Troubleshooting the error: Windows 10 Version 1903 Not Updating on Mac

  • Microsoft recently released a bulletin explaining why you might run into problems when you try to upgrade to the latest version of Windows 10 (1903) in the Boot Camp version of the operating system.
  • Microsoft says it is working on a patch and expects it to be available by the end of July.
  • The software giant suggests updating Apple’s Boot Camp and Windows Support Software drivers with the latest versions.
  • The most common cause of problems with Windows Update is an incomplete update download.
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Feature Update To Windows 10 Version 1903

A number of quality improvements have been made in this update, including:

Although it is much easier to run Windows on a Mac than macOS on a Mac, there are always going to be a few things wrong with this crazy hybrid environment. When trying to upgrade to Windows 10 (1903) in Boot Camp, you may encounter problems. Microsoft recently released a bulletin explaining why.

Basically, the Mac you have is very old. According to Microsoft:

The Windows 10 version 1903 cannot be upgraded to Mac devices released before 2012 or new Mac devices with old Apple Boot Camp drivers or Windows support software due to lack of support compatibility. The Windowssystem32 drivers are affected in particular by MacHALDriver.sys from September 24, 2011, 01:57:09 and earlier.”

Windows 10 Version 1903 Download

Click the “Update now” button on the Windows 10 download page to download the Update Assistant tool. Then, upgrade your current version of Windows 10 to the May 2019 Update.

Secondly, Microsoft stated that an official fix will be available by the end of July that allows you to update to version 1903 of Windows 10.

According to Microsoft, Mac users will not be able to update to Windows 10 version 1903 due to a Windows Support advisory.

The Windows 10 May 2019 update will not work on Macs manufactured before 2012. Neither will it work on Macs made after 2012. Both versions of Apple’s Boot Camp software and Windows Support software drivers will not work on newer Macs.

This problem can be detected by seeing a notification like this when trying to update Windows 10.

After that, we will work on fixing the issue of Windows 10 version 1903 not installing.

Windows 10 Version 1903 Not Updating on Mac

Owners of older Macs or outdated versions of Boot Camp cannot update Windows 10 to version 1903. Affected users of Mac devices using Boot Camp and trying to update their system will see an error message reporting a problem with the Mac HAL driver `machaldriver.sys’ when installing Windows 10: “There is a driver or service on your computer that is not ready for this version of Windows 10,” the message says.

As part of its support document, Microsoft has described issues with Macs during the update to Windows 10 V1903 if they were introduced before 2012 or had older versions of Apple Boot Camp or Windows Support Software installed. Users may experience errors in the Upgrade Wizard when trying to install Windows 10 May 2019 Update on Apple Mac computers. The Upgrade Wizard detects a compatibility problem and reports it.

If you are still having trouble installing Windows 10 Update 1903, errors 0x80d02002 and error 0x80080008 appear. Then you should run the Windows Update Troubleshooter and let it diagnose the problem and resolve it.

Microsoft says it will release a patch by the end of July and doesn’t anticipate any action being required after the issue is resolved.

What is the cause of this problem?

What is the cause of this problem?

It is unknown whether the update has been blocked by Microsoft or if the issue is related to a bug or whether there is a compatibility freeze.

Windows 10 Update Failed To Install

Often, you will be able to fix your problem by rebooting your computer and rerunning Windows Update. If there are multiple updates queued in Windows 10, the initial update process can fail. In most cases, rebooting and starting the update process again will fix the problem. You may need to repeat the update process if your Windows 10 installation is significantly out of date.

As a result, Microsoft provides instructions for forcing Mac users to upgrade. By selecting the Apple menu and checking the App Store for updates, you can update Macs with the latest versions of Boot Camp and Windows Support Software drivers. If that fails, Microsoft recommends getting Windows Support Software after installing Boot Camp. Follow the instructions on this Apple support page if that doesn’t work.

To fix Windows 10 Update version 1903

Updated: December 2023

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To fix Windows 10 Update version 1903

Remove the Windows Update folder.

You can force Windows Update to download the update again by deleting the Windows Update storage folder (C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution).

The Windows Update storage folder can be deleted by clicking here

  1. The Run command window will appear when you press both Win Image + R simultaneously.
  2. Click OK after typing services.msc.
  3. Windows Update can be found in the right-hand pane in the list of services.
  4. Select “Stop” in the right-click menu for Windows Update.
  5. It is now closed.

