Windows Xbox 0x406 App Error Fix

  • You can always find a way to fix the error related to Xbox not being able to connect, and then the Xbox 360 controller, not working can also be fixed.
  • Microsoft Casual Solitaire, Xbox One Battlefield, Xbox 360 Fallout 3, etc.
  • Fortunately, the culprit is in the Xbox app itself, so it can be pretty reliable as long as you can tweak the Xbox.
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We have tried everything on our forums to fix Error (0x406) On Xbox App Windows 10 but nothing has worked. Discuss and support Error (0x406) On Xbox App Windows 10 to solve the problem. Until I reset my PC, I wasn’t even able to get access to the Microsoft store.
Discussion in ‘XBoX on Windows’ started by w0nders, Jul 16, 2018.

Microsoft says that Windows 10 users can’t connect to Xbox games and they should try 0x406 or 0x404 or 0xbba later when trying to play them.

There is a problem with the Xbox app, preventing you from logging into it and from playing Xbox games like Microsoft Casual Solitaire, Xbox One Battlefield, Xbox 360 Fallout 3, etc. Fortunately, this problem is with the Xbox app itself, and it can be fixed if you tweak it some.

Here are some powerful and targeted methods to fix Xbox error 0x406, ranging from resetting the Xbox app to using Xbox Identify Provider. If you are experiencing an error related to Xbox not connecting, you can always resolve that, and you can also resolve the issue with the Xbox 360 controller not working.

What is the cause of Xbox app error 0X406?

What is the cause of Xbox app error 0X406?

This particular issue has been investigated using the various user evaluations and repair strategies that are used to fix this type of problem. This error code appears to be facilitated by a number of different factors. Here’s a look at some of the situations you might run into:

Xbox Application Problem – One of the most common causes of this error is an application malfunction caused by an unexpected computer shutdown. If this scenario applies, you can resolve the problem by resetting the Xbox application through the Apps & Features GUI.

The app downloaded, but I was unable to sign in. Thank you for your patience.

Windows Store or Xbox app corruption – As reported by various users, this problem can also occur due to inconsistencies when updating or installing one of these apps.
Reinstall and register both apps using PowerShell if you encounter this problem.

As tokenbroker provides connectivity between numerous services, it might cause this error if accidentally disabled. To fix this error, follow these steps: 

Microsoft’s Xbox app can encounter error 0x406 if it relies on missing built-in apps. Using the following steps, you can make sure that Windows includes all the required apps.

Corrupted User Profile – Another scenario in which this problem occurs is when the Windows profile is corrupted and the Xbox application cannot complete authentication.
It may be necessary for you to create a new user profile in this case.

In this case, the Token Broker service is disabled. The Token Broker service can also be disabled by a resource optimization application. In order to solve this issue, you need to open the Services screen and change the status of the Token Broker service from Automatic to Disabled. All Microsoft services depend on this service, so it requires connectivity.

Token Broker service-disabled – This error can also occur if you previously disabled the Token Broker service or if a resource optimization application did it for you. This service is used by all Microsoft services that require connectivity. If this scenario applies, you can resolve the problem by opening the Services screen and changing the Token Broker service status to Automatic.

Xbox Identity Provider removed – If you have not installed this application, your PC will not be able to connect to your Xbox Live system. This ID component must be installed in order to connect to the Xbox application and other similar applications. If this scenario applies, you can solve this problem by installing the Xbox Identity Provider from the Microsoft Store.

Damaged system files – In the most severe cases, the problem can also be caused by corrupted system files affecting the login process. In this case, the recommended recovery strategy is to update all Windows components (either a clean install or a repair install).

To help you resolve this concern, please answer the following questions. It is possible you have a corrupt app file that is causing this error: 0x406.

Our guide in this article will show you several ways to overcome the Xbox application error code 0x406. We will also show you how other users have solved the issue using similar methods.

The best way to solve the problem, regardless of its cause, is to follow the possible solutions we have listed below in the order in which they were ranked by effectiveness and severity.

How do I fix Xbox connection error 0x406?

Updated: September 2023

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How do I fix Xbox connection error 0x406?

Reset the app

A handy reset option is available in Windows 10, so don’t forget to mention it when you receive an error message from an application.
This article shows you how to reset the Xbox app’s data using the Reset option, but not your account data.

  1. Alternatively, you can use Cortana on the Windows 10 taskbar by clicking “Click here to search.”.
  2. The search box should contain the term “apps”.
  3. To view UWP apps under Settings, click Apps & Features.
  4. If you want to search this list, enter “Xbox”.
  5. By clicking Advanced Settings on the Xbox app, you can adjust the settings more precisely.
  6. At the bottom, click “Reset”.
  7. If you would like to confirm again, click Reset.

Installing missing built-in apps

The Xbox app may not function properly if it lacks embedded apps. To fix error 0x406, you should restore missing embedded apps.

  • Start by opening Cortana.
  • You can use the Cortana app to search for “Powershell”.
  • Select “Run as administrator” from the right-click menu of Windows PowerShell.
  • In PowerShell, type the following command:

You can get a package, but you can also get the package, and vice versa.
Getting and deleting the xboxapp package

  • Press return once you have finished typing.
  • Once that has been done, reboot Windows 10.
  • Make sure you are logged in as an administrator when opening PowerShell.
  • You can then enter Get-AppxPackage -AllUsers | Foreach [Add-AppxPackage DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml] into PowerShell.

Adding the Xbox Identity Provider app to Windows 10

You can download the Xbox Identity app from, then add it to Windows 10. You can then log in to the Xbox as usual.

Open the Xbox app in your administrator account.

To log in to the Xbox app, you need to have an administrator account. So, be sure to access the app from an administrator account. Here is how to create an administrator account quickly.

  1. Alternatively, right-click the Start button and select “Win + X”.
  2. You can open the Command Prompt window by selecting Command Prompt (Admin).
  3. Type “net user administrator /active: yes” and click Return to close the command prompt.
  4. The prompt should be closed.
  5. If you want to log out, select Ctrl + Alt + Del.
  6. The next step is to open the Xbox app with your new administrator account.

You can fix error 0x406 with these solutions. Note that you can also access the app diagnostics program in Windows 10 via Settings to see if this fix will work.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the "Get" button to download the UWP app. Wait for the product to install and then restart your computer. Install the Xbox Identity Provider. The next time you start your system, open the Xbox app and try logging in again to see if the problem is resolved.

  1. On your PC, go to and select Login.
  2. If that doesn't work, select Start -> Settings -> Time and Language.
  3. If none of these options work, select Start -> Settings -> Accounts, find the Microsoft account you signed in to the Xbox app with, and select Delete.

  1. Keep Windows 10 up to date.
  2. Reinstall the Xbox app.
  3. Clear the Windows store cache.
  4. Change regional settings.
  5. Activate the Xbox app in services.
  6. Perform an SFC scan.

If you still can't connect, try restarting your computer and console. Check to see if your Xbox One console supports game streaming: click the Xbox button to open the manual. Go to Profile and System -> Settings -> Devices and Connections -> Remote Access Features -> Xbox App Settings.

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