How to Repair the “Failed to lock profile” error message in Fortnite

  • Fortnite is one of the biggest Battle Royale games currently on the market.
  • The game seems to forget your profile data between matches.
  • This forces you to log out of the game and back in again after each mission.
  • For other users, the problem is even more serious because it forces them to uninstall and reinstall the game.
  • This Techquack guide will help you resolve this error.

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It had many bugs, problems, and user complaints at first, but each time they were quickly fixed by Epic Games, making Fortnite one of the biggest Battle Royale games currently available.

It seems that Fortnite forgets your profile data between matches, according to a user who has complained about it from all over the world. When you have completed each mission, you must log out again. The problem is even more serious for users who have to uninstall and reinstall the game due to this issue.

After a successful request to perform an item operation, you will be unable to make any changes to your profile for a short period of time.

A CFS lock typically causes one of these error messages:

If you are one of the users facing this error, this Techquack guide will help you.

What causes profile lock failure in Fortnite?

The “Profile Lock Failed” error may appear in your game as a result of corrupted game files. If the power goes out while you are playing a game, some of the game modules can be damaged or corrupted. The error “Profile Not Locked” will appear if your game’s files are corrupted.

If you are still experiencing problems loading your profile after logging back into your account, try to check the launcher’s communication modules.

It may help your application to understand that the old session has ended since it thinks you are constantly in an active session.

How to resolve the “Failed to lock profile” message in Fortnite?

Updated: February 2024

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How To Turn Off Remember Me On Epic Games

A login issue can be fixed by editing Epic Games configuration files. You have to do this by going to the path:- C:/Users/[your name here]/AppData/Local/EpicGamesLauncher/Saved/Config/Windows. To do this, you must open GameUserSettings.ini in this folder. As with “[RememberMe]”, you need to verify that the word “Enable” is set to true and that the data is a very long string in this parameter.

If you see errors on Fortnite, you should try restarting your computer first. Uninstalling Fortnite might also solve your problem. Follow these steps to uninstall this game.

Disable the “Single-Sign-On” and “Remember Me” options

In this case, disabling “Login once” and “Stay subscribed” options may resolve the profile issue discussed here. When multiplayer is used across multiple platforms, single sign-on has been known to cause problems.

  1. The game and applications should be exited.
  2. Log in now with your credentials, but do not select “Remember me” when you open the launcher/game.
  3. Now start the game and click on your username.
  4. You can then disable single sign-on by selecting it from the menu that appears.
  5. Try the game again and see if there are no errors.
  6. Alternatively, you can use Task Manager to stop all processes associated with the game / launcher.
  7. If the profile problem persists, restart the launcher or player.

Restarting the game and the computer

In this case, you can easily resolve the issue by restarting your PC or game.

  1. The Epic Launcher must be shut down before you can exit the game.
  2. You can now open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the Windows button.
  3. The game’s launcher and associated processes should now be terminated.
  4. When the game begins, click on Quit Game when it asks you if you want to join or quit. If the problem persists, try restarting the game.
  5. You will need to restart your computer if you are unable to quit the game/startup.
  6. The error should be resolved after restarting the game.

Changing the party privacy of the game participants to private

Even though you have already logged out, the game still thinks you are still playing the mission if it’s stuck at startup and displays the error in question. This error can be fixed by changing the party settings from public to private, then back to public again.

  1. The party settings can be found in the game’s menu.
  2. Let’s play a casual game now by changing the party privacy to Private.
  3. After you have made the change to Public, wait a minute and then change it back to private.
  4. Check that the error has been fixed by running the game again.

Check the Fortnite game files

This error may occur if Fortnite’s game files have been corrupted (from a sudden power outage, for example) or if certain modules have been deleted.

When a discrepancy is found between the client files and the server versions, the server version is replaced.

  1. The library can be accessed by opening the launcher.
  2. To check the setting, click the gear icon (right of the launcher button).
  3. As soon as the check is complete, wait.
  4. Click the Quit button to quit the game if you are prompted to join or quitting. If you are prompted to quit, click Quit.

Changing the game mode

The game modules may have malfunctioned temporarily, in which case switching to another game mode will resolve the problem.

  1. In Task Manager, exit or start the game, and stop all processes that are related to it.
  2. After starting the game, change to another game mode (e.g., save the world if Battle Royale isn’t working for you).
  3. After playing a while, stop and restart the game.
  4. You can then try your profile issue again in the mode you had problems with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Press the Xbox button on your console and go to Fortnite. Press the Start button, then quickly select the exit option. Then press and hold the power button on your console until it turns off. Then press the button again to turn it back on, and check to see if the profile lock failure has been resolved or not.

You can decide whether your party is open to your friends and their friends, or you can lock the party so no one can join without an invitation. To lock your party, click the lock icon on the Party Hub home screen. You can also unlock your party by tapping the same lock icon.

When you get the "Unlockable Profile" error message in Fortnite, it usually means that your profile is locked in another mission or game.

Fortnite may not be blocking your profile due to your router's NAT restrictions. In addition, improper installation of the game or game mode can also cause the error under discussion. The affected user encounters a profile error when trying to launch the game or join a multiplayer game.

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