Note: If you cannot stop the “Windows Update” service.

  1. The properties of the object can be accessed by double-clicking it.
  2. “Disabled” should be selected as the startup type, and the “OK” button should be clicked.
  3. Your computer needs to be rebooted.
  4. Continue as before after rebooting.

The C:Windows folder can be found by opening Windows Explorer.
The “SoftwareDistribution” folder should be deleted.

Note: If you cannot remove the folder with the “Folder in use – Try again” error message, restart Windows in “Safe Mode” and repeat the process. If you disabled the Windows Update service (startup type = disabled), go to Services and set the startup type to “Automatic”.

Sometimes Windows 10 installation or upgrade can be impossible almost due to some errors. This guide’s aim is to provide the best solutions for Windows 10 error 0xC1900101 – 0x20017 while upgrading or installing. This error shows while you want to install major updates such as Windows 10 anniversary update or creator update. Normally upgrading […]

8. Your computer needs to be rebooted.

During the upgrade process, Microsoft recommends updating the Mac Boot Camp Windows Support Software driver. You can then upgrade to version 1903 of Windows 10. According to the support document, you may be able to find updated Windows support software under macOS. You can do this from the Apple menu, under App Store. Install all available updates if anything is found.

The v1903 update needs to be downloaded again and installed.

  1. Reboot the computer and go to the Downloads screen followed by Settings followed by Updates and Security.
  2. Make sure that you have updated the page.
  3. The update will be downloaded and installed again once Windows has finished downloading it.

Install Windows 10 version 1903 using the update wizard.

Download and install the update using Windows Update Assistant if you are having problems downloading or installing the April 2019 Update for Windows 10. Follow the steps below:

  1. The “SoftwareDistribution” folder can be deleted by following step one of method 1 above.
  2. You can download Windows 10 by clicking the “Update Now” button on the Windows 10 download page.
  3. When prompted, click the Run “Windows10Upgrade9252.exe” button to start the installation immediately, or the save button to run the installer later.
  4. You can now upgrade your Windows 10 system to the latest version, version 1903, by clicking the “Upgrade Now” button.

Fixing Windows corruption errors with DISM and SFC tools.

Following is a procedure for restoring Windows 10 system files to fix installation issues with Windows 10 Update 1903:

The first step is to open a command prompt as an administrator. Let’s start with an administrator command prompt:

  • If you want to find the command line or cmd, enter it in the search box.
  • Select Run as administrator from the right-click menu of the command line (result).

You will need to type the following command into the command line window and hit Enter:

Cleaning-up-image /Restoring health via DSM.exe

As soon as DISM has restored component memory, enter the following command and press Enter. Once DISM has restored component memory, enter the following command:


You should restart your computer after you have finished the SFC scan.
If the problem persists, try again to update your system.

Install Windows 10 v1903 with Repair Update.

The following steps will guide you through installing the update from the Windows 10 installation media in order to resolve Windows 10 update issues:

  1. The Windows 10 installation USB media can be created with the media creation tool.
  2. Turn off your Internet connection.
  3. Using the USB key, install the system by running the “Setup.exe” file.

RECOMMENATION: Click here for help with Windows errors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delete the Windows Update folder. The most common cause of Windows update problems is incomplete update loading. In this case, you need to delete the Windows Update Store folder (C: WindowsSoftwareDistribution) to force Windows to load the update again + R keys to open the startup command window.

To update your current version of Windows 10 to the May 2019 update, go to the Windows 10 download page. Then click "Update Now" to download the Update Assistant tool. Run the "Update Wizard" and it will check your PC's compatibility - processor, RAM, hard drive space, etc. - with the current version of Windows 10.

  1. Turn off your Mac, wait a few seconds, and restart it.
  2. Go to System Preferences > Software Update.
  3. Check the log screen to see if any files are being installed.
  4. Try installing a combo update.
  5. Reset NVRAM.

To do this, start your Mac in OS X, log in, and open the App Store app. Go to the Updates tab and make sure you have the latest version of Mac OS X and your Mac's firmware. Install any available updates. Then launch into Windows and run the Apple Software Update app.

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