is through the third-party site This service will tell you if the Steam servers in your region are currently down, which can affect the online functionality of Rust.

Steamworks Auth Fail

Can you send us your player logs? When you start the game, try logging into your account and then into guest mode. (This should fail.) Don’t quit the game, just leave it as it is!2. Send your player log to us. The correct file can be found by typing “%appdata%/../LocalLow/Innersloth/Among Us” (without quotes) into a browser and finding Player.log or Player3. Please send that file to support(at), using the subject line “SteamworksAuthFail”.

If the research you’ve just done reveals no problems with the Steam server, you should check to see if any of Rust’s mega-servers are currently experiencing problems. You can do this with services like DownDetector.

Steam Connection Time Out

If you encounter a Steam Connection Timeout Error, you can try one of a few solutions. Check your internet connection, make sure Steam is updated, or check the Steam and Valve Twitter accounts to see if there’s a known issue. We have some suggestions for how you can fix Steam’s connection timeout error.

It is out of your control to fix a problem with the server if the investigation you just conducted reveals such a problem. As far as you can tell, the developer is not responsible for the problem. Start troubleshooting using the next methods if you don’t find any signs of an underlying server problem.

Not participating in Steam beta

Many users report that they are able to resolve the “Steam Auth Timeout” error by not actively participating in Steam betas. For some users, it seems the beta channels conflict with their version.

Connection Timed Out Steam

When games first release, servers often experience problems because of massive and unnatural demand for downloads, resulting in long download times or restrictions on certain titles. 

On my end, it is not fixed. I logged on and played the game for about 30 minutes before not being able to connect to Steam with this error.

The following instructions from the Steam client explain how to reregister custom modes that were stuck in limbo. Players who previously encountered this problem reported that they were able to solve it by logging out of the Steam beta and re-registering the custom modes.

  1. You can access Steam settings by clicking the Steam option in the list of available options, then by selecting Settings from the menu that appears.
  2. Under the Beta Participation menu, click Edit under the account you selected from the right menu of the settings menu.
  3. Select None – Remove from all beta programs in the drop-down menu (under Beta Participation).
  4. Once Steam has been restarted, restart the mod that caused the error in Rust and then subscribe to it again.
  5. The problem should be resolved after restarting the game.

In the event that you are still receiving the “Steam Auth Timeout” error, check out the next solution below.

Check the integrity of the game files

In case the first possible fix for Steam Auth Timeout error hasn’t worked for you, you should first look at the possibility of an inconsistency in the Rust game files. According to users who have also experienced this problem, the built-in Steam menu can be used to check the integrity of the game files.

Those who have never used Steam’s integrity check can do so by following the instructions below:

  1. The top horizontal menu on Steam will show you a “Library” tab.
  2. Right-click the Rust-related item in the Library tab after selecting the Library tab.
  3. Once you’ve clicked the Properties menu, you should be able to see the options.
  4. Select Check Game File Integrity from the Local Files tab of the Rust properties screen.
  5. Once you have confirmed, the process will begin.
  6. To see if the problem has been fixed, wait for Rust to finish the process and then restart it.

Removing Steam and Rust

It is possible for the “Steam Auth Timeout” error to be caused by a bug (in the game files or Steam).

This scenario might apply to your situation. If you think your game (Rust) and launcher (Steam) are corrupt, you should reinstall both the game and launcher:

  1. The program’s window will open when you press Windows + R and type “Appwiz.CPL.”.
  2. You can find your Steam installation by scrolling through the list of applications in the Programs and Features window.
  3. You will be prompted by UAC to grant administrator privileges after you locate your Steam installation. When prompted, choose Uninstall from the pop-up menu.
  4. The last step in the uninstall process is to click Uninstall to confirm the process. Once the uninstall process has been completed, close the window.
  5. Rust should also be uninstalled after the Steam client has been successfully uninstalled.
  6. Wait for the computer to reboot after you have uninstalled Steam and Rust.
  7. You can download the latest version of Steam from the Steam website after restarting your computer.
  8. You can test whether the problem has been resolved by reinstalling Rust from the menu after installing Steam’s latest version.

Clear the download cache

It has also been reported that Steam Auth Timeout errors can occur when Steam download queues have many items. Due to a malfunctioning loader and a failure to update the game version, Rust may experience persistent crashes if this scenario is true.

Here’s a quick guide on how to clear Steam’s download cache if this is the case. Many users have reported success with this fix:

  1. To begin, launch Steam.
  2. In the pop-up menu, click Settings in the Steam tab on the ribbon bar.
  3. The Downloads tab can be found on the left-hand side of the settings menu.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, click Clear Downloads Cache.
  5. The locally saved cache will be cleared when you select Yes in the confirmation window.
  6. Check to see if the problem has been resolved once you have logged back into your Steam account.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Check for server issues.
  2. Check the integrity of your game files.
  3. Exit Steam Beta.
  4. Clear your download cache.
  5. Reinstall Steam and Rust.

Everyone has a different solution to this problem, but the bottom line is the same. Your Internet. The delay is caused by an interruption in the server's access to the internet. Find out the cause of the interrupted internet access and fix the problem. Make sure everything is connected, restart the router, and reconnect the Internet cable.

  1. You need to delete the file "steam_api64.dll" from the steam/steamapps/common/rust folder. For those who can't find the location, navigate to the Steam path installed on your PC.
  2. Then restart the Steam client and run the game Rust. It should work now.

This means that the Steam client authentication process has expired and your Easy Any Cheat is not recognized. Usually restarting the client solves the problem. Also, reject all clients with "Steam Auth Timeout".

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