Fixed Error when ejecting a DVD-RW drive under Windows 10

  • If you are trying to eject a CD or DVD and you see a message – An error occurred while ejecting a DVD-RW drive, this message has some suggestions that may help you solve the problem.
  • This is mostly due to a hardware problem, but it could be for other reasons as well.
  • The drive letter is mentioned in the error message and can be H, E, D, etc.
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While optical drives are drastically decreasing on computers, many users still adhere to their desktops with optical drives for DVD playback, even if you cannot play/read DVDs sometimes. One of the most exasperating is that a disc get stuck in DVD drive, getting error messages like “An error occured while ejecting DVD RW Drive”, “DVD disc load/eject error”, “The disk wasn’t ejected properly” etc. or nothing. It’s both frustrating and more than a little panic-inducing as you pressed the Eject button but nothing happened since the disc and drive may be damaged.

It appears that ejecting a DVD-RW drive has been unsuccessful because an error occurred while ejecting it. This is generally caused by a hardware problem, but can also be caused by software malfunction.

Install the latest driver version before you begin troubleshooting. The error message will indicate the letter of the drive.


What is the cause of the error message “Error removing DVD-RW drive” in Windows 10?

What is the cause of the error message "Error removing DVD-RW drive" in Windows 10?

Disc Reader

Apple USB SuperDrive lets you play CDs and DVDs on your computer, whether you’re in the office or on the road. This is the perfect choice for watching DVD movies, installing software, making backups, and more.

Two possible cases will be examined and the solutions needed for each will be evaluated in order to clarify the path to the actual solution.

The CD/DVD drive has a software problem: If the DVD/CD drive has a software problem, you should be able to fix it.

If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type or confirm it. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, click Device Manager.

The CD/DVD drive has a hardware problem: Another thing that can cause this problem is a hardware problem. Check to see if the CD/DVD drive light comes on when you try to remove it. If this light is not blinking, the drive has no power. If the light is blinking, the player has power, but another hardware problem is blocking ejection.

You can use the above method to solve the problem of the Start Menu Not Working in your Windows 10 PC. This article can be of great help if you find that your PC is running too many third-party apps in the background. 


How do I fix the “Error when ejecting the DVD-RW drive” error in Windows 10?

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Dvd Drive-in

Turn on the computer and wait for Windows to start. If any messages display indicating that Windows is installing new hardware, you must wait until Windows completes its installation before checking for a CD/DVD drive.

How do I fix the "Error when ejecting the DVD-RW drive" error in Windows 10?

Stop the stagnant task in Task Manager

You can eliminate CDs and DVDs by pressing a specific button on your computer, especially if your computer refuses to eject them. If so, the playback operation is probably based on a specific task, probably control of the drive.

The internal communication between running programs and the player is taken into account when Windows responds to commands.

Eject is the option in your context menu that causes this issue. You can also use the eject button on your DVD burner.

To eject the disk, you first need to stop the stagnation task, which you can do by using the End Task function. By ending the stalled task, Windows will not permit the reading process to run simultaneously. Follow these steps:

  • The first thing you need to do is to launch the Task Manager application. You can find this application at the bottom of the screen, just right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager from the context menu.

Also, pressing Ctrl + Shift + Escape quickly opens Task Manager.

  • For more information about Task Manager, click the Details button.
  • The Windows Explorer pane must be opened from the Task Manager window.

As a result, you should see both the drive letter and name of the DVD or CD drive, such as DVD RW DRIVE (H:) AUDIO CD.

  • After you have highlighted the drive component you want to save, click the Done Task button (at the bottom of the new window).

The disk component is missing if you do not have the active application that manages your disk highlighted, and then clicking the Done Task button (at the bottom of the window).

  • After closing Task Manager, eject the CD/DVD as you see fit.

Close the third-party burning application

After you burn the CD/DVD, if it doesn’t eject, close the application that’s displaying it. In the Task Manager, you must forcely close the application’s process if it refuses (or fails to terminate) after clicking “Close”. You should wait a few minutes before following the procedure described here if you believe your DVD recorder is still active (working on something important).

You will more or less cease to burn disks on your device after completing the third-party request procedure. As you used the Task Manager application in the previous procedure to work with your computer’s disk drive, the steps here will seem familiar to you since the disk drive will go into standby mode when it’s in standby mode. Here are the steps you need to take:

  • A task manager must first be opened.

In our previous procedure, we described how to open this application, so we’ll not repeat them here.

  • You can now browse the apps listed on the Process tab in the Task Manager window if you’re in the desired one.
  • The application that is having trouble (the one that will not close) should be highlighted or selected, and then a “End Task” button (at the bottom of the screen) should be clicked.

Upon closing the program, Windows takes action.

