Bug Fix: 0xc00d36cb Error Failed to Play for MKV Video Format

  • Error 0xc00d36CB error is one of the most common errors in Windows 10.
  • It appears either when playing MKV format video files or when trying to change details in MP3 or MP4 files.
  • Some possible causes of this error are a faulty shared component, a corrupt Windows Store component, or a file that does not have the correct permissions, and a faulty user profile.
  • If you get this error message, read this post from Techquack.
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If you encounter error 0xc00d36cb but don’t know what to do, read this post from Techquack. It shows you four possible solutions to this problem. You can try performing video playback diagnostics, resetting Windows Store, changing file permissions, or creating a new user profile.

Vlc Not Playing Mkv

You may not be able to play MKV files in VLC for a number of reasons. You may be having problems with: an inappropriate or missing codec, a conflict in VLC settings, the VLC player’s codec settings differ from the video file’s codec settings, a corrupted MKV file, or an unupdated version of VLC.

One of the most common errors in Windows 10 is error 0xc00d36cb. This error usually occurs when multimedia files are opened, especially MKV video files. MKV-format video files and MP3 and MP4 files, for example, can be played with the 0xc00d36cb error. Users report the error when changing details, such as changing the file name, in those files.

Samsung Tv Video Formats

MP3 and MP4 are the common formats in our life. We can play MPEG/AAC MP3 music and H.264 MP4 video on almost all devices (Samrtphone, Tablet, HDTV, Smart TV, Media Player). And the compression file format is easy to transfer and decode. So, for playing all media files on Samsung Smart TV freely, we need to convert video files to MP4 which contain AAC audio codec and H.264 video codec. Acrok Video Converter Ultimate is the recommended Samsung Smart TV Foramt conversion software that can convert MKV, AVI, MOV, MP4, Blu-ray, DVD and other common video formats to Samsung Smart TV best playback format. If you are Mac user, you can download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for Mac to convert your downloaded movies for playing on Samsung TV from USB port..

Most of the time, this problem occurs in Windows 10. This error may be caused by a corrupted shared component, a corrupted Windows Store component, an incorrectly permissioned file, or a corrupted user profile. Here are some possible fixes that you can try if you receive this error message.

What’s the reason for error code 0xC00D36CB

What's the reason for error code 0xC00D36CB

Several users who have been able to solve or circumvent this particular problem have recommended a few fixes as effective by going through the comments of others and trying different fixes. This error code may be the result of several different causes.

Among the possible causes of error 0xC00D36CB are:

General Component Failure – One of the most common causes causing this error code is a general error that affects the video playback function. In this scenario, Windows 10 will most likely be able to resolve the problem automatically. You should be able to solve the problem by running troubleshooting on video playback.

Can Samsung Tv Play Mkv

If you want to play a video file on your Samsung TV, you need to first check if it’s compatible. AVI, MP4, MPG, VRO, VOB, DivX, XviD, MPEG2, MPEG4 are some of the video formats that Samsung TVs support. However, this is rarely the case for MKV files. To check, just consult your user manual or visit Samsung.com for more information. We have written an article describing how to play .AVI files on Samsung smart TVs that will provide more information about this step.

Damaged Windows Store component – It turns out that this particular problem may also be related to a Windows Store problem. MKV files play through a dependency on the Windows Store, so damage to the Store can affect the video playback capabilities of your PC. In this case, the problem can be solved by resetting the Windows Store (either through the CMD window or through the GUI).

File does not have the correct permissions – If this error occurs when you try to move, modify or manage a file, you may see an error code because the currently logged in user does not have the necessary permissions. In this case, you can solve the problem by changing the file owner to “Anyone” so that any user can edit the file.

Corrupted user profile – In the most serious cases, the cause of the error code can be attributed to a corrupted user profile. If you see this error only after a security scan has quarantined certain items, it is likely that your user profile has been corrupted. In this case, you may be able to resolve the problem by creating and using a new user profile.

Jellyfin Mkv

The only containers that won’t remux are P4 containers. The 2MKV container can hold almost any codec, but it is not compatible with Firefox streaming and will remux. In Firefox, MKV containers appear incorrectly labelled as WebM during playback. Jellyfin uses TS as a primary streaming container.5 WebM and OGG have limited codecs (by design). For WebM and OGG, see this page.

Using one of the solutions presented in this article is likely to be the best solution for this specific error code if any of the above scenarios apply. Other interested users who are struggling with the 0xC00D36CB error have validated the following solutions.

The following methods are prioritized by severity and effectiveness, so that you can remain as effective as possible.
No matter what the cause of the problem is, following the instructions will eventually reveal a workable solution.

How do I fix the 0xc00d36cb Windows 10 error?

Updated: May 2023

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How do I fix the 0xc00d36cb Windows 10 error?

To play the video, run the troubleshooter

  1. Go to Settings by clicking Start.
  2. You can find updates and security under Updates.
  3. The Troubleshooting tab can be found by scrolling down.
  4. You can play videos by scrolling down and selecting it.
  5. You will be prompted to “Run Troubleshooter”.
  6. A diagnostic check will be performed by the troubleshooter, and options will be presented.
  7. Click Troubleshoot further.
  8. Driver and codec problems will be checked by the troubleshooter.
  9. Apply the recommended corrections based on the on-screen instructions.
  10. Check if the problem has improved after closing the troubleshooter.

Resetting the Movie and Television app

  1. Go to Settings by pressing Start.
  2. To find Apps and Features, go to Apps.
  3. In addition, you can use the search bar to find an app in Movies & TV.
  4. Choose your favorite movies and TV shows.
  5. To access the advanced options, click on it.
  6. Click Reset at the bottom of the page.
  7. Check if anything has changed once you have closed the settings window.

Register for a new account

  1. Go to Settings by clicking Start.
  2. Open Accounts.
  3. Click on the tab for Family and Other Users.
  4. Then click the Add another user link under Other Users.
  5. Click “I am not qualified for this person” to create a local account if you don’t have an email address.
  6. Enter your Microsoft account credentials if you do not have a Microsoft account (for a local account). Otherwise, select Add a user without a Microsoft account (for a local account).
  7. For the new account, you will have to enter your username and password, as well as answer a security question.
  8. Your current account should be logged out once your new profile has been created.
  9. If the media file in error cannot be played or edited, log in with your newly created account.

Check your authorization questions.

  1. An authorization error may occur when changing the file’s properties.
  2. Select Properties from the right-click menu when you are viewing the problem file.
  3. The Security tab should be visible.
  4. By clicking Advanced, you can access more information.
  5. The Edit link can be found in the Advanced Security Settings window.
  6. To select all users or groups, click the All textbox in the Select User or Group window.
  7. Verify names by clicking Verify Names.
  8. Once you have made your changes, click Apply and OK.
  9. All windows should be closed.
  10. See if you can improve things by reading/editing the file.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

If your media monitoring software is not updated, it may not be able to play MKV and. MOV files for playback. In this case, your videos are not corrupted, but the drivers on your card cannot play them. A simple solution to this problem is to update your video card drivers.

Go to the VLC Tools -> Preferences menu and click the All button at the bottom of the Preferences window. Now select Input/Code -> Video Codecs -> FFmpeg and uncheck the Decoding Hardware checkbox in the list that appears.

The 0xc00d36cb error in Windows 10 is caused by a problem in the default video player and can be fixed by running a video playback diagnostic.

Windows Media Player is a great built-in program for media playback. However, if your MKV file cannot be played, a quick solution is to use other media players. The best option we recommend is to use VLC Media Player.

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