How to repair: ‘Someone else is still using this PC’

  • Many users have reported seeing the message “This PC is still being used by someone else” on their Windows 10 computer.
  • This problem can be extremely frustrating because the message appears when you try to reboot or shut down your PC.
  • This error also means that your work on another account will be lost if it is not registered.
  • We investigated this particular problem by reviewing various user reports and trying various user recovery strategies that other affected users have recommended.
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Someone else is still using this PC. Shutting it down now could result in them losing unsaved work. In Windows 10 Gaming to resolve this problem; When I shut down my computer, I am shown the following message: Someone else is still using this computer. You could lose their unsaved work if you shut down now. Shut…
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On their Windows 10 computer, many users have reported seeing the message “Someone is still using this PC.” It is a frustrating problem since you are able to see this message when shutting down or restarting your computer. Also, if your account is not registered, your work on that account will be lost.

Rxdiag Message Pump

Windows programs include a message loop. It roughly resembles the following:

Your PC may not have been logged into by someone else if you receive a warning indicating simultaneous logins. In most cases, the error occurs when an invalid user login instance is used, but sometimes the error appears out of nowhere without a known cause. The error message can easily be resolved by following these Microsoft-recommended fixes for Windows 11 and Windows 10. It can be resolved without requiring any advanced troubleshooting techniques.

Because of this error, some users haven’t rebooted their PCs or shut down their computers for months, which causes your computer to run slower overall and you to feel even more stressed. In today’s article, we’ll look at a quick solution to get your files back, as we understand what it’s like to be stuck in this vicious cycle.

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Having a Start menu in Windows 10 is something that Windows 7 hasn’t had since Windows 7. It is amazing to see a Start menu with a left-hand side. A pared-back version of the Start screen that distinguishes Windows 8 is found on the right side.

Several diagnostic methods exist to help users who find themselves in this same situation, since the cause of this error message can vary.

What is the cause of the “This PC is being used by someone else” error message?

What is the cause of the "This PC is being used by someone else" error message?

As part of our investigation, we reviewed a variety of user reports and tried a variety of recovery strategies suggested by other users with the same problem. The pop-up appears to be caused by a number of different scripts. Below is a list of some of the possible culprits responsible for the error message “This PC is always being used by someone else”:

The problem is caused by a connectivity option – It turns out that this particular problem is usually caused by a change in the Connectivity Options menu that forces the device to use credentials to automatically complete the device configuration and reopen applications. If this scenario applies, you can solve the problem by unchecking the connectivity option.

The previous user is still logged in – Another possibility is that the previous user who was using this PC did not complete the logout procedure. This could be due to an interruption of the machine or the user’s settings.
Logging out the previous user using the task manager will solve this problem.

Windows updates are installed in the background – If you see a problem in Windows 10, chances are that your operating system mistakenly thinks that another user is logged in, when in fact WU (a Windows component) is installing one or more updates in the background. In this case, you can avoid the error message by stopping the installation of updates first.

By clicking the Start button or pressing the +X keys, you will be able to select Settings from the menu.

This article provides information on troubleshooting steps for the same error message. There are several repair strategies included in this article that have already shown success with other users.

Someone Else Is Still Using This Pc

In any case, shutting down now could cause someone to lose unsaved work. Mute the PC anyway.

As we have categorized the methods based on their effectiveness and complexity, we recommend following the possible solutions in the order they were arranged for best results. Ultimately, you need to find a solution that solves the problem no matter its cause.

What to do if ‘someone else is using this computer’.

Updated: April 2024

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What to do if 'someone else is using this computer'.

Change the connection settings

If you encounter the “Someone else is using this PC” error, you can fix it by changing your privacy settings. This error is usually caused by changing your connection settings.

  1. The Connection Settings dialog box can be accessed by pressing Windows + R and typing ms-settings: sign-in options.
  2. If you perform an update or reboot your device, uncheck Use my credentials for automatic configuration and re-opening of applications.
  3. You can check whether the error has been fixed by rebooting your computer.

Logging out of a previous user

You can fix the error if the previous user wasn’t fully logged out. You can do this by going into Task Manager and logging out the previous user.

  1. You can access the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Enter.
  2. Log out of the user by right-clicking on the User tab and selecting Logout.
  3. You can determine if the error has been resolved by reproducing the action that previously caused it.

Stop installing pending updates for Windows 10.

The problem can occur if another known bug occurs with Windows 10. It is possible for the operating system to assume that another user is connected to your computer when you reboot or shut down your computer while Windows updates are loading.

Attempting to update Windows could solve this error.

  1. Open the Windows Update dialog box by pressing the Windows + R keys, typing ms-settings: windows update, and clicking OK.
  2. To install Windows Update, check whether it is downloading. After it is downloading, follow the installation instructions on your screen.
  3. Check if the problem is resolved after installing Windows Update by repeating the previous action that caused the error.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The problem is caused by a login option - It turns out that this particular problem is usually caused by a change in the login options menu that causes the computer to use credentials to automatically log out of the device configuration and reopen applications.

The easiest way is to use Windows Event Viewer, a built-in program that records your PC's activity. If it's been turned off or running in slow motion, there won't be much to see, but if someone else has been using it, you'll see the traces they have left.

To access the Windows event viewer, press the "Win + R" key combination and type eventvwr. msc in the Run dialog box. Pressing Enter will open the event viewer. Here, double-click Windows Logs, and then click Security. In the center pane, you'll see several log entries with the date and time stamps.

  1. Right-click on the taskbar and select Task Manager.
  2. Select the "Users" tab.
  3. This will display information about the users who are logged in to your computer.

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