How to Eliminate Error 0xd0000034 on Windows 10

  • A common cause of errors when updating Windows is the 0xd0000034 (0x000000D4) Windows Update issue.
  • This error mostly happens when you try to apply a feature update to your computer.
  • If you still get an error code 0xD0000034, please read the solutions provided below.

Dism Failed To Load The Provider

The scratch directory has been set to ‘C:/Users/John/AppData/Local/Temp/’ at 00:41:40 on 02-18. DISM Manager::put_ScratchDir

Updated December 2023This tool will stop these errors and fix common problems: Get it at this link
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  2. It will scan your computer to find problems.
  3. The tool will then correct the issues that were discovered.

It is most often encountered when you try to install a feature update to your computer and receive the error 0xD0000034. This error can be resolved by following the steps we provide in this article. These updates are usually downloaded and installed without any problems. This problem might occur, however, if you receive an error message stating “Windows Update failed.”

This article covers some solutions that may be helpful to resolve the 0xd0000034 (0x000000D4) error when updating Windows.

The update installation failed due to some technical difficulties, but we will attempt to install it again later.

Dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth Not Working

Although SFC SCANNOW is not working, it can still resolve corrupted system files as a system management tool. It is possible, however, to receive the error 87 when using DISM, which states that the parameter is incorrect. In this article, I will explore why DISM isn’t working, as well as how to fix it.

Install Dism

Windows PE, Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) and Windows Setup images can all be serviced and prepared by the Command-Line Tool for Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM.exe). A virtual hard disk (.vhd or .vhdx) or Windows image (.wim) can be serviced using DISM.

Error 0xd0000034 with Windows 10 feature update

When you’re connected to a domain, we recommend switching to a local user account before attempting any of the fixes mentioned in this blog. Please read the solutions below if you still receive the error code 0xd0000034. If you still see this error, please switch back to a domain account.

Installing version 1903 of Windows 10 Cumulative Update KB4517389 can cause the following problems:

Is there a reason why Windows Update fails?

Windows Update failures can be caused by many factors, including:

Lack of disk space: Windows update will not install until you increase the amount of disk space available. You can use the Disk Cleanup tool to clean up temporary and old files.

Dism /online /cleanup Image /restorehealth Not Working

During the RestoreHealth process, I have experienced this problem when the machine loses its internet connection. If you receive this message without an active internet connection, my first suspicion would be that it involves retrieving files via download from Microsoft (it doesn’t always do it, but it can). Whenever I have encountered this problem, the issue has disappeared after a subsequent run with internet access.

Incorrect settings: You can change the default setting of Windows Update by following the steps mentioned here.

Software conflicts: Sometimes, there are software conflicts due to incompatible versions of the same programs installed on your system. To resolve such issues, uninstall one program and then reinstall it again.

Dism Errors

A file might not be found during the DISM scan, resulting in the error message DISM error 2. Fortunately, getting rid of this error is fairly simple.

Network connection failure: Your network connection may be down or unstable. Try restarting your modem/router and reconnecting to the internet.

Outdated drivers: Make sure all your device drivers are updated. You can download them from the Microsoft website.

How to repair error 0xd0000034?

Make sure your antivirus software is temporarily disabled

Dism Won’t Run

In the WinRE command prompt window, type the following command for a list of all available drives after booting from the Windows 10 installation media:

You can disable your antivirus software temporarily if your antivirus software blocks Windows updates due to its detection of some of them as threats. You can use the steps below to disable your antivirus software.

The above picture represents how you would open the MSConfig window by clicking on the Start button and typing “MSConfig” into the Search box.

Dism Won T Run

DISM can automatically repair the corrupt files from the operating network when it is refreshed. This is the first workaround to eliminate the error message.

You can now restart your computer by selecting the Startup tab in the left pane on the taskbar and selecting Disabled items. Now close the window.

In order to enable the startup once again, you must reboot the system. If the update is working now, enable it again after rebooting.

Updated: December 2023

We highly recommend that you use this tool for your error. Furthermore, this tool detects and removes common computer errors, protects you from loss of files, malware, and hardware failures, and optimizes your device for maximum performance. This software will help you fix your PC problems and prevent others from happening again:

  • Step 1 : Install PC Repair & Optimizer Tool (Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista).
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Using clean boot to troubleshoot the issue

During a clean boot, applications that prevent Windows 10 from upgrading will be removed. If you’re running Windows 7 or 8.1, Microsoft will notify you that your PC will need to be restarted.

