Nikon camera not reading SD card has been fixed

  • Nikon cameras use SD cards to read and write snapshots.
  • Several users have reported that the Nikon camera does not read SD cards.
  • If you don’t have pictures on that memory card, you’re in luck.
  • If the problem persists, it may be related to your camera.
  • Try updating the camera firmware and see if the problem has improved.
  • Back up the card data on your computer, so there’s still hope.
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How To Read Sd Cards

MicroSD cards are not supported by all Android devices. Standard SD cards are not supported by any Android device.

Reading An Sd Card

As well as demonstrating how to read SD cards on Windows and Mac, this article describes how to read SD cards on iOS and Android smartphones.

Some Nikon cameras have been reported not to be able to read SD cards for reading and writing snapshots. The SD card can stop reading when the camera stops reading the card.

Several years ago, I purchased a Nikon D3100 camera with an 8GB SD card from Costco. When I plugged it back to my computer a few weeks ago, I received an error message telling me that the SD card isn’t inserted. It still works when plugged into anything else and I can still use it. I have other cards in my camera that can be read (mostly 2GB), but this is the biggest card and I want to find out what is wrong.

Pull out the SD card, re-insert it, then turn off and on the camera again.

I can’t use this memory card. It seems that the Nikon camera SD card problem is a common one. Several users have reported similar problems when trying to use this memory card. It usually occurs because the card has been locked, damaged, or broken in a device such as a digital camera, Android phone, or game console.


What causes a Nikon camera not to read an SD card?

What causes a Nikon camera not to read an SD card?

An unusable memory card occurs when the card is locked, damaged, or broken, such as in a smartphone, digital camera, or gaming console.

Your problem can be approached in the following ways:

There is a good chance that your photographs are going to be lost forever if you have pictures on that memory card. This mistake could ruin other people’s vacation memories.

Getting a message indicating that your SD card cannot be read or used on a Nikon camera may mean that it is incompatible with the camera, damaged, corrupted, or improperly inserted.

Memory cards are often thrown away after being lost, but they aren’t gone forever, since they can still be retrieved by your computer, although a camera cannot read them.


Here’s how to solve the problem of your Nikon camera not reading the SD card

Updated: February 2024

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Sd Card Is Not Readable

 Go to Device Manager on the PC by right-clicking on the This PC/My Computer icon and selecting Manage.

Sd Cards Not Reading

In this case, a device that formatted the SD card was incompatible with the operating system of your smartphone. If you are experiencing this issue, contact the phone manufacturer.

If your camera fails to detect the SD card at all, unmount it immediately, clean the card and make sure it is clean. If you are not able to detect the SD card, clean the chip on the card.

Here's how to solve the problem of your Nikon camera not reading the SD card

Perform basic SD card checks

  1. The first step in troubleshooting your SD card is to ensure it is working properly.
  2. The SD card should be inserted correctly when it is inserted into the camera. When the SD card is inserted, you should hear a click.
  3. The company’s website has a list of approved SD cards. Make sure you use one of those.
  4. Ensure that the contact pins on the memory card are clean and remove dust with an old soft, dry cloth. After reinsertion, check to see if there have been any improvements.

Checking and Reformatting the Card

  1. The card must be recognized by your computer before formatting. Check to make sure that this is the case by inserting it into the card reader of your laptop or an external card reader.
  2. Computer backups are a good way to protect your card data.
  3. Select the Format option from the right-click menu.
  4. When you select FAT in the drop-down menu, click Start.
  5. The SD card can be removed once the formatting has been completed.
  6. Verify that the SD card can be read by your Nikon camera when you insert it.

Using the Nikon camera to format

  1. The card may need to be formatted with the camera if the problem persists.
  2. Make sure that the camera is connected to the SD card.
  3. The menu button should be pressed.
  4. Click on the Settings menu at the bottom of the page.
  5. You can format your memory card by selecting Format Memory Card.
  6. To confirm, press “Yes.”.
  7. The camera should be able to read the card after the card has been formatted.

Update the camera firmware

You might be able to solve the problem by updating the firmware of your camera. If the problem persists, you might be able to resolve it by updating the camera software.

  1. Click on Menu – Setup – Firmware Version to find out the current firmware version.
  2. You can find support for Nikon on the company’s website.
  3. Make sure you select the right camera model.
  4. Your camera’s firmware can be downloaded by clicking the Firmware button on the camera’s menu.
  5. Battery charge should be 100%.
  6. It is recommended that you eject the downloaded firmware and move the firmware files to the SD card (and not the folder itself).
  7. Ensure the memory card is in the camera by removing it and inserting it.
  8. Select Firmware Version from Menu – Settings Menu.
  9. In this menu, you should be able to choose Refresh.
  10. Press OK after selecting Refresh.
  11. Click OK after selecting Yes.
  12. In the event that the process is successful, the screen should display “Update Complete. Turn off the camera.”.
  13. Make sure the camera is turned off and then on again.
  14. SD cards should now be able to be read by the camera.

Nikon cameras are capable of reading SD cards if you follow the steps in this article.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The data on the memory card may be corrupted. Insert the memory card into your computer to save the data. Then format the memory card with the camera. REINSTALLING THE MEMORY CARD: If you are using a micro SD card with an SD adapter, make sure the micro SD card is inserted correctly.

Every time you pick up your Nikon camera, don't expect to see the message "This memory card cannot be used," sometimes followed by the message "The memory card may be damaged. Insert another card." This means that you'll be lucky if you don't get any photos on that memory card.

The SD card's file system is not supported by your phone. There is a file system error or bad sectors on the SD card. The SD card driver has not been updated. The SD card is damaged or corrupted.

  1. Check the card reader. If the card only works on a certain device, it could be a card reader problem.
  2. Use a different USB port. Some computers have more than one USB port.
  3. Reboot the computer.
  4. Update the drivers.
  5. Check your computer.
  6. Disable write protection.
  7. Format for the desired device.

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