How to Troubleshoot: Error 8-4612 on Sling TV

  • Many users report problems using the Sling TV app.
  • In some cases, channels won’t load into the app.
  • Badly cached data may be due to bad caching of data from the device you are using to stream content.
  • If you encounter these problems, there are several solutions to help you solve the problem.
  • Follow these steps below to fix the problem using the app: Turn off the TV and other devices connected to it.

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There’s no doubt that Sling TV is among the most popular streaming services these days, but errors such as 8-4612 and 5-419 are a bit common.

They explained this error is also appeared when launching and running Sling TV service over a WiFi connection or when they tried to load a channel on Sling TV service in Windows 10 computer. There could be several reasons behind the issue including corrupted installation of Sling TV service, corrupted cache data of Sling TV service, issue with internet connection, interference of other conflicting apps and services, and other issues. It is possible to resolve the issue with our instructions. Let’s go for the solution.

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Sling 5 423

It is recommended that you close down Sling TV and relaunch it after some time if you experience these error codes. You can also clean the cache and app data from your device in addition to relaunching the app, which should resolve the glitch preventing proper login. In addition to restarting the app, this will result in an application restart that will fix the glitch that is preventing proper login functions. Due to the corrupted data that is causing the error, it can be removed.

In some cases, you may not be able to load certain channels from the Sling TV app. Others might not be able to connect to the app through WiFi.

Open Task Manager by pressing the key combination Ctrl, Shift, Esc simultaneously.

You can solve these problems following these steps if you encounter these problems.

What causes Sling 8-4612 error?

How Do I Stop My Sling From Turning Off

Another option that might be worth considering is reinstalling the app. It is possible that deleting the app from the device and downloading a fresh version will fix the issue. The option to remove (uninstall) the app is usually available in the settings menu or on the app store where the app was originally downloading from. It is worth noting that this should be tried after force closing the app and checking for updates, as the user will most likely need to sign back in to the app again after it has been uninstalled and reinstalled.

Damaged Sling TV installation: In some circumstances, you can assume that this error occurs due to the damaged local installation of the Sling TV application. In this case, you can solve the problem by simply reinstalling the corresponding application.

Badly cached data: It turns out that this particular problem is often due to bad caching of data from the device you are using to stream Sling TV content. In most cases, you can solve the problem by turning off the device you choose.

How to fix the Sling 8-4612 error?

Updated: March 2024

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Perform a power restart

  1. Ensure that all connected devices are turned off, including the TV.
  2. The modem and WiFi router need to be turned off for them to be turned off.
  3. Wait a moment before turning the devices on.
  4. The TV should be turned on after you reconnect the cables.
  5. If the app hasn’t been restarted, wait until the device has accessed the Internet.

Change Channels

  1. Changing the channel might help you find out if there is a specific channel where the error occurs.
  2. Follow the rest of these steps if the problem is occurring on all channels.
  3. Contact Sling TV support if not all channels work with no errors.

Forcing Sling TV to shut down on Android TV

  1. You can open the Settings menu from the Home screen.
  2. The Sling TV application will appear once you select App.
  3. The app can be terminated by selecting Force Stop.
  4. If the app doesn’t work, restart it from the Home screen.

Reinstalling Sling TV

  1. The apps menu can be accessed by swiping up from the Home screen.
  2. Sling TV can be found on the App Store.
  3. Activate Sling TV by tapping and holding the app icon.
  4. You will be asked to confirm your decision after tapping Uninstall.
  5. Then reinstall the app from Play Store and launch it to see if it has been improved.

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