What is daqexp.dll and is it necessary to remove it?

  • “DAQExp.dll is missing” is one of the most annoying error messages that appear in Windows 10 when you try to start a system or program.
  • The error message is most often caused by a malicious program that has been partially processed by an anti-virus or antivirus program.
  • To fix the Daqexp.dll error quickly, check if you installed the Wondershare product and uninstall it permanently.
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It is necessary to force-close an application to fix the error Msvcp140 Dll Is Missing Windows E. Using the Windows Key + Shift + Esc, open the Task Manager. Navigate to the affected program in the Apps & Features section, Advanced options, and Reset section. The program will restart after it has been repaired. Click the repair button after it has been repaired.

When you try to start a program or system in Windows 10, you receive an error message that says “DAQExp.dll is missing.”.

You can quickly solve the “DAQExp.dll missing on startup” error message by following the steps in this message.

As a DLL (Dynamic Link Library), the DAQExp.dll file is designed to work with Wondershare software.

DAQExp.dll is a dynamic link library (DLL) used by Wondershare software to edit videos, PDFs, optimize systems, retrieve data, etc.

There have been reports in Microsoft forum threads that several Windows 10 users are missing Daqexpexp.dll files.

There is a problem starting the program due to a missing DAQExp.dll file. Please reinstall the program to resolve the issue.

This article will provide you with the solution to your “DAQExp.dll is missing” problems on Windows 10/11.

For a quick fix of Daqexp.dll errors, check if any Wondershare products have been installed on your computer and uninstall them permanently.

You can also try the solutions listed below if you are still experiencing issues with Daqexp.dll not being found.

What is DAQExp.dll?

What is daqexp.dll

There are several .DLL files that appear to be associated with Wondershare products. They may be a remnant from an incomplete installation or a file left over from an active Wondershare product.

An application that calls DAQExp.dll may be unable to access the file due to a security check that quarantines it.

It occurs most often when an anti-virus or antivirus program has partially processed a malicious program.

The safety software usually removes “DAQExp” to prevent recurring error messages.
There is still malware attempting to use the file, which has not been removed.

Malware designed to be undetectable by security scanners or the like, however, is designed to masquerade as trusted processes and remain successful in recent versions of Windows.

Is “DAQExp.dll” safe?

Is DAQExp.dll safe?

Despite the fact that the DAQExp.dll component of our Wondershare suite is real and does not pose a security risk, we still recommend that you take some precautions to prevent a malicious program from running on your system.

Our recommendation is to perform an extensive security scan to identify and remove any viral infection on your computer if you do not have the Wondershare product installed.

Do I have to delete DAQExp.dll

Do I have to delete DAQExp.dll

If your .dll file is missing or corrupted, you can download and install daqexp.dll.

Upon completion of this process, the BSoD errors, slow response times, and other related issues will no longer be a problem on your PC.

You can remove the error message that bothered you if the above steps didn’t reveal anything about virus infection (or malicious bytes used to resolve the security issue).

There is a possibility that some of the remaining processes or files are not successfully calling the DAQExp.dll file if you continue to experience recurring error messages. DAQExp.dll is the result of a missed error message. It’s likely that it’s unavailable, so you’re getting this message.

The culprit might be the application or process that actually calls DAQExp.dll, in which case you should be able to solve the problem by deleting it.

Users have reported using several different methods to accomplish this goal. At least one user has validated the effectiveness of each of the following options.

Our fix categories have been categorized by effectiveness and severity to ensure you get the best results.

How to fix daqexp.dll

Updated: April 2024

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How users can fix daqexp.dll in windows 10?

System startup: Remove Wondershare software

  1. If you press Windows + X and then open the Win X menu, you will be able to find out how to resolve the “DAQExp.dll is missing” error.
  2. The Task Manager can be opened by selecting it on the menu.
  3. Select “Start” from the tabs at the top.
  4. From this tab, you can choose any Wondershare software.
  5. Remove it from system startup by clicking the “Disable” button.
  6. Windows will then need to be restarted.

Using a third-party solution might solve your problem if this doesn’t work.

Deactivate Wondershare Services

  1. When Wondershare is removed from a system, some users may have to disable their services at startup by pressing Windows + R.
  2. Open the System Configuration Utility by typing “msconfig” in the Run menu.
  3. Below it, you will find a tab called Services.
  4. The first thing you need to do is check the box that says “Hide all Microsoft services”.
  5. This tab also contains Wondershare services that should be disabled.
  6. Then click OK.
  7. Windows 10 will then be restarted by selecting Reboot.

Uninstall Wondershare software

  1. A message such as “DAQExp.” appears.
    The “dll is missing” message still shows up, you can use a third-party uninstaller to remove Wondershare Software. Advanced Uninstaller Pro 12 is free, and you can try it here.
  2. The installation wizard will guide you through the installation of Advanced Uninstaller Pro.
  3. Below is a window for Advanced Uninstaller.
  4. The Uninstall Programs window can be opened by clicking General Tools & Uninstall Programs.
  5. Here, select Wondershare.
  6. Then click Uninstall.
  7. Click Yes to confirm that the residue scanner should be used.
  8. You will be presented with a window asking you to check all the boxes to uninstall the application. Click Next to proceed.

Wondershare software installation

In this case, you may wish to consider reinstalling the remote Wondershare software. Reinstalling the Wondershare software will allow you to reinstall it with all the DLL files necessary.

You can restore Windows 10 at a later date.

  1. In Windows 10, there is a Run window located at the bottom left corner of your screen where you can restore a restore point to fix DLL errors.
  2. Launch System Restore Utility by typing “rstrui” into Run.
  3. In the System Restore Points window, click Next.
  4. The list will be fully expanded if you select Show more restore points.
  5. The restore point should be selected when Windows will not yet show an error message indicating “DAQExp.dll is missing”.
  6. Select “Done” from the “Next” menu.

You can fix the “DAQExp.dll missing” error in Windows 10 by following these steps. Generally, you can get rid of the “DAQExp.dll missing” error message at startup by simply uninstalling Wondershare software and services. The Wondershare software may also need to be reinstalled or Windows 10 reset to a restore point for users who need it.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

The file DAQExp. dll is a DLL (Dynamic Link Library) file that is installed with the Wondershare software. So, it is a DLL file for Wondershare software. There are several Wondershare products for Windows 10, including video editing, data recovery, and PDF software.

  1. Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager, click the "Start" tab and uncheck all Wondershare products.
  2. Windows + R keys together, type msconfig and press Enter, on the "Services" tab, check "Hide Microsoft Services", then look for all Wondershare products in the list and uncheck them.
  3. Click OK and restart.

The CBSProducstInfo dll file, also known as Wondershare Studio, is often associated with Wondershare Studio. It is an important element that guarantees the proper functioning of Windows programs.

DLL errors occur when new software installs Dynamic Link Library files on an existing DLL file. Most DLL errors are the result of a corrupted or deleted DLL file. Disconnected DLL files occur when a DLL file is disabled by a program. DLL errors can also occur due to problems with application reorganization.

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