How to Solve ‘Printer Keeps Printing Documents in an Inverted Color Scheme’ Issue in Windows 10

  • When you try to print a document or image with the printer, the content may be printed in an inverted color scheme (black background with white text) The result is the same if you print a test page through the printer properties.
  • This problem causes the ink to leak very quickly.
  • It can also be due to a driver update, as a new update may not be compatible with a printer and printer may not work properly.

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You keep receiving inverted color schemes when printing black and white documents, as the name implies. You will learn the reasons for the error and the solutions to it in this article. The white parts turn black, and the black parts turn white.

This error causes the documents to appear in inverted colors, if you are printing a black and white document, then your whites will appear in black and the black text will appear white. Many users have reported this and the culprit behind the issue is usually the misconfiguration of the printer. However, this can also be caused by updating the printer driver as the new update might not be compatible with the printer and the printer starts malfunctioning. Please see the below methods to solve this problem.

Inverted color schemes may be printed on documents or images you try to print with the printer. This problem causes the ink to leak very quickly, whether you print a test page from Word, Open Office, Libre Office, or another program. This problem is the same regardless of whether you print the test page through the printer properties or from Word, Open Office, Libre Office, or another program.

Here are some tips for resolving this problem.

What causes the printer to print inverted colors?

In most cases, this is caused by a bad printer setup, although it could also be caused by a driver update that is incompatible with the printer.

How to solve the problem Is the printer printing in reverse color?

Updated: December 2023

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Troubleshooting printers

  1. Win + I should be used to run the settings.
  2. Then select Troubleshooting – Advanced Troubleshooting from Update and Security.
  3. You can then run the troubleshooter by clicking Printer – Troubleshoot.

Changing printer settings

  1. Click Open to view the printers and scanners.
  2. You can access the printer’s properties by right-clicking it.
  3. The Print Standards tab can be found under the Advanced tab.
  4. The Advanced tab offers advanced printing options.
  5. Print text in black can be selected by clicking on the Print text in black check box. Once it is selected, click OK to proceed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Many users have reported this, and the culprit is usually improper printer configuration. However, it can also be due to a driver update, as the new update may not be compatible with the printer and the printer may not work properly.

This problem is caused by a recent update to the generic printer driver installed on your computer. To solve this problem, uninstall the existing printer driver and reinstall it by following these steps: Click to enlarge... Looks like Wolfie's advice might be the solution you're looking for.

Go to the printer properties and click the Advanced tab. Click the Printing Preferences tab at the bottom. Click the Advanced tab, then click Advanced Print Options. Click Print text in black and check the Print text in black box.

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