  • Using Task Manager, close it now.
  • See what happens when you repeat the extraction process using the appropriate function.

Whenever you try to eject a DVD-RW drive, you will receive an “Error” message. If this occurs, you should close all programs on the system, restart the computer, and check again.

Use the special eject button to complete the task

In order to eject a disc/disc, the user should use software (which is usually displayed on the screen) to perform the task. As far as you know, you have tried using the “Eject” option on the taskbar menu but haven’t succeeded. So you need to consider other methods to eject the DVD player.

Once you have given the computer the special (software) instructions to eject the DVD drive – if it fails to do so – you need to use the (physical) eject button to tell it to do so again. There is often an eject button on DVD burners, and we assume yours is also one. Press the eject button located on the disc cover (on the side of your laptop).

Resetting a DVD/CD

You should run a special command to reset the DVD/CD drive control on your computer in the high prompt window here. After forcing the computer to reset disk management (by following the steps below), many users have reported being able to eject their drives. The suggested process is straightforward and easy to follow.

In addition to this, a hardware problem can cause this issue. When you eject the CD/DVD drive, check if the light blinks. If it does not blink, there is no power in the drive. Otherwise, the light blinks when the drive has power, but there is another problem with the drive. As shown in the screenshot below, you can manually eject it by inserting a paper clip into the hole.

Many people have reported that by reinstalling the driver on their system they have been able to resolve the initial problem they were having.

It is possible to go through all these phases if a small error occurs while ejecting the CD drive. The failure of all previous processes means that you have reached this point. In the case that the drive cannot be ejected after reinstallation, the driver must have permanently broken.

Changing the DVD/CD drive on your computer can be done by following these instructions:

  • The “Power User” menu can be accessed by right-clicking the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your device.
  • The Command Prompt (Admin) option will appear in the list.

It will appear as Admin: Command Prompt.

  • To force Windows to execute the command, type it first, then press Enter on your keyboard:

The reg.exe command added “HKLMSystemCurrentControlSetServicesatapiController0” /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0X000001 to the registry.

  • Reboot the computer after closing the prompt window.
  • In order to find out what happens after rebooting, run the disk eject process in any manner you can think of.

Installing the CD/DVD driver

It is possible that your CD/DVD drive is causing the problem if it won’t come out – even after you have followed our recommendations above. There is a high probability that the driver for your CD/DVD drive is either broken, corrupt, or simply in a very bad state if you’re still experiencing the “Error occurred when removing the DVD-RW drive” message.

Windows should reinstall your CD/DVD driver if you are having problems with it. It has been reported that many users have been able to fix their problem drivers simply by doing so. You should also try it to get the same results. There is a possibility that by reinstalling the driver (uninstalling and installing procedures), the changes made are enough to correct a whole bunch of driver code problems.

You can reinstall your CD/DVD drive driver by following these directions:

  • Using the Windows logo key and the letter R, you should run the Run application first.
  • You must fill in this code after the Run window appears:


  • Using your keyboard, press Enter, or click OK in the Run window.

A window called Device Manager will now open after Windows executes the code.

  • Click on the expansion icon next to the DVD/CD-ROM drive category in the list of categories.

A list of all DVD/CD-ROM drives will be displayed.

  • You can delete your CD/DVD drive by right-clicking it, highlighting it, and selecting Delete Device from the context menu.

The selected driver should now be uninstalled by Windows.

  • You can continue by clicking Uninstall in the small window.

A driver removal process is now initiated on your system.

  • Your computer should be rebooted after you have removed the DVD/CD driver software.

As soon as the computer detects that a crucial driver is missing and reboots, shuts down, and detects that all is well, it will eventually reinstall the driver. It is also a good idea to try removing the CD/DVD drive that is causing you trouble to ensure that everything goes smoothly this time around.


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Frequently Asked Questions

If the computer refuses to eject the drive again - if you see the message "Eject DVD-RW drive encountered an error" - then you need to close all the programs currently open on your system, restart the computer and check again if everything works now.

  1. Paperclip. Straighten one leg of the paper clip.
  2. Small hole. Find a small hole on your CD drive, this is usually near the button.
  3. Insert the paper clip into the hole. Insert the paper clip into the hole and push gently until the door opens.
  4. Done. The player is open!

The first and most likely reason is that if the DVDs are blank, you have a defective player. Several viruses make devices do strange things that also affect CD and DVD players. However, these cases are rare these days, and if your computer is "clean," open the drawer and see if there is dust on the laser lens.

  1. Reboot your computer and press the F2 key during the reboot.
  2. While in SystemBIOS, press the eject button on the CD/DVD/Blu-ray drive.
  3. If the drive is successfully ejected in System BIOS, restart your computer and start your operating system.

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