Troubleshooting iTunes Activation Error 590624 Issue

  • The iTunes 590624 error code usually appears when you connect your iPhone to iTunes to update, backup, or restore.
  • This error code can occur for a variety of reasons, such as outdated iTunes or incorrect date and time settings on your computer.
  • An outdated iOS device can also prevent your device from connecting properly and cause iTunes error.
  • Learn more about this and how to fix this error.

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Your Iphone Could Not Be Activated

A bad SIM card can prevent you from activating your iPhone. A bad SIM card can hinder activation.

My iPhone 5S is locked to my carrier, which is why I use it like an iPod. Unfortunately, after I did the rest today I am unable to activate it with iTunes. When I connect it, I get a weird error message.

When you update, backup, or restore your iPhone using iTunes, you often see the iTunes 590624 error message. If your computer’s date and time settings are incorrect or if your iTunes is outdated, you may experience this error code. Find out more about iTunes error 590624 and how to fix it. Security protection and an outdated iOS device can also cause your device to not connect properly and cause this error.

What causes the iTunes 590624 activation error?

  • iTunes error 590624 occurs when iTunes has trouble connecting to Apple’s servers. The host file may be the cause.
  • Incorrect settings on your computer may be causing your iTunes 590624 error. The first thing you need to do to fix this error is to check your computer’s date and time settings.
  • As a result of outdated iTunes or an incorrect date and time setting on your computer, iTunes error 590624 usually occurs when you update, backup, or restore your iPhone with iTunes. Your device may be unable to connect properly due to security measures or an outdated iOS device.

How to repair the iTunes 590624 activation error message?

Updated: December 2023

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Unable To Activate Iphone 7

Apple’s servers may be down or busy, so it will take a while for the request to be processed. You should wait a few minutes before attempting to activate your iPhone.

Both iPad and iPhone are experiencing the same problem. Try activating through wifi, it works. It may be an issue with iTunes.

Activation via iMac

There is a problem with iPhone where the user cannot back up their phone on a Windows computer and an iTunes “Cannot back up” error appears. On a Mac, however, this error does not appear because the phone relies more on the operating system. This may be mainly because the Mac and iPhone are made by Apple, and compatibility with other platforms may be limited.

For moderately slow iTunes performance, click “Repair iTunes”.

The best way to activate your phone is on a Mac, but if you don’t have access to a Mac, you can install the software on a Windows computer if you don’t have access to a Mac. VirtualBox or VMware allow you to temporarily install more than one operating system at the same time on your computer, making it possible to temporarily install your Mac on your computer.

Changing your Internet connection

You may be unable to activate your phone when you use your Internet connection on your device. Your Internet service provider may have imposed a restriction or your machine may not trust the network in question. If the activation process is not completed correctly, switch to a different internet connection.

Setting up as a trusted new phone

  1. Restart your phone.
  2. Make sure your device is set up correctly by following the instructions on the screen.
  3. The “Set as new” option can be found when setting up your device.
  4. Make sure that your computer is connected to iTunes, and that your phone is as well.
  5. Trusting your computer is as easy as clicking “Yes.” in iTunes.
  6. The backup is now available for you to restore whenever you like.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Reboot your iPhone. If you are using a mobile data connection, connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network. If an error message appears on the screen when you try to activate your iPhone, indicating that the activation server is temporarily unavailable or cannot be reached, wait a few minutes and then repeat the above steps.

  1. Check the status of your Apple system.
  2. Reboot your iPhone.
  3. Use Wi-Fi instead of cellular.
  4. Try using a different SIM card.
  5. Restore your iPhone using DFU mode.

This iPhone activation error is a sign that something is wrong with the communication with Apple's servers. This problem can be caused by various factors, including the following: The SIM card is not supported. Errors such as "No SIM" or "Invalid SIM" are displayed, or it could be a faulty SIM card.

  1. Update iTunes on your computer.
  2. Reboot your computer.
  3. Perform a hardware reset on your iPhone while it is connected to your computer.
  4. Try using a different Lightning/USB cable.
  5. Use a different USB port or a different computer.
  6. Restore iPhone to DFU.
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