How to Troubleshoot Windows Activation Error 0XC004F009 – ‘Grace Period Expired’ in Windows PC

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  • When a copy of Windows is installed on your computer, it goes into a grace period.
  • This means that Windows can be used without any restrictions on its functions.
  • If you get error code 0xC004F009, it means that the grace period has expired.
  • The full error message looks like this:Error code 0XC004f009, Software Licensing Service reports that the. grace. period has. expired.

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There have been a few cases of users encountering the grace period error, also known as the Windows activation error 0XC004F009. In other words, any user who installs a copy of Windows will fall under the grace period, which lets them use all of Windows’ features without restrictions. You might end up with a system that doesn’t work properly if the Grace Period Expired error appears.

Backup your essential knowledge and settings using Windows Simple Switch (it’s on the Windows 7 Setup DVD) and make note of the applications which might be installed, since you’ll must manually reinstall them once more after the very fact. Many people have experienced points with Windows 7 upgrades, particularly those trying to do clean installs with Upgrade media, but when you comply with the advice on this article, you’ll get up and running. You will get a legally activated, legitimate version of Windows 7 installed in your COMPUTER. As an alternative, you will try to activate Windows 7 manually after it is installed.

Version 22H2 build 22621.900 plus Microsoft 365/Edge on Windows 11 Pro

The grace period for Windows when installed on your computer gives it the ability to function without any restrictions. When Windows encounters error code 0xC004F009, your grace period has ended.

This error message indicates that the grace period has expired when Software Licensing Service receives error code 0xC004F009.

What causes Windows activation error 0XC004F009?


  • Security updates are not being applied to Windows
  • We have reached the end of the grace period for MAK licenses.
  • Phone activation is required for the license

How to resolve Windows activation error 0XC004F009?

Updated: March 2024

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As a result of Windows activation error 0XC004F009, known also as Grace Period error, some users have encountered it. It means that every user who has installed the Windows operating system is in a grace period. They have full access to Windows’ features, but may encounter problems with the Grace Period Expired error.


Restart Windows

  1. The Energy option can be found by clicking the Start menu.
  2. You can restart your computer by selecting the Restart option.
  3. Check to see if the error persists after the device has been completely rebooted.

Use the command-line tool to activate Windows

  1. Your MAK key should first be written down.
  2. CMD can be found by typing Windows key + search.
  3. You can run the program as administrator by right-clicking the top result.
  4. Click Yes if you are prompted by UAC.
  5. You will need to type vbs -ipk <your MAK> after that.
  6. Enter.
  7. The installation of Windows should take a few minutes.
  8. Type vbs -ato to begin.
  9. Continue by pressing Enter.
  10. Start your computer again after closing the command prompt.

Using troubleshooting to activate Windows

  1. You can access Settings by clicking on it.
  2. You can activate your computer by clicking Updates and security.
  3. The Troubleshooting Wizard should help you if you continue to receive an error.
  4. Your computer will be searched for errors by the Troubleshooting Wizard.
  5. The computer will display instructions on how to fix the problem. Follow them to activate Windows if the problem is found.

Make sure that the date and time are correct

  1. Select Settings from Start.
  2. You can find it under Time and Language.
  3. Make the necessary changes to the Time and Date settings by clicking on the button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. You entered a product key that cannot be used to activate Windows.
  2. You upgraded to Windows 11, but the activation servers were full.

You can do this by changing the value in the "Services" menu or by modifying the Windows Registry. Note that the only way to permanently remove Windows activation notifications is to activate Windows.

  1. Reboot Windows.
  2. Install all available Windows updates.
  3. Use phone activation.
  4. Extend the grace period of your MAK.
  5. Use the command-line tool to activate Windows.
  6. Use the default product key.

In the future, hopefully you will not see the error code 0XC004F009 again when you repeat the activation process.

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