Repairing your mailbox has been temporarily moved

  • When setting up in Office 365, Outlook keeps asking for a temporary mailbox issue.
  • Many users encounter the “Your mailbox has been temporarily moved to Microsoft Exchange Server” issue.
  • This “outlook use temporary mailbox” error occurs when the Outlook profile is corrupted or automatically configured.
  • Back up your Outlook data before making any changes to your mailbox.
  • You can use the temporary mailbox or work offline with all your old data.
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Microsoft Outlook keeps asking for temporary mailboxes when you set up Office 365. When the Outlook profile is corrupted or automatically configured in Microsoft Exchange Server, this “outlook use temporary mailbox” error occurs. Many users encounter this message when setting up Office 365.

The following message may appear in Outlook if you have an Office 365 account:

Microsoft Exchange Server is temporarily hosting your mailbox.
It is possible that not all the data you previously had is in the temporary mailbox.
Your old data is still available offline if you are connected to the temporary mailbox.
Sending and receiving emails will not be possible if you use the old data.

Our goal in this article is to show you how to fix “Your mailbox has been temporarily moved to Exchange” by using manual methods.

Follow these instructions to remove any other Outlook profiles that are not your primary one after you’ve backed up your PST file:


What causes the ‘Your mailbox has been temporarily moved’ problem?

What causes the 'Your mailbox has been temporarily moved' problem?

Temporary Outlook Email

The Outlook application saves files on your hard drive when you open attachment files from an email. In order to do this, it looks in the registry to see if Outlook has already created a temporary folder (known as Outlook OLK). The file will be saved by Outlook and opened for you if it finds a registry entry for the OLK folder. A copy of the attachment is saved to the folder if the registry entry does not exist.

Following the troubleshooting steps below should resolve this error. Make sure that your Outlook profile is working properly after each step in order to resolve this issue.

Your Mailbox Has Been Temporarily Moved On Microsoft Exchange Server

The temporary mailbox for your mailbox has been moved to the Microsoft Exchange server. This mailbox will not have all the information that you used to have. However, you can still access it.”

You may also experience this error after migrating your mailbox to a new platform. In that case, you would need to rebuild your profile (step 3).

If you make any changes to your Outlook data, we strongly recommend backing it up first.

MS Outlook displays an error when trying to access an email account that says “Your mailbox has been temporarily moved to Microsoft Exchange server”. In addition, it explains how to restore mailbox items from Outlook data files (.OST) that are inaccessible or orphaned if manual workarounds cannot be applied.

If your primary mailbox has become disconnected from Outlook, Microsoft has provided some workaround methods.

Because of a corrupt Outlook profile, some messages may not be synchronized with the server and only live on the local computer.


To resolve the ‘Your mailbox has been temporarily moved’ error

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To resolve the 'Your mailbox has been temporarily moved' error

Enable cache sharing mode

  1. Start the Control Panel and select the Mail option the first time you open it.
  2. You will find Mail Accounts under the Mail menu.
  3. By double-clicking on an account, you will be able to view its information.
  4. You can enable this option by clicking Use cached exchange.
  5. It can be enabled and disabled again after Outlook has been restarted if it is already enabled.
  6. The profile should open if Outlook is restarted.

Delete all Outlook profiles except the primary account

  1. Choose Mail from the Control Panel once you have exited Outlook.
  2. To view profiles, click View Profiles.
  3. By selecting the affected account, you can delete it.
  4. It appears as a warning message:
  5. Warning: if you delete this profile, the contents of its offline account cache will be deleted.
  6. Yes, click it.
  7. Keep your main profile intact for each account.
  8. Try running Outlook.

Create a new profile and delete the original profile

  1. Go to the control panel and select Mail. Once this is done, exit Outlook.
  2. To open the Mail Accounts window, click on it.
  3. The new icon can be accessed by clicking it.
  4. Click Next after entering your new account information.
  5. It is possible to delete a previous account after you’ve created one. Alternatively, you can select Always use this profile under Mail and choose your newly created account.
  6. Click OK.

Using ScanPST

With ScanPST, you can scan and repair a PST file and fix minor errors quickly. You can find it by clicking here (for more information on ScanPST.exe). To prevent the deletion of data from your mailbox and the recovery of the remaining data, it is important to back up your PST file before using ScanPST. In this way, you can continue using the account without losing the deleted data.

Disable unnecessary add-ons

Outlook may not open due to unnecessary add-ons. If this is the case, users should disable them one by one and see if the account is able to be opened.

Disable anti-malware protection

You can disable this antivirus software and prevent that malicious messages are blocked in your mailbox. You can also enable a feature that prevents blocking of messages.

These diagnostic methods allow you to use Outlook again, but you may lose mailbox data or be unable to access the account. For data recovery from an OST file, use conversion programs such as Kernel for OST to PST, which converts an OST file to a PST and retrieves its contents. You will be able to get all the data from the OST file if you do this.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Exit Outlook and open Control Panel. Here, click on the Mail option.
  2. Click on Mail Accounts.
  3. Select the account and double-click it.
  4. Check the Use cache sharing mode checkbox.
  5. Restart Outlook and see if the profile opens

Go to Control Panel -> Mail -> Profiles -> View Profiles. Highlight the current Exchange profile you are using and click Delete. Click YES when you are asked if you are sure. To close the window, click OK.

Exchange cached mode provides the best experience when using an Exchange account. In this mode, a copy of your mailbox is stored on your computer. This copy provides quick access to your data and is updated frequently on the server running Microsoft Exchange.

  1. Choose File -> Open and Export -> Import / Export.
  2. Select Export to File and click Next.
  3. Select the Outlook data file (.pst) and click Next.
  4. Select the mail folder that you want to save, and then select Next.
  5. Select the location and name of the backup file, and then click Finish.

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