Fixed Windows Application Error 0xc0000906

  • It is not easy for inexperienced users to find the cause of the error.
  • It turns out that there are several different potential culprits that can trigger this error code.
  • The most common fix is to disable or remove third-party antivirus software such as Avast.
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One of the most common errors for Windows 10/8/7 users is the application error: the application did not start correctly 0xc0000906. Click OK to close the application. And, as a rule, it is not easy for inexperienced users to find the cause of the error. This tutorial will explain the most common causes of 0xc0000906 errors and how to fix them.

DISM and SFC scans, performing a system restore and refreshing every OS component are some of the ways you can try to solve Windows Application Error 0xc0000906 if you encounter this error. If you are unable to resolve this issue, you can read this post by MiniTool. I hope these tips will help you.

Most of the time, application error 0xc0000906 occurs with unlicensed software such as GTA 5, Sims 4, The Binding of Isaac, Far Cry, or anything else unlicensed.

An Operating System Upgrade or a previous application modification are usually responsible for Application Error 0xc0000906. 


What is the cause of application error 0xc0000906 on Windows?

What is the cause of application error 0xc0000906 on Windows?

In order to explore this question, we reviewed various user reports and tested the most popular fix strategies that users were successful with for resolving error code 0xc0000906. In fact, this error code can be caused by a variety of different factors. Below is a list of possible causes:

Corruption of system files: In most cases, this particular problem is caused by some type of system corruption that interferes with some of the DLLs responsible for running applications. If this scenario applies, the problem can be solved by trying to repair the corrupted files through DISM or SFC, or by updating each component of the operating system through a repair installation or clean installation procedure.

There is a high probability that the error 0xc0000906 is caused by an incompatible or incompetent program running on your computer. Our recommendation is that you disable your antivirus software and see if the issue resolves once you have disabled it.

Recent changes to the system: It is also possible that recent changes to the computer, such as the installation of third-party software or driver updates, compromise certain DLLs responsible for running third-party applications. If this scenario applies, you may be able to fix the problem by using the System Restore Utility to return your computer to a healthy state.


How do I fix Windows application error 0xc0000906?

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How do I fix Windows application error 0xc0000906?

Disable third-party antivirus software

Avast, for instance, is a third-party antivirus software that can cause error 0xc0000906. Disabling or removing this software is one of the most frequent solutions for this error.

If the error occurred in a software program that has modified files, your antivirus software may block or even delete them without letting you know.

It is possible to disable third-party antivirus programs from the taskbar by right-clicking the icon and selecting the deactivation option from the pop-up menu. You can choose how long you wish to disable the utility.

Try running the program after disabling your antivirus for about an hour, and if that does not work, add the program to your antivirus exclusion list as well.

Disabling Windows Defender

The best thing to do if you don’t have an antivirus program is to disable Windows Defender if you don’t have one.

  1. The Start menu contains a Settings button.
  2. On the left side of Preferences, click Update and Security and then Windows Security.
  3. You will be able to view more options by clicking Virus and Threat Protection Options after selecting the option.
  4. Remove the option that protects in real-time.
  5. The program should run if you try it.

Run the program in compatibility mode

  1. Windows 10 software from an outdated or incompatible version can also cause the 0xc0000906 error.
  2. Choose Properties from the right-click menu of the program icon that is causing the problem.
  3. You can run this program in compatibility mode by selecting the Compatibility tab.
  4. If a software was released for a previous Windows platform, select that platform.
  5. By clicking the Run as administrator option, you will be able to run the program.
  6. To apply, click Apply.
  7. The window can be closed by clicking OK.

Perform a verification scan of the system files

  1. You can fix an error code 0xc0000906 by running a system verification file to identify corrupted system files.
  2. To start Run, press Windows + R at the same time.
  3. Ctrl + Shift + Enter the command line by typing cmd in the Run menu.
  4. Type the following command first:
    Cleanup-image /Restorehealth with DISM.exe.
    Enter the key after you have finished typing.
  5. You can begin scanning your system files by typing sfc / scan now and pressing Enter.
  6. Following the completion of the scan, restart Windows.

Reset Windows 10 to a restore point.

There are users who can fix error 0xc0000906 with a system restore, which will undo changes to their system that may have caused the issue. It is important to be aware, however, that there will be no software available after the selected restore point is selected.

Reinstalling the software

  1. To resolve error 0xc0000906, you may need to reinstall the software which caused the error. In order to do so, type appwiz in the Open field in the working window, then press Enter to start the installation.
  2. To uninstall software, select it and click “Uninstall.”.
  3. Uninstalling software requires rebooting Windows.
  4. Make sure you have the latest version of the software installed.

There are a number of ways to solve error 0xc0000906, but you may need to install Windows again or do a platform reset if these solutions don’t work.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Disable third-party antivirus software.
  2. Disable Windows Defender.
  3. Run the program in compatibility mode.
  4. Run a scan of system files.
  5. Restore Windows 10 to a restore point.
  6. Reinstall the software.

Error code 0xc0000906 is often associated with cases where the system has already undergone certain changes (such as an operating system update, a security scan that quarantines certain items, or an unexpected machine failure).

  1. Right-click the application that caused this error (code 0xc0000142).
  2. Go to the properties of the application.
  3. Click the Compatibility tab.
  4. Select the compatibility mode according to your system.
  5. Click Apply, then click OK.

Method 1: Restart your computer. Try rebooting Windows first.
Method 2: Refresh.
Method 3: Activate administrator rights.
Method 4: Reinstall the application or game.
Method 5: Refresh windows.
Method 6: Run a ChkDsk.
Method 7: Reinstall DirectX.

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