Out of Office recurring auto-reply for certain days of the week in Outlook

  • How to set up recurring Out of Office auto-reply for certain days of the week in Outlook 2016.
  • Microsoft hasn’t been able to add this into their systems as of yet.
  • It should work 100% of the time as long as the headers are all correct with the rules.

How to setup Outlook 2016 to automatically reply to certain emails when you are out of the office on certain days.

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How To Set Up Automatic Reply In Outlook

Outlook’s File menu expands to fill most of the window when you click on it.

In this article, you’ll learn enough about MS Power Automate to schedule it yourself for the frequently asked scenarios, and you can go beyond that according to your requirements.

The out-of-office messages feature of Microsoft Outlook allows you to automatically reply to messages when you’re away or when your email isn’t accessible. Outlook out-of-office replies can be customized and set in several ways, depending on the sender and the date range of the message.

When you are unavailable or on vacation, Outlook will notify others with an Out of Office option or Automatic Replies. You can set out of office in Outlook so that it automatically sends each sender a message when you’re out of the office. This way, you’ll save time and enjoy your leisure time without being disturbed.

The Out of Office feature allows you to let people know that you’re away on vacation, or to automatically reply to emails when you only work a few days per week.

Microsoft Outlook has an out-of-office automatic reply feature to take care of this. In this feature, you can set up a message that will automatically be sent to someone when you are out of the office. The message could include simply waiting for you to get back, or perhaps it contains instructions on who to get in touch with in your place. You can not only let people know you are away from your email, but you can also tell them how to proceed.

There are ways around Microsoft’s inability to implement this, but they have not been able to do so yet as of yet. (Microsoft… please add.)

Automatic Replies On Gmail

Creating an automatic response message is the first step in implementing the auto response feature.

How can you save time in Microsoft Outlook? In Outlook, there are four ways to automate email responses: Templates, Signatures, Quick Parts, and Automatic Replies, often referred to as Out of Office replies. The Automatic Replies or the Out of Office (OOO) feature tells people who send you an email when you’re not available to respond to their messages. Note: This time management tool requires a Microsoft Exchange server account or Exchange Online through Office 365. Standalone versions of Outlook running on individual computers do not support the Out of Office feature.

In this case, we are using Outlook’s rules. As long as the headers are correct and the rules match, it should work 100% of the time. If there is a better way, let us know!


Step 1: Open Outlook, head over to the ‘Home’ tab, and press ‘Rules’. Once in, go to ‘Manage Rules and Alerts’.

Setting Away Message In Outlook

Then, choose “Automatic Replies” in the Info section. If you have more than one account, select the account you want to use.

Out of Office Rules
Setting up Rules within Outlook

Step 2: Select “New Rule”.

Settting Rules and Alerts for Out of Office
Setting up Rules and Alerts with New Rule

Step 3: Select the option within the list “Apply rule on messages I receive”. This is under the category “Start from a blank rule”. Once selected, click next.

Outlook Rules Wizard Out of Office
Setting up Office 365 Rules Wizard

Step 4: Tick the box that has “with specific words in the message header”.

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Office 365 Rules Wizard for Specific Words
Office 365 Rules Wizard for Specific Words

Updated: April 2024

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Step 5: Once ticked and selected, under the list, you should see “Apply this rule after the message arrives with specific words in the message header.”. If you click the underlined “specific words“, this will bring up another menu. In this box, you can type in the abbreviation for the day of the week you want this to apply to, for example, we used ‘Friday’ and for the word we want to filter by is ‘Fri’. Once done, click add and then okay.

Step 5

Step 6: Once you’ve clicked OK, it will take you back to the previous screen. You can just hit “Next” to go to the next screen.

Step 7: The next screen looks very much like the above, however, it does have a few differences. In this new list, select “have server reply using a specific message”. Again, similar to Step 5, at the bottom, you have the option to select ‘a specific message’ doing so, will bring up a new option to enter your Out of Office message, just how you normally would. Once completed, just hit ‘Save & Close’.

Step 7

Auto Reply For Outlook

You can create an autoresponder message by selecting the File option in your email settings. Next, select Automatic Replies from the list. Type your autoresponder message and click OK to finish.

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Step 8: After completing the above step, you will be taken back to the same window. You can make sure everything looks okay by clicking the underlined blue text in the ‘Step 2’ section at the bottom. Once confirmed, just hit ‘Next’.

Step 9: In the next stage, you are given the option to select any exceptions. In most cases, this won’t be needed however you can take a look through them and see what’s in them should you want to select any. Once confirmed, you can just hit next.

Step 9

Step 10: Now you’re on the final screen of the rule, you can review your rule again and make sure everything is looking good. Once confirmed, make sure to hit the ‘Turn on this rule’ and name it something that you like. This bit doesn’t matter!

Step 10

Step 11: Once confirmed, all emails that have your day (for us it’s Friday) will have ‘Fri’ in its header and this rule sends the Out of Office on receipt of that email.

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