The following guide will help you troubleshoot clean boot issues if you’re running Windows 10. You might not be able to uninstall apps that block Windows Update. Another possible problem may be that third-party software does not cooperate.

Dism Failed No Operation Was Performed

Error 0x800f0954 is generated when Windows update services aren’t configured correctly, resulting in DISM failing, no operation was performed. To complete the process, services such as Windows Update (Wuauserv), Background Intelligent Transfer Service (BITS), and Cryptographic Services (CryptSvc) play supporting roles. In order to complete an automatic Windows update, the services must have an Automatic Startup status and Automatic Startup type.

You can view reports sent by Microsoft as well as go through each category and sort by severity. You can use the free tool Windows Error Reporting to get a sense of what’s causing clean boot problems.

Remove the Cumulative Update that was recently installed

Several security flaws have been fixed in recent weeks by Microsoft. Some fixes are important, while others aren’t. Here are the steps to unload one of them.

Hit the Windows key and type in “Settings” to open Windows Settings. Go to the Updates & Security section and look for the System section. Click on each entry for the update, and click Uninstall to get rid of it.

During image closing, an error occurred.

Click on the update history link found at the bottom of Windows Settings. You will see a list of all the updates you have already downloaded and installed — including those that did not work. Clicking that link will take you to a page where you can view the updates you’ve already installed.

Follow these instructions to uninstall a problem update if you find one.

Delete and reinstall Windows Update components

It is not uncommon for an issue that seems as though it is out of science fiction to be resolved simply by resetting Windows Update components. As a result, my PC began acting weirdly where specific applications failed to work. That’s exactly what happened to me recently.

Whenever I tried to do anything else, the system froze up. As an example, I was able to open the file explorer, but couldn’t open any files. In an attempt to resolve the problem, I spent hours trying to fix it before deciding to reinstall Windows 10. However, the problem was resolved by running the following commands in Command Prompt.

The machine needs to be restarted.

In the meantime, partners in the room did not understand what was being said and were told to contact our partners (resellers) or Autodesk.

During bootup, press F8 repeatedly.

You can select Safe Mode by clicking on it.


It has been discovered that a root cause of some computer problems is an increase in latency and processor usage on some computers. In addition to these fixes, Microsoft has also included a number of improvements and security fixes in this patch.

Type the command prompt window below once you have entered safe mode.

Each time you type a command, press Enter.

Following are the commands you should run in order.

When prompted, type Y.

Updates must be manually downloaded and installed

In case you’re stuck on fixing this issue, here’s how you should go about fixing the error code 0xd0000034. This error usually occurs because of some missing files or registry errors.

Save the a.exe file inside the archive. To install the tool, you will need to download the standalone package from the link above.

Follow the prompts after you run the executable file you downloaded.

You should restart your computer after the installation has been completed successfully.

After installation, Windows 8 Pro cannot be activated using the provided product key.

The tool will run automatically when you click “Repair my Computer.”.

Dism Fix Windows Update

If your Windows installation is corrupted, you will need to run SFC /Scannow after you have completed the DISM command so you can repair the corrupted Windows installation as well.


In my log file, I saw this error message: MOUPG CDlpTask::Cancel(982): result = 0xC1800104


It keeps popping up the error code 0x800704d3 when I try to start Forza Horizon 4 on XBOX. Unsure what to do.

You don’t have to worry about losing any data, apps, or files with DISM.

Afterwards, wait for the repair to be complete.

Update your device in Safe Mode by booting into Windows

In recent times, there has been a security patch known as KB4056898, which fixes a variety of issues, including the 0xd0000034 error.

Safe mode is the first step in restarting your computer.

Next, go to the Start Menu and select “Restore my Computer.”.

Choose Optional Updates from the Security tab.

You can now finish the process by clicking the following button.

You can now enjoy a smooth and stable performance of your device once it has been restarted.

After completing the update, disconnect the Internet

During the update process for Windows 10, you may be told that additional files need to be downloaded, resulting in an error message. It is possible for the operating system to freeze and crash while downloading these files. In some cases, the issue occurs during the last steps of the update process. To fix this problem, follow these steps:

You can now restart your computer by clicking Restart.

During the restart, wait patiently.

To access the System and Maintenance section of the Control Panel, open the Control Panel.

Then select Restart your PC.

(If possible) select Last Known Good as the startup setting.

Reboot the computer after you have closed all windows.

Make sure that the update was successfully completed.

RECOMMENATION: Click here for help with Windows errors.

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