How safe is the Vprotect app? What is it?

  • The VProtect Application or vprot.exe is the original software, but there is also a fake version of this application which is malware.
  • The application makes itself suspicious because it sometimes scans the computer without the user’s permission.
  • It offers the user to “buy a license key” and works as a standalone application.
  • It is highly recommended to uninstall the application if you do not have AVG Antivirus or AVG Toolbar installed on your computer.
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A lot of users found vprot.exe on their computer and can’t decide what this program is. Is vprot.exe a virus or a legitimate computer application? If you found the VProtect application on your computer and want to know what to do with it, then read on. In this article, Techquack will explain what the VProtect application is, whether it is a virus or useful software.

What Is Vprotect Application

Here’s a MiniTool post that explains what Vprotect is, if it’s possible to remove it, and how to do so. You may also want to visit MiniTool for more tips and solutions for Windows.

It keeps track of compliance in all warehouses with the help of vProtect.


What is the VProtect application?

What is the VProtect application?

Vprotect is an application found on some computers despite users not having downloaded it and knowing that it is there.

Original software is vprot.exe, but there’s also an unauthorized version that’s malware called vprot.exe. Originally, VProtect was part of AVG Antivirus, AVG Ultimate, AVG Zen, and others. It is harmless to use the official version, but dangerous if you use a fake version.

Some users seem to be aware of the VProtect-An application on their computers. VProtect’s .exe file is displayed when you install AVG’s symbolleistes such as the AVG Security Toolbar, the AVG Nation-Symbolleiste, or the AVG SafeGuard-Symbolleiste. AVG Security Toolbar, AVG Nation and AVG SafeGuard are all part of AVG Antivirus. It is installed automatically along with the AVG Security Toolbar or Symbolleiste, and is signed by AVG Technologies.

To get users to uninstall a popular app, cybercriminals often create fake software that mimics the app’s name.


Is the Vprotect app safe and should it be uninstalled?

Is the Vprotect app safe and should it be uninstalled?

A number of different versions of Vprotect are available. Some reports state that it offers the user the option of buying a license key and works as a standalone application, but makes itself suspicious because it sometimes scans the computer without permission. Therefore, these applications are available in hacker versions as well.

An application developed and distributed by AVG Technologies is called “AVG Antivirus”. It is a popular antivirus that is available for a wide range of operating systems, as well as for Windows. Vprotect Application is installed automatically with the AVG Antivirus and the AVG Toolbar. This is because AVG Technologies has digitally signed it, so it has the same permissions as AVG Antivirus on the computer.

Operating system security protocols set up barriers that viruses/malware programs can overcome by masquerading as trusted applications. In addition, it is possible that Vprotect collects important data from your computer as it already has permission to run freely on your computer.

As a result of all these factors, you are strongly advised to uninstall AVG Antivirus or AVG Toolbar if your computer does not already have them installed. You should remove the application from your computer as soon as possible based on the evidence and user reports.


How do I uninstall the Vprotect application?

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How do I uninstall the Vprotect application?

VProtect is an easy-to-use platform for tracking compliance at all your warehouses, scheduling checklists and sending circulars.

The following section describes two methods of uninstalling Vprotect.

Uninstalling the Vprotect app through the Task Manager

As a starting point, we will go through the process of uninstalling Vprotect through Task Manager.

Instructions can be found here.

You can start by selecting Task Manager from the context menu by right-clicking the taskbar.
The Details tab will appear in the pop-up window.
The next step is to scroll down and find vprot.exe. Finally, right-click on it and choose “Open File Location” from the menu that appears.
Click the ‘Select All’ button in the pop-up window until you see the items you want to select. (If you want to select all items in a folder, use ctrl and a at the same time).
This folder can be deleted by pressing Shift + Del simultaneously.

The app for your Security System allows you to:
· Watch images from your home or business
· Arm, disarm, and partially arm your Alarm System
· Check Alarm System status
· Browse log for important events on your Security System

It is important to note that vProtect is compatible with all hypervisors. With vProtect, companies can design and implement data backup strategies in a manner that provides unparalleled flexibility. vProtect supports all virtual environments, whether they are commercial, open, or mixed solutions.

Your computer has successfully been uninstalled of Vprotect once you have completed all the steps.

Uninstalling Vprotect application via Control Panel

Our next method is to use the Control Panel to uninstall Vprotect vprot.exe.

Instructions can be found here.

In the Windows search box, search for Control Panel and select the appropriate option.
The main window will open when you double-click it.
The next step is to select Uninstall a program under Programs in the pop-up window that appears.
Lastly, select all related programs, right-click on them, then select Uninstall.

Your computer is now free of all Vprotect applications after completing all the steps.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The Vprotect App is an application developed by AVG Technology. The Vprotect App is automatically installed with the AVG Anti-Virus program or the AVG Toolbar. Therefore, it has the same rights as the AVG anti-virus program. However, some antivirus programs claim that the Vprotect App is malware.

The Malwarebytes research team has determined that VProtect is a fake antivirus application. These so-called "thieves" intentionally use false positives to convince users that their systems have been compromised. They then try to sell you their programs, claiming that they will eliminate these threats.

  1. From the Start menu, click Control Panel.
  2. Open Control Panel -> Programs -> Programs and Features -> select AVG Security Toolbar and click Remove/Edit.
  3. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The WtuSystemSupport.exe is the main process associated with Web TuneUp. It is not a core Windows process and can be disabled if it is known to cause problems. AVG Web TuneUp is automatically installed together with AVG AntiVirus